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How Much of the Internet is the Deep Web?

The internet comprises of around 5 billion websites which are indexed by popular search engines such as Google or Bing.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg as there are around 400-500 times more websites lying on the internet that are not indexed by search engines. The rest part of the internet is known as the deep web and it consists of a huge number of deep web sites links.

How Much is Deep Web?

The deep web is an ocean of internet websites and what you scroll through Google is just a small boat in this big ocean. You can’t imagine the amount of information lying there waiting to get discovered.

The deep web is the unexplored areas of internet websites that provide you with all sorts of things that you can’t find on normal search engines indexed websites.

Deep web consists of around 99% of the total internet and what we get through search engines is merely 1% or even lesser than that. This is the reason why the name Deep web is given to it.

What Makes the Deep Web?

The deep web is undiscovered areas on the internet which is not accessible through search engines. It is so deep that you cannot explore it easily. The deep web can be accessed only through the special search engines.

You can’t simply find the website on Google so you can’t say you can Google out the information about a particular deep website.

You need to know the specific URL or IP address of the website and also need to have specific permissions to view this type of deep website.

The deep web is wrapped in a layer of secrecy. It is not generally available to common public or social media profiles or even through emails. You need to have the proper subscription to the websites that you want to access through deep web.

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It is basically hidden from the search engines because of either due to security reasons by the search engines or can be used for nefarious reasons. Most of the criminal activities are carried out in the part of the deep web which is known as the Dark web.

Dark Web- The Dark Part of Deep Web

The dark web is most commonly known as the synonym to the deep web but it just a small part of the deep web and used for wrong reasons. The deep web may be made of encrypted sites and provides total anonymity to the user accessing it.

These sites are encrypted due to the reason for lack of DNS or IP addresses assigned to them and make it even more difficult to track the sources of the website or the one accessing it.

You may need to have specific software while trying to access the websites and makes it harder for the users to identify it too.

The dark side of the deep web is known as dark web and specializes mostly in illegal goods and services. For example, you can find an online drug store in dark web which sells illegal drugs everything from heroin and weed.

The dark web is the shady part of the internet which also comprises of terrorists, criminals, and hitmen used for illicit marketplaces that generate a lot of money online by selling different illegal stuff.

It is also under the red flags by the internet service providers and also Interpol like FBI. So, if you are accessing any such illegal stuff online then it may trap into any wrongdoing or get you into trouble. It is important to stay alert and avoid accessing such type of illegal websites.

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How to access the Deep web?

One of the ironic facts about the deep web is that the original software required to access deep web was created by the US Navy and it is also funded by the US government.

TOR (The Onion Router) is the specific type of website used to access deep web and dark web. It was founded and developed under the directions of the US government.

Mainly it was developed because the US government was secretly using it for online heroin trade and using less shady encrypting services.

But nowadays it has become an underground area of budding criminals, psychopaths, terrorists, drug mafia and all sorts of cyber-crime that takes places online.

Be careful while accessing Deep Web

You need to have a strong antivirus and privacy policies before thinking about accessing the dark web through online portals. You need to be careful while accessing the dark web and any of the websites lying there.

Ensure that you have a strong privacy policy and authorization systems installed to protect your system before anyone breaks into your system or do anything with it.

The deep web is having a lot of hidden things that not many people are aware of and it is important to ensure that you check for any suspicious links or websites before accessing them.

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