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Why Playing Online Games Can Actually Be Good for Your Health

At one point in your life or another, the chances are you have played online games. And you might have been told off by your parents for doing so if you were an avid gamer.

You aren’t the only one interested in video games. In fact, it is one of the most thriving industries in the world. According to Statista, In the US alone, the market size for video games is approximately 17.69 billion dollars!

Even though the general assumption is that children and teenagers are the target audience for the gaming industry, there is no truth in this. In fact, according to ESA, the average age of a gamer is 34 years old.

While many tend to think that playing online games excessively is synonymous to wasting time, the truth is that it is actually good for your health! Here is why.

1) Help reduce anxiety

Anxiety disorders are one of the most prevalent mental health disorders out there. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety is experienced by over 40 million adults. This accounts for 18.1 per cent of the USA’s population!

Playing online games can help reduce anxiety. This is especially true if the game in question revolves around virtual reality. How so? Well, such immersive games tend to distract the mind, in case of triggering situations.

A research was conducted in 2010 to assess the issue. Its evidence was presented to the American pain society. The study discovered that games that relied on Virtual Reality worked tremendously well in reducing pain as well as anxiety.

The study also showcased how patients going through painful chemotherapy were able to minimize their pain via virtual games! Now that virtual reality is slowly becoming available in online games, they have become much more accessible to the masses. This is bound to help all the anxiety-ridden souls.

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2) Overcoming dyslexia

Games that have changing environments and require comprehension of different instructions are a great aid in overcoming dyslexia. Some online gaming platforms offer a lot of variety. For instance, Unlimited Gamez Mo lets you play a variety of games, whether it be brain teasers or action games.

The plethora of options means that you can use the same platform to play a wide variety of genres. For someone who has dyslexia, such online platforms are an excellent way to improve their concentration and reading skills.

Why? This is because such games tend to challenge the mind. Since you are required to remember how different games work and what instructions are to be followed in each, neuroplasticity increases, thereby ensuring a sharper memory.

3) Better vision

It is widespread for people to believe that playing video games and staring at the screen for hours is not good for the eyesight.

Maybe playing online games from up close might not be a good idea. But, with the emergence of longer cables as well as wireless controllers mean that now you don’t have to sit close to the computer screen to play games.

Instead, you can have a safe distance from it. And when you do, playing games can actually benefit your vision. How? They do so by forcing you to focus on minute details. In many online games, you have to distinguish between various objects of the same colours. When you do so, you end up improving your vision for the better.

Those who have lazy eyes have also shared how their eyesight through their lazy eye improved. A study was conducted where the good eye of the patient was covered, and the gamer was asked to view through their lazy eye. It concluded that the eyesight of the lazy eye improved drastically in players compared to other patients.

4) Helps boost creativity

Regardless of which genre of online game you play, you will end up thinking outside the box to deal with the challenges in the game.

You could be sneaking up behind your opponent, beating the enemy, or thinking about how to grow your farm best. Regardless of what you do, you will always be thinking and looking for solutions. This helps in boosting your creativity.

And a creative mind is a happy mind. This, in turn, leads to improvement in overall mental health and ensures that you have a positive outlook of life. Before you realize, you will end up finding your brain going in thinking mode in your everyday challenges as well.

You will automatically start looking for new ways to deal with problems of your real life. This will help you in giving valuable inputs in your career and personal issues and boost your confidence.

5) Improvement in reaction time

This health benefit is usually concentrated on the action and shooter games only. This is because such games require quick thinking, reflexes, and extreme accuracy. After all, you only have a small window to get the perfect aim to destroy your enemy!

Gamers who play action games, specifically shooter style games, tend to get better reflexes with time. Better reaction time isn’t just good for your health. Instead, it can help you in case of emergencies.

Think of it this way. You are driving your car at a moderately high speed when you see a cat suddenly coming in front of you. If you have quick reflexes, you will be able to hit the brake sooner, hence ensuring that you don’t collide with the poor soul!

Ending Remarks: Play away

All in all, one thing is for sure, online games are misconstrued immensely when it comes to how they affect your health. People might tell you that they affect it adversely. But, now you know that it is the opposite of what you were told to believe all these years!

If you play the right games, online games can end up being great for your memory, reflexes, and mental health! Choose your battlefields wisely and watch as your fitness improves because of your choices.

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