YouTube withdrew more than 50 million videos for violating its policies

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During the third quarter of this year YouTube withdrew more than 50 million videos and 224 million comments for violations of its policies, according to Google.

This year, YouTube began reporting quarterly its efforts to eliminate this content. The company reported that thanks to the automated detection tools, they identified extremist content, nudity and spam.

During September, 90 percent of the almost 10,400 videos removed due to violent extremism or the 279,600 videos removed for child safety issues received fewer than 10 visits. And in the year, the service eliminated about 1.67 million channels and a total of 50.2 million videos that were available in them.

In recent months, several members of the Government of the United States, Europe and Asia have been pressing YouTube, Facebook and other social networks to identify and remove extremist or hate content from their platforms. At the hearing of Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, before the House of EE. In the US, officials repeatedly criticized this aspect. For its part, the European Union has proposed fines for services that do not remove hate material within the hour after receiving a government order.

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