This train is the largest autonomous robot in the world


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An Australian autonomous train is considered the largest robot in the world, a huge metal giant capable of carrying resources from one point to another on the map without practically human help.

Rio Tinto mining corporation says that its autonomous rail system called AutoHaul, which has been developed in the Pilbara region in Australia for several years, is now fully functional and is already considered “the largest robot in the world.”

“It has been a challenging journey to automate a railway network of this size and scale in a remote location such as Pilbara,” Rio Tinto CEO Iván Vella told the Sidney Morning Herald newspaper. ” These first results indicate a significant potential to improve productivity, providing an increase in system flexibility in reducing bottlenecks.”

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This autonomous train of transport of minerals is only part of an ambitious automation project that involves robotics and vehicles without driver that Rio Tinto wants to use to automate all its mining operations.

At the beginning of this year they have already carried out the first tests of the autonomous train and now point out that the system has completed more than 1 million kilometers of autonomous journey to date, so that it is ready to leave the testing period.

In response to the concerns of the unions, from Rio Tinto it has been promised that during 2019 they will not eliminate any job, although we will have to see how the issue of artificial intelligence and the autonomy of their trains is progressing over the next few years.

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