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7 Latest Technologies That Are Modifying the Gaming Industry

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There is no industry today that is not impacted by the technology and the everyday changes transpiring in the world of technology! If we talk about …

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Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence

Betty LodgesWritten by:

Virtual reality is a syntax environment that is created in the software and users are presented in such a manner that suspend user’s suspension and accept …

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Augmented Reality in Gaming Industry- Trends and Future

Vivek KumarWritten by:

Technology has never kept us humans deprived of what we call amusement. We are here to talk about is the most astounding revolution of it. Augmented …

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Top 9 Tips AI Makes Virtual & Augmented Reality Even More Real

Alex joneWritten by:

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual reality are terms we get to hear almost every day. Well, these are the latest technologies that are making advances each …

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Best VR Headsets for Pro Gamers in 2019

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Virtual Reality (VR) has certainly proved itself as a conventional form of entertainment, is simply not an over-priced piece of technology. You can opt for a …

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Augmented vs. Virtual Reality in App Design: Which is Better?

Zack HalliwellWritten by:

Businesses face many choices when they first begin designing their app, most notably, which platform to use – Android or IOS. Then, there’s a decision to …

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Knowing These 10 Secrets Will Make Your Virtual Reality Future Amazing

Nabeel Al AhmedWritten by:

We all know that technology has taken over the world and that sooner or later the world will all be digitized. Our routine tasks will become …

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Augmented Reality Trends – Infographic

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Although growing quickly, augmented reality and virtual reality still represent a fledgling industry. Its rapid, compounding growth is indicative of a very important piece of the …

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How AI Can Simplify These Ecommerce Functions? Is There A Flipside?

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Artificial Intelligence is quickly taking over the ecommerce industry (and the internet as a whole). It seems as though every website you visit has a chatbot …

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Sony promises better face recognition with depth sensor lasers

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The head of the Sony sensor unit, Satoshi Yoshihara, said they will increase the production of 3D camera sensors that can be deployed on both front …