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What is a Virtual Dedicated Server and Why does a Business need it

Together with the RUVDS service, we explain why the business needs a cloud and how to avoid the risk of data loss.

You have a business and website. The site should be available 24 hours a day: accept applications, place orders and issue invoices. When the site is unavailable, customers leave, and you are sad and lose money.

To ensure that the site is always available, it needs reliable hosting. Hosting is an apartment for your site.

Shared hosting – communal apartment. Several sites with a common kitchen, hallway, processor power, and disk space are located on one server at once. If the neighbor has a noisy party, guests will not come to you.

Dedicated server – own apartment, in which rooms you want as many rooms. Only your site lives in it, neighbors do not store their things in disk space and do not touch RAM. Own apartment is good but expensive.

If you don’t feel like living in a communal apartment, but don’t have money for your apartment, there is an alternative solution – VPS hosting.

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What is VPS / VDS hosting

VPS (Virtual Private or Dedicated Server) is a virtual dedicated server. It is located on a physical server but is isolated from other VPS. Therefore, when multiple sites are hosted on the server, they do not affect each other’s performance.

In other words, VPS is a rented apartment. For it, you do not need to pay as for a whole house and do not have to share with neighbors. But you can re-stick the wallpaper, change the laminate and do a permutation. And if you want to add a couple more rooms.

VPS allows you to save on the purchase and maintenance of a physical server.

Its owner gets full access to his virtual server and can work with it in the same way as with a regular one:

Install server applications and any software.

  • Create any number of sites, databases, mailboxes, domains, FTP accounts.
  • Customize the system and optimize resources for a specific project.
  • Use your own IP address that is not shared with other clients.
  • Create backups when moving the site.

You pay only for the server resources that you use. For example, the RUVDS hosting provider has a minimum rental cost of VPS on Linux – 104 rubles, on Windows – 264 rubles per month when paid per year.

You can change the configuration of your VPS server at any time online. For example, before the New Year holidays, reserve additional processors. And as soon as the peak is asleep – turn it off so as not to pay too much.

Who needs a VPS

A virtual dedicated server is suitable for hosting sites, online stores, developing and testing software, updates, and content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, 1C-Bitrix, OpenCart). In addition, you can transfer video conferencing, payments, accounting, and other services to VPS.

How to choose a hosting provider

VPS protects against data loss and allows you to regularly create backups. But not all cloud services are equally secure. For example, in 2015, the Russian hosting provider Cloud mouse lost user data, including backups. The same thing happened in March 2018 with the British host 123 Reg. Therefore, when choosing a VPS hosting, it is important to evaluate the reliability of the provider. There are several criteria to look at.

1) The provider has its own data center

A data center is a room where the servers are located. If it is, it means that the company itself is responsible for the entire service chain and makes sure that the servers work without failures.

RUVDS has all equipment located in its own TIER III level data centers Tier III level data center does not need to be stopped for repairs and maintenance .in Moscow and TIER IV level this data center is among the most protected data centers in the world.

It is located in the former military command center in the Alps, and the data here is reserved twice: there are not just copies of all data, but copies of copies of all data .in Switzerland. If some equipment fails, you won’t even know about it: the provider will switch to another data center, everything will work as before.

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2) Data centers have a high fault tolerance

The reliability of VPS hosting directly depends on the equipment: the quality of motherboards, disks, memory, and other components. Servers must be new, not purchased in the secondary market.

3) The provider ensures data against the risk of loss

Loss risk data insurance is a new service in the cloud storage market that is available to RUVDS customers. It’s free: the risk of compromising the data of all customers is insured by AIG. For legal entities, RUVDS offers an increase in insurance coverage both in terms of amount and risk. Data will be insured, including from failures on the communication channel.

4) There are a test period and round-the-clock technical support

In RUVDS, ordering and installing a virtual server is fully automated: the whole process takes two minutes. After that, he is immediately available for work.

Infrastructure management tasks (creation and removal of servers and networks, configuration or tariff changes) are solved in your personal account. To understand how everything works, RUVDS gives one day of a free trial period.

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