Where to Set Up Billboards in Philadelphia

If you’re looking to advertise in the city of Philadelphia, people will definitely see your message. Philadelphia has a population of 1.6 million people.

It’s Pennsylvania’s largest city, the second largest city on the east coast, and the fifth largest city in the entire United States. All of which means there are plenty of eyeballs to catch your latest advertisement. 

When spending your advertising dollars on billboards in philadelphia, you have a multitude of locations to choose from. You also have several types of billboards to consider as well. You could be trying to reach the largest audience possible or want to target your product to a highly specific group.

Either way, Philadelphia can accommodate you. From roadside billboards to tourist areas, sports areas to shopping malls, you can direct your advertising to the segment of the population that best works for you. Let’s explore a little more about areas for billboards in Philadelphia.

Where Are the High Exposure Locations in Philadelphia?

When you think about the most trafficked areas of Philadelphia, you think about highways. Interstate 95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike are both roadways that will draw a significant audience to a billboard placed nearby.

Because of the multitude of commuters, they will provide a highly diverse audience as well, both things which are extremely valuable when considering where and how to advertise.

What Are the Tourist Areas of Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a city with a rich history, which provides a tourist with many intriguing options for sightseeing. This also allows advertisers to target those areas to reach a specific audience who might be interested in their products.

Independence National Historical Park contains some of the most important buildings from the founding of America. Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are two such spots. Tourists flock to this area every year, making it a prime spot for your billboard.

Another popular tourist location in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, including the iconic steps leading up to it that were featured in the film, “Rocky.”

Tourists descend on this spot and run the steps for themselves, recreating the scene from the movie. It’s another great place to catch eyeballs when you are aiming to target tourists with your advertising.

Where Are the Sports Stadiums in Philadelphia?

The South Philadelphia Sports Complex is the home of Philadelphia’s sports teams with three stadiums all in one location.

The Philadelphia Eagles play football at Lincoln Financial Field, the Phillies play baseball at Citizens Bank Park, and the 76ers and Flyers play basketball and hockey while sharing the Wells Fargo Center.

With all of Philadelphia sports centered in one place, it’s a fantastic way for advertisers to reach an audience of active sports fans. 

What Are Some Other Distinctive Philadelphia Spots?

When considering purchasing billboards in Philadelphia, it’s important to factor in the more unique aspects of the city. Fairmount Park is a vast area, containing over 2000 acres along the Schuylkill River.

There are trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding as well as attractions like the Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Zoo, and two concert venues.

Reading Terminal Market is another bustling location of shops, vendors, and restaurants and a prime location for billboards. An advertisement here would be seen by people who you know are shoppers and prepared to spend money. 

No trip to Philadelphia is complete without indulging in a cheesesteak. While there are several locations, the two most popular places are arguably Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steaks.

These locations draw hungry customers at all hours of the day and night and placing advertisements near these locations will help you target a certain demographic of consumer. 

What Is the SEPTA in Philadelphia?

The Southeastern Philadelphia Transportation Authority, or SEPTA, is the city transit system of trains, buses, trolleys, and light rail. They have three divisions which include the city transit division, the suburban division, and the railroad division.

They cover the Philadelphia city area, the surrounding cities and neighborhoods, and longer distance travel to out of state locations.

Billboards in areas near stations and advertisements on trains and buses will reach a professional, commuter audience and are a valuable way for advertisers to connect with people on their way to and from their places of work.

Philadelphia Has a Lot to Offer for Advertisers

If you want to get your message to consumers in the city of Brotherly Love, there are many great ways to reach them. It’s a very walkable city, which brings a lot of value to billboards in Philadelphia.

With its varied historical attractions, tourist areas, and sports arenas, there are opportunities to advertise to specific groups.

The freeways and SEPTA transit system also give advertisers the ability to reach wide audiences with billboards. Check it out and find what works best for you!

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