Whatsapp Tips that Make You Chat Expert
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Whatsapp Tips: These Top Tricks Will Make You Chat Expert

Nowadays many people use Whatsapp app. But some people use it better than others. There are many different types of changes that are often made to give users a better experience in the app.

That means many new features are added daily in the app. There are also many features that are hidden or not in our information. Here we are giving you information on Whatsapp tips that will help you to become a Whatsapp chat expert.

  1. Making group chat mute: This feature is especially important for those who do not want to get involved in groups of friends or relatives where there are so many messages. But you do not even want to leave the group by keeping people’s emotions in mind. In this case, with the help of this feature, you can mute the group for up to 8 hours or 1 year. In this way, you will not be disturbed by the continuous notifications.
  2. Know who is reading your message: If you have posted a message in the group chat and you want to know which people have read your message. Then just press the message you sent for some time and then click on Info and click. Here you will know who has read your message.
  3. Delete Sent Message: This can also be called the special feature of this chat app. Whatsapp has named the feature Delight for Everyone. With this feature, you can delete messages sent for up to 1 hour.
  4. Saving mobile data: If you use Whatsapp, then you know that this app spends a lot of data. In this way, you can limit heavy media files and select the option of low data access in the Whatsapp. These features reduce the amount of data usage during your chats and calls.
  5. Give text style: If you want to highlight your text by bold or italic. So see here for example- Write for bold- * Hi * and italic for _Hi_ such.
  6. Customized Notification: You can set up custom notifications for a particular person so that you can easily know who had sent the message without touching the phone. For this, you need to select the custom notification by going to the top of a chat.

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