Your Guide to Finding a Reliable Business Partner

Finding a Reliable Business Partner

The best things in life don’t come easy, let alone a business partner. Perhaps you’re running a business and are afraid of having to take a leap of faith, even if you know it can be for the better. Perhaps you just don’t have someone to share the same burden with. Perhaps you’re hoping you’re about to find that “someone” just yet.

Get this: you wouldn’t even be looking for one unless you need one. It makes you think about how hard it can get without a partner to lean on, and that’s fine. Embrace that thought and help yourself look at the bigger picture – your business, and its future.

Having a business partner helps with the load, but what of it? Someone who says they’re up for the job just doesn’t cut it, unless they’re proven effective both as a partner and an entrepreneur. How can we know, then?

Finding a partner can be quite a bit of extra hard work, but it’s worth the sweat once you’ve found the right one. Not only does this make work easier for you, having your ideal business partner can surely put your business up the chain.

5 Tips to Find the Best Business Partner

1) Make Use of the Resources You’ve Had since the Beginning: Friends and Family

Sounds obvious, does it? Oftentimes though, the answer might be the one in front of you already. Question is, do they have what it takes to deal with you and the business at hand?

Never dismiss the potential of having someone you already know from head to toe. Some entrepreneurs are admittedly stubborn for not considering having a friend or family first, only to realize it’s what they’ve needed all this time. Take the time to engage in meaningful conversations with your loved ones – it’s important to shortlist a bunch before doing so, just so you already have a list to work with.

If you still feel like a friend or family is still not cut for the challenge, you would still want to consider their recommendations. Their advice should matter the most since they’re the ones who know you already, rather than listening to somebody else who doesn’t know anything about how you are as a partner. And from these recommendations, try shortlisting another couple of people and see where your conversations go. 

2) See If Any of Your Colleagues at Work Are Fit to Do the Job

This should work especially when you’ve been with them for quite some time. Again, make a list of people you think you’ll be comfortable working with. Your future partner doesn’t have to be interested in your business; he or she just has to be dedicated enough to ensure the success of it. That, among a few other things.

You and your partner’s goals should align, and you both have to be creative and passionate about the business for it to work. It’s important that neither of you feels that the other is doing less work – hence, the level of commitment should go unquestioned in both parties. 

It helps to do background checks as well. Try asking around your workplace and have your colleagues talk about how they feel around your prospect. Get as much information as possible, as you can’t be going blind on a partner that can potentially dictate the future of your business.

3) Join a Class/Training Related to Your Business

That’s right, join a class. Not because you are doubtful in your capability to run the business you’ve chosen, but because of the environment. People with the same interest in your business as you are going to be in that class, and there goes another list.

Don’t worry, it can’t stop here just yet. Again, it’s still necessary to do background checks to know more about the people you’ll be talking to. It’s better to have no partner at all than have a partner with different goals than you, so don’t rush it.

4) Go Online

Join Job-Posting Groups on Facebook, and Look for Other Social Media Sites to Place Your Offer

Facebook is still one place to go, out of many. Go out there and post about you finding a potential partner for your business. Include requirements and brief them through the post if necessary. 

Guaranteed, you’ll be receiving messages from strangers. You’d have to engage with them to try and explain your needs and if you feel like you already have another list, know more about them and ask for their background. Better yet, try searching for details about them online.

To check up on a potential business partner doesn’t mean you’re suspicious of them; you’re just doing this for the sake of assurance. Although it may seem like it, having to research your business partner doesn’t equate to doubt. You can easily find resources online on how to do a background check.

5) Look for Someone in a Different Field, Preferably a Field that You’re Admittedly Not that Good At

This, as well, can be done online. You can post via job posting sites, for starters, and anticipate incoming emails. For a more professional look, create a new email address solely for this proposal (e.g. [email protected]).

Once you are confident that you have another list of potential business partners already, yes, you guessed it – do a background check. Some convenient ways of doing so are by getting their contact information and searching for them online. You might find people search sites handy in these situations. Try to check your potential partner’s background info, public records, police records, lawsuits, and much more.

In conclusion…

It doesn’t take any more than a few legwork to find the best business partner you could ever ask for. Remember, once you’ve got a list, it’s important to also be a good potential partner towards the person you’re meeting with. Don’t forget that despite your not having a partner yet, you’d still have to practice proper etiquette in the meeting, business-wise. This ensures you will be able to find the business partner you’ve always been looking for.

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