Worried about Losing Your Smartphone? Do This

Losing Your Smartphone

Losing your smartphone would be an absolute nightmare. You don’t even want to think about this happening — but you should. Look at these simple steps that you can take to prepare for this emergency.

Losing Your Phone by Accident

Sometimes you lose your phone by accident. Maybe it slips out of your bag when you’re sitting on the bus, or you leave it on the table at your favorite coffee shop. It happens! What can you do to prepare for this?

Install Tracking Apps

There are tracking apps like Find My Device that can help you retrace your steps and find your lost phone. The app will give you the GPS location of your missing phone and lead you right to it. 

Save Up for Replacements

Your smartphone may be lost for good. If you can’t retrieve it, you will want to get yourself a sensible replacement as soon as possible.

In case your budget can’t handle the sudden purchase of a new smartphone, you should build yourself an emergency fund for situations like this. You can pull the savings sitting in your emergency fund to pay for the new device right away.

If you don’t have enough in your emergency fund to cover these costs, then what can you do? You could apply for a personal loan online. There are plenty of personal loans for small amounts that are designed to help people in this specific position.

With that small amount of borrowed funds, you could cover the costs of the new phone quickly. If you meet all of the qualifications, send in an application! You just might get approved. 

It’s important that you only use a personal loan if getting a replacement phone is essential. 

Having Your Phone Stolen

Your smartphone may not get lost by accident. Someone may have taken it from you. What can you do to prepare for this?

Protect Personal Data

There are certain precautions you can take to prevent your personal data from getting into the wrong hands. That way, even if a stranger has your phone, they can’t access the private information on it.

What can you do?

  • Use strong passwords to login to your homescreen.
  • Unlock your phone using facial recognition software or thumbprint scanning. 
  • Store your private photos and documents in password-protected folders

You want to set as many obstacles for thieves as you possibly can.

Install Anti-Theft Apps

Another precaution that you can take is downloading anti-theft apps on your smartphone. These apps have features that will come in handy if a stranger ever takes your phone, like alarms, breach reports and remote wiping — this is when you can delete the contents of your phone without having it in front of you.  

Accept the Loss

It might sound strange, but you shouldn’t fight to keep your smartphone when it’s stolen. Don’t chase after a person who has pickpocketed you or refuse to hand over your phone if you are a victim of an armed robbery. 

Don’t put your safety at risk for your smartphone. It’s not worth it. You can make sure that the stranger doesn’t access your data. You can even file a police report. And at the end of the day, you can use your emergency fund to get a new phone.

Sometimes, you can’t stop something from going wrong — you can only prepare to recover. These tips can help you do that.

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