Proven Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Retail Store

With many businesses moving online, many of them are focusing a lot more on getting traffic to their online stores and platforms. Because they think their stores are established enough to keep pulling in regular traffic, they put less effort into ensuring their physical stores have adequate traffic levels.

Whether you are running only a physical store or combining one with an online store, here are the best ways to increase foot traffic to the physical store.

Keep Up Your Storefront’s Appearance

People are attracted to and want to associate with businesses whose storefront is well maintained. If your storefront has dirty windows and peeling paint, you are chasing customers away all on your own.

Some maintenance tasks such as cleaning the windows and sweeping the curb can be done daily while some tasks such as painting the walls can be handled once every few years.

The best way to know if your storefront is helping or hurting your foot traffic levels is to step outside and look at it. Ask yourself if you would be attracted to or walk into a store that looks like yours. If not, there is work to be done.

Use Curbside Extras

Apart from your window displays, you should take advantage of curbside extras to attract people to the store. These include things like digital sign boards or sandwich boards on which you can write witty messages every day.

Do not forget these options can go viral on social media if you are creative enough, thereby giving you more publicity, reach, and possibly a traffic bump.

Work with a Multi-option Payment Partner

Many business owners do not think about how their payment partner affects the experience people have in their retail stores and thus the likelihood of these people becoming repeat customers.

People want a convenient, safe and simple payment option when in your store, and this is what a provider who makes available frictionless payment options allows you to offer your customers. 

To further increase foot traffic, businesses can work with providers who allow their customers to pay for multiple items when they are in your store.

Businesses can work with payment partners who allow their customers to pay for over-the-counter medication, health insurance, and whatever else they need while also allowing them to pay using gift cards, coupons, and accrued benefits. 

The payment option provided should provide a seamless experience for both the business and its customers. When researching which options would work best for your business, you should consider the best Solutran alternative payment partner, especially if they offer your business more options and capabilities.

By doing this, you will attract more customers who want to take advantage of what your payment provider offers thereby increasing foot traffic.

Keep the Energy Up

If your store has large windows through which people can see the staff, ensure the staff always looks energetic and busy. No one wants to walk into a store with bored-looking staff where they already anticipate they will not get good service.

Increasing your foot traffic is very important in an age where almost all business interactions and transactions are going online.

Increasing foot traffic helps you reach, interact with and sell to customers who might not have interacted with your business through other means such as social media.

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