Network Monitoring and How It Benefit the Enterprise

Network Monitoring

Networking Monitoring is one of the essential processes in the field of IT and Telecom. Network Monitoring refers to the system which continually monitors a computer network by using the specialized software. In case of any trouble with the computer or server network, the system sends an automated e-mail trigger to the network administrators as a signal.

Network monitoring can be done through either remote or on-site both. Usually, Remote network monitoring is performed for the clients at a different geographical location. For such types of network, there is a requirement which has higher bandwidth.

Finding the right strategy is the key to network maintenance, which is considered to be one of the essential aspects, even at enterprise network monitoring.

The need for Network Monitoring-The Top Priority:

Network Monitoring is one of the top priority for the tech world. This forms the first line of defense when something goes wrong with any of the connected devices. With the ever-growing business world, networks have become gradually indefinite and spread in vast geographical regions.

Network monitoring software holds a check on traffic, devices, and servers for businesses or learning networks and alerts network administrators when things go wrong. This helps the network manager at multitude to fix it.

Network monitoring covers all from simple home-produced scripts which merely ping hosts to verify if the network is responsive and are available, to spread enterprise applications on a range of hosts and clients. With the use of Network, it can be checked if the network components like switches, routers, and servers are fluctuating or down.

Interconnection through network brings another set of risk, and that is cyber-attack. Email servers tracked by monitoring software are HTTP, DNS servers, Virtual machines in fact hypervisors, and data centers.

Network monitoring methods can trace bandwidth utilization, uptime, availability, and response times of linked devices, and they deliver detailed reports and analytics that can assist network managers with troubleshooting.

The Key Benefits of Network Monitoring:

With the increase in cloud dependability, network monitoring has increased. Following are the critical factors which prove helpful for Small and Medium Business classes:

  1. Visually document your growing network: It helps in the documentation of new devices.
  2. Do more with less: Automated mail trigger helps in troubleshooting with precision.
  3. Monitor from anywhere: With the growth of SMB, web-based dashboards can help you to put the things under control with mobile alerts.
  4. Troubleshoot issues more efficiently: The network map gives the complete picture and areas to troubleshoot.
  5. Plan for future growth: with the surge in digital transformation, SMB’s should plan for further requirements to scale up for better businesses viz. IoT, BYOD, etc.
  6. Improve network security: To control the cyber-attacks, SMB’s should ensure the implementation of network security.
  7. Track trends without hours of data digging: With the help of network monitoring, it has become easier for data reporting.
  8. Improve the bottom line: Most of the SMB’s are dependent on open-source tools instead of costly software. It’s always better to identify the network issue beforehand.


Based on the features of the network, you have a diverse range of architectural solutions and services, from a simple single-platform with predefined monitoring and administration competencies to a spread, categorized system that helps you govern and configure its monitoring and management capabilities.

Managed NOC and smart Help Desk solutions that are merely integrated and tailored to suit your requirements. Network monitoring is one of the niches among several other domains.

It is one of the quintessential need of the system keeping in mind that your business requires robust delivery with tight deadlines.

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