Top Internet Deals with Unlimited Data in the US

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Having an unlimited data connection is one of the greatest features that one could have as an internet consumer. There are other factors as well that define how well the consumer experience is in terms of internet consumption, like customer satisfaction, internet speed, reliability, and more.

Unlimited internet, though a blessing, would often cost more than the internet plans that do not have an unlimited data cap.

Regarding the features that an internet service provider must have, customer satisfaction is key to provide the consumer with an experience that stops him or her from shifting service providers.

Spectrum is a prime example of such tactics or behaviors as it portrays not just high internet download speeds, but also unlimited data plans, and reliability. The internet service provider is famous for providing the best customer support set-up to whoever picks up the phone and dials the Spectrum Phone Number.

Top Internet Deals with Unlimited Data in United States

1. Spectrum All Internet Plans and Bundles with Unlimited Data

Spectrum offers an unlimited data plan for its customers. The price tag that Spectrum demands are slightly steep, however, it does fulfill the price tag in many ways. The service provider is on a pedestal of its own simply because the company, Spectrum, does not require any contracts for it to provide its internet services.

On top of that, the internet service provider gives its customers exceptional customer service along with some amazing bundling opportunities that lower the overall price of the commodities that the individual or household acquire.

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2. Xfinity Unlimited Internet Data Plan for Top Speeds

Xfinity Internet is one of, if not, the largest internet service providers in the United States according to wide availability. The internet giant provides completely unlimited internet data plans for its residential consumers and covers 41 states. The highest percentage of area coverage is in the states of Illinois, Maryland, and Utah.

Xfinity does not have an unlimited data internet plan. However, when the data cap is set at a mind-boggling 1 TB, it begs the question that is the data cap the same as being unlimited.

Perhaps the greatest marketing stunt that any internet service provider has ever pulled, Xfinity internet has the highest residential internet speed in the entire country. The internet service provider has internet speeds on offer that range from 25 Mbps and go all the way up to 2,000 Mbps.

3. Frontier Unlimited Internet Data Plan

Frontier happens to be the only one that provides high-speed optical fiber internet services in the esteemed regions of Washington and Oregon. The internet service provider has its availability in seven states across the United States and offers an internet router for free with all of its internet plans.

The cheapest internet plan from this service provider costs around $20.00 a month. With this plan, Frontier offers Internet speeds that go as high as 6 Mbps. Even though this speed is quite low, the unlimited data option makes up for it.

Wrapping Things Up

If you have gone through this article with extreme caution and concentration, then you have pretty much made up your mind regarding which internet service provider to place your trust in.

All the top internet plans that you would see in our list are some of the most popular and widely available internet service providers. These internet service providers do have slightly higher prices than their counterparts or market rivals but that, for us at least, is acceptable.

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