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Tracking Time Attendance – Why It’s Important To Automate This Task

Tracking Time Attendance

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to track your employees’ attendance? As your business grows in staff members, keeping track of when people are clocking in and out becomes more difficult. This is why so many businesses around the world have switched over to automated time attendance tracking.

Automating this somewhat complicated task is one of the best ways to increase business efficiency and ensure that all your employees are kept happy and healthy. Today, we have a look at the benefits of tracking staff time with the Deputy app, so read on to find out more. 

1) Eliminate Buddy Punching

Have you heard of the term “buddy punching”? Buddy punching is when one employee punches in for another employee who may be late or absent. If your staff time tracking is not running on an automated system, you can be sure that buddy punching is occurring in your business, as much as you’d like to hope it isn’t.

By automating your employee time tracking and using sophisticated software that cannot be manipulated by staff, you will be able to put an end to buddy punching. Eliminating buddy-punching will also ensure that you are not wasting money paying people who are absent, thus helping your business to run in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. 

2) Streamlined Invoicing and Reporting

When you make use of a sophisticated time tracking software, you are at the same time streamlining how you report and invoice time spent at work. Instead of trying to get your team to estimate their billable hours, an automated system will generate an instant report detailing all the hours they have worked. This way, you are able to pay your staff for the exact number of billable hours they have worked – no more, and no less. 

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3) Eliminate The Risk of Human Error

Human error is something that is inescapable. As long as a human being and not a robot is working on something, there is a strong chance of there being a few errors here and there. Errors in employee time tracking can lead to your business losing money or possible paying employees more or less than the billable hours they have worked for.

In order to avoid this from happening, we highly recommend utilising time tracking attendance software. Your software will be able to generate information on employee hours that are free from any potential errors. 

4) Ensure That Employees are Not Overworking 

The last thing you want as a business owner is for your team to suffer from employee fatigue. This can happen if staff are doing too much overtime, staying late or simply just overworking themselves. With the aid of time tracking software, you will be able to identify team members who may be due for a break.

The ability to check up on who has been working too much overtime hours not only helps you ensure that your workforce is healthy and happy, but can also lower the chances of excess overtime pay sneaking up on you. 

5) Make Remote Working Easier

If you are a business that has a fleet of remote workers either working from home or overseas, time tracking software is an absolute must. Keeping track of the hours worked when someone is across the world is incredibly difficult.

GPS location settings that come with automated time tracking software allows you to check up on employee locations remotely. This way, you can be ensured that everyone is at their job site and not off somewhere else whilst at the same time billing you for hours worked. 

Tracking Time Attendance – Why It’s Important To Automate This Task

Tracking time attendance is a must-have in any modern business of 2020. We hope that this article has given you some insight into why it is important to automate employee time tracking and the benefits it can offer your business in the long run.

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