Why You Need Interactive Website Design

The recipe for a great user experience design includes three things, which are visual design, content, and interactive design. While content and visual components are more or less clear, interactivity may cause questions.

In this article, we will focus on the concept of interactive design, what it is, what it is for, and ways of improving it.

First of all, we need to differentiate between interactive design and interaction design. Though both terms are often used as synonyms, they have some differences. The main difference lies in their aims.

  • Interaction design involves the creation of efficient and intuitive hardware. The devices should be useful and enjoyable for the users.
  • The way users interact with that hardware is the realm of interactive design. In other words, interactive design is the process of making hardware and inner systems responsive and reactive for the users.

Interactive design is a very complex sphere, that encompasses how the web app looks like, what the preferences of potential users are, what they look for, how much time they spend on the page, which animation is the most convenient for the eye, and so on.

Interactive designers should have some background in psychology and neurobiology to know which features and effects to use to make people want to stay on the web page longer or use a mobile app again.

The most challenging thing is to make the whole process as subtle as possible, so the users won’t even acknowledge what they were hooked for.

The processes of interactive design are divided into 5 elements. Those elements correlate with the geometrical dimensions and they are the objects users interact with while on the site.

  • Text. The text also includes words. They are the first things users interact with. They read the text and we expect them to act according to the instructions.
  • Visual representation. Fields, buttons, and other visual elements should be easy to find. Their shapes and colors should transmit the message to the users of the relevant behavior.
  • Physical space. Here we talk about the platform where users will interact with a website or a web app. They should run smoothly on any device a user chooses.
  • Time. This dimension includes the time users stay on the page. If your app needs some time to process the information, users should be notified. Besides, this element comprises the time the video or audio lasts, as this shows the period users are likely to stay.
  • Feedback. This is the response users get after implementing some actions online. They should be shown a notice of approval, if they filled everything correctly, for instance.

The logic of those elements seems clear. However, we all as users have a negative experience of visiting web pages where that obvious logic is absent.

When you have to wait for a long time without any reason, or the app is not compatible with a mobile device. Such situations tell us about poor interactive design and make us leave the site as soon as possible.

Well-designed interactivity leads to:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Decreased bounce rate
  • Higher revenues
  • Brand awareness

To make your website or application interactive, you can hire an interactive designer or invest in additional courses and training. The other option is to find a UI library or a UI framework that will help you to deal with the UI, UX, and interactivity in complex.

Those libraries usually offer a package of services with technical support or even remote help from the developers. In this article, we would like to share with you the product worth considering for small or medium-sized companies.

Bigger players usually have numerous developing teams, and they are used to dealing with such brands as Angular or React, as they are well-known and there is no need to invest in new training.

We focus your attention on Webix UI Library. This product was developed by a team of experts for their inner needs before it was offered on the market. The library includes more than 100 components.

Complex widgets, which are complete SPA applications, are among the components. Those widgets can be used straight away or built into your unique environment.

Besides, the library boasts Webix Jet microframework, that facilitates the process of development. There are various license packages, the team is ready to provide their professional assistance for the customers.

The decision to purchase a full UI library will save your time and resources, as well as provide an opportunity to study JavaScript programming on the documentation of the library.


Every customer is an opportunity. The decision whether to stay on the site or to leave is taken in several seconds. Poor interactivity should not be the reason for losing clients. Information and appearance of the page are important, but user-friendliness is gaining its leading position in attracting customers.

That is why website interactivity should be taken seriously and the means of creating it chosen carefully.

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