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The best virtual reality games for mobile

Best Virtual Reality Games for mobile

The games of virtual reality for your mobile Android or iPhone are within reach, and many of them are free. These mobile VR games are in Google Play as well as in the App Store, and you can play them anywhere. If you want to live this experience, the investment you need to make is minimal.

With a Google Cardboard or a cheap VR glasses of any kind you can play virtually all the best VR games for Android and iOS. Most of them try to take advantage of the Virtual Reality with genres such as first-person shooter -especially spacecraft- or race, although there are several types.

These are the ones we have selected to be in the Top 7 of best mobile VR games.

1. VR Roller Coaster

One of the first virtual reality applications to test your glasses. Perhaps its graphics – in the free version – are not exceptional, but if you have never before experienced the sensation of falling into space without moving from the site, this app will do it.

With it you can ride virtual roller coasters, interact with the environment in a limited way and feel that pinch in the stomach so realistic.

It is available for iOS and for Android.


This is one of the best virtual reality games for mobile because it is original. It separates from the shooter genre and explores the platforms, puzzles and riddles. That makes it perfect to enjoy the VR experience at any age, ideal if you have small children at home.

Stimulate your creativity by solving some enigmas in virtual reality, exploring the environment and interacting with certain elements that you find in your adventure. This VR game is only on Android , although it’s free.

 3. Minos Starfighter VR

We now come to the first space shooter in this ranking of best mobile VR games. It is also exclusive to Android, although for iPhone there are others quite similar. They are not the same because this pioneer – of the first ones who came to Google Play – has spectacular graphics.

The game play is pretty addictive, especially if you like space genre. You just have to be very careful so that no opponent knocks down your ship.

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4. Hardcore VR

Now we have another title that deserves a special mention. Hardcore VR has a particularity that makes it different from the rest of those we have considered best games in virtual reality. It is online and you can face clean shot with other players.

It does not reach the level of online consoles or PC FPS, but it’s funny and it works well, and it’s Completely free.

5. Zombie Shooter

If you are a fan of the Doom saga and look for a good virtual reality game for the iPhone, Zombie Shooter is perfect. Graphics are not particularly good, but his game play allows you to have a good time trying to shoot with different weapons.

It’s free and available in iTunes. It is also exclusive because it is not on Android.

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