How to Make Your Instagram E-Commerce Successful without Spending On Advertising

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With one billion-plus monthly active users and half that active on a daily basis, Instagram is perhaps the biggest social media phenomenon that marketers have encountered so far. Its demographics and amazing reach make it the perfect tool for growing e-commerce businesses. A quick look at some ways that you can use without the need for expensive advertising budgets:

Ensure All Posts Project Your Brand Image

Users of Instagram are extremely discerning so it is vital that the photos you post are of very high quality while being interesting and relevant to the needs and aspirations of the followers. You can think of engaging professional photographers to shoot and edit the photos so that they are picture-perfect. Never make the mistake of posting pictures arbitrarily but try to tell a compelling story that your followers will find interesting. Make your posts distinctive by using your brand colors so that your users will immediately know that they are your posts and not confuse them with the millions of other photos they encounter.

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Diversify Your Posts

Even if your prime intention of posting on Instagram is to make a sale, you should never make the mistake of only publishing posts, which keep on urging followers to buy. Since real Instagram followers will resist overly promotional posts, it is important to deliver a proper mix of posts. In addition to posts that showcase your business and its products, you need to include posts that are intended to spark off conversations between the business and followers. You should also make it a point to share posts containing important industry news and developments or cross-promotions with other businesses,followers, or bloggers.

Tag Products for Easier Purchasing

Tagging product is very important to increase sales volumes because it simplifies the customer’s purchase process and permits you to have a clear and compelling CTA. Business accounts in some countries are now permitted by Instagram to tag products just like people. The setup process for transforming your Instagram account into an e-commerce powerhouse is simple and can be done with just a few clicks.

Research and Update Productive Hashtags

Since all searches on Instagram are conducted using hashtags, you need to ensure that you have hashtags that are the most productive. Hashtag research does not stop after you have set up your account; in fact, every photo you post should carry the most powerful hashtags to ensure that your posts are more easily discovered by your followers. You should have lists of hashtags ready for the most common types of posts so that you do not need to scramble around looking for the most relevant hashtags when you are actually posting. Trending hashtags can change very quickly so it is important to keep on updating your hashtags.

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As far as Instagram is concerned, the key to making your e-commerce business thrive is to focus on growing your base of followers and raising the level of engagement. Comment and like as many users that you can establish as belonging to your target audience to encourage them to check out your account and engage with you.

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