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List of Best iMac Keyboards 2021

iMac Keyboards

Do you want to change the keyboard of your iMac? Discover our selection of the best keyboards for Mac. If you do not like the little keyboard that comes with the new iMacs, change it! When you spend hours on your computer, it’s important to find a nice keyboard to use. 

Here the question is how you may find the best iMac keyboard. It’s pretty simple you just need to check the latest market trends that what exactly people are buying from the market.

This will not only allow you to stay in trends but also at the same time, you will have the best possible option. Also, don’t forget to see the latest and top product reviews and buyers guide online as well. This will make it sure as well to know more about top products, especially pros & cons. 

List of Best iMac Keyboards 2021

1) Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad

Did you know that the Magic Keyboard existed in large format? We prefer to use this because it includes a numeric keypad. In addition, as the arrow keys on this keyboard are between the numeric keypad and the letters; the space bar, the Command and Alt keys have been enlarged.

Finally, this Magic Keyboard has no less than 19 function keys that are used, for example, to control the playback of music or to go into preview mode. In addition, this keyboard is now available to wireless as its battery lasts up to one month between charges.

2) Apple Magic Keyboard

The Apple Magic Keyboard is a wireless keyboard with a built-in battery, to charge with a lightning cable (included). Thanks to its small size and its finesse, you can take it everywhere with you. It is compatible with your iPad, iMac, MacBook, and even with your iPhone.

It is a very responsive keyboard whose keys have been optimized to provide light and fast typing. To save time, the Magic Keyboard connects directly to your iMac via Bluetooth, so you will not need to search for it in your settings.

3) Logitech Craft

Designed for the creative, the Craft is the latest, and most likely the largest, Logitech wireless keyboard. It is very pleasant to use and particularly quiet compared to other similar models.

We appreciate the attention that has been given to the details. For example, the Craft keys are backlit but they only light when your hands are near the keyboard. Of course, the main feature of this keyboard is its control wheel.

This is extremely convenient because it gives access to different features and shortcuts depending on the application you use: Chrome, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

5) Logic Keyboard x Final Cut Pro

Some programs, such as Final Cut Pro, often work with dozens of keyboard shortcuts, and memorizing them can be a real headache.

To overcome this problem, the Logic Keyboard has created a keyboard specifically dedicated to creative applications. The latter is thin, made of aluminium and looks a lot like Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

It offers all the features of a traditional keyboard but its keys are color-coded and the most important Final Cut controls are written directly to the keys.

4) Belkin Wireless Numeric Keypad

If the keyboard that came with your iMac is right for you and you just need a keypad, then we recommend the Belkin Wireless You Type. It is a little expensive, certainly, but we love his design.

Since it is the same size as the Apple keyboard, you can put the You Type next to it and easily switch between them. This keypad also has the advantage of adding some extra function keys (from F13 to F16).

Note that this keyboard is wireless and works with two AA batteries.

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