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5 Steps to International Customer Service and Website Localization

International customer service

Think locally shop globally

Investing time and money to localize your website is quite worthful. Website localization in the customer’s native language plays a pivotal role in turning consumers from online browsers into a customer. In this era of globalization, customers have the ability to access websites from multiple locations in multiple languages. 

Website localization in the native language is interlinked to customer services. In the domestic business, it is hard to get repeated business when the after-sale service is poor. A survey by common sense advisory revealed that consumers from all nationalities want customer care in their local language.

International Customer Service and Website Localization

There are five different ways to focus on customer service efforts so that your international clients feel valued and are greatly served after the purchasing process.

1. Payment mode

First-time buyers feel comfortable while making their purchase payments through a local payment mode. If settings of online payment are present on your website. It increases the feeling of security and enhances internet traffic on your website. Furthermore, it increases higher conversion rates and increases revenue from repeated sales. 

2. Notification of Emails

Emailing customer in their native language will increase sales which result in the highest ROI and customer loyalty. There are three types of emails which need to be considered while localizing your international customer service experience.

  • Confirmation of orders 

If you email order confirmation to your customers. They will feel better about buying products from you. Your products should be translated into a customer’s native language and should reappear in search bars. In this way, you can resell your products. 

  • Mail to Welcome Customers 

When you send a welcome email to the customers when they receive their order. It is a great time because at that time customers are excited about the product. Taking advantage of the time you can give customers additional knowledge about your company and other products. This will lead to long term successful customer relationship.

  • Sales and Promotional Email and Newsletter

Sending regular sales and promotional email and quarterly newsletter will keep customers updated about your business and about new products which you are planning to launch. It is a very good way of engaging customers.

3. Refunds and Return

Refunds and returns are done in every potential business. As a part of international business, it is important to have a whole process of return and refund in the native language. It is a very easy and secure process. This will make your international customers admire your services and they will repurchase your products again and again.

4. Service and Support

If you want to make customers for a lifetime without considering ROI. It is important to provide customer service and support to international customers in their native language. Using telephone interpreters and using the multilingual live chat or even answering FAQ’s in multiple languages shows that you address customer’s problem in real-time.

These services and support will help to deliver state of the art customer services to potential clients and your website functionality will be at the top satisfaction scores in after-sales care.

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5. Social Media and Re-engagement

Due to social media growth, re-engaging and marketing to international customers have become very easy. Re-engaging and marketing to international customers should be according to different culture audience and locales.

Thus, a localized strategy and social media strategy is necessary for business expansion and to have ROI on your multilingual website. For this reason, you need to communicate content to foreign language web users by tweeting, posting and liking.

Customer will be engaged with your website if the website is translated into their native language. If you post your messages in customer’s language it will also resound with your international customers.


Localized marketing will result in enhancing ROI because by re-engaging customers by their native language will increase global customer base and ensure consistency and customer satisfaction as per the domestic market.

Global brands that speak to international customers in their native language are the companies which not only have localized their websites but have localized their customer experience.

For international customer service and website localization, companies need to understand what to translate and what not to translate. The most important branding asset of the company is its slogan or tagline.

The most effective way for the company to reach its potential international customers is to keep its brand identity, take care of its cultural nuances and cater target audience well.

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