How Much of the Internet is the Deep Web?

The internet has more than 5 billion websites that are indexed by popular search engines like Google or Bing. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg as there are around 400-500 times more websites lying on the internet that are not indexed by search engines. The rest part of the internet is known as the deep web.

How Much is Deep Web?

The deep web is an ocean of internet websites and what you scroll through Google is just a small boat in this big ocean. The deep web is the unexplored area of internet websites that provide you with all sorts of things that you can’t find on normal search engines index websites.

Deep web consists of around 99% of the total internet and what we get through search engines is merely 1% or even lesser than that.

What Makes the Deep Web?

The deep web is the undiscovered area on the internet that is not accessible through search engines. It is so deep that you cannot explore it easily.

You need to know the specific URL or IP address of the website and also need to have specific permissions to view this type of website. It is not generally available to the common public or social media profiles or even through emails.

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Dark Web- The Dark Part of Deep Web

The dark side of the deep web is known as the dark web and specializes mostly in illegal goods and services. For example, you can find an online drug store on the dark web which sells illegal drugs everything from heroin and weed. You need to have specific software while trying to access the websites and makes it harder for the users to identify it too.

The dark web is the shady part of the internet which also comprises of terrorists, criminals, and hitmen used for illicit marketplaces that generate a lot of money online by selling different illegal stuff.

It is also under the red flags by the internet service providers and also Interpol like FBI. So, if you are accessing any such illegal stuff online then it may trap you into any wrongdoing or get you into trouble. It is important to stay alert and avoid accessing such type of illegal websites.

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Be careful while accessing Deep Web

But nowadays it has become an underground area of budding criminals, psychopaths, terrorists, drug mafia, and all sorts of cyber-crime that takes place online. TOR (The Onion Router) is the most popular browser to access the deep web and dark web.

You need to have a strong antivirus and privacy policies before thinking about accessing the dark web through online portals. You need to be careful while accessing the dark web and any of the websites lying there.

Ensure that you have a strong privacy policy and authorization systems installed to protect your system before anyone breaks into your system or does anything with it.