5 Best Smart Clothing Products to Look in 2021

Traditional clothing is now becoming a thing of the past with advancement in the field of nanotech. Nanotech has paved the way for the development of smart clothing which essentially presents a merger of sorts between textiles and electronics. 

A report suggests the worth of the global smart fabric market is likely to be $5.50 million by the year 2025. In this article, we have listed the best smart clothing products to look at in 2021.

1) Athos Core

Athos Core determines the muscle strength and firmness when involved in the activity and essentially steps the game up from your wrist to the upper-body muscles inclusive of triceps, biceps, traps, and many other parts of the body.

Weighing around 20 grams, it collects/evaluates data through the sensors embedded in the Athos line of clothing.

2) Tech-Pajamas

Tech-Pajamas, recently launched in Las Vegas, is a smart clothing item that has resulted from the collaboration between TB12 and Tom Brady. The Pajamas employ infrared to minimize inflammation and help you sleep better.

In fact, this smart clothing item has a unique feature that harnesses the benefits of the Sleep and Recovery System for the user. 

Perhaps the most crucial thing to know about the pajamas is the inside of the sleepwear contains bio-ceramic particles that assist with the absorption of natural body heat.

3) Sensoria Smart Socks

These are not the regular socks that you wear. The Sensoria Smart Socks are 100 percent textile but fitted with pressure sensors. These socks notify you if your heels or the foot are under stress – and they do it through real-time notifications while you are walking.

The complimentary smartphone application boasts GPS tracking and can screen your entire movement in detail.

It can even furnish a foot heat-map and tell you the time you spend on the ground besides identifying your rhythm, pace, heart rate, distance covered, altitude gains and many other parameters. Quite like a physical trainer, the app allows and assists you to modify your fitness goals and push your limits.

4) Hexoskin

This is the brainchild of a Canadian based company that makes smart shirts to monitor the heart rate. This particular smart gear helps users assess variations in heart rate, breathing speed, movement level, tempo, steps taken and more – and can in fact yield output on the spot.

Hexoskin will transmit insights and reports to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can be synced with third-party applications like RunKeeper and Endomondo. The suit comes in long and short sleeve options and is available for both genders. The only drawback is the short battery life which is around 30 hours. 

5) PoloTech Shirt

The key feature of PoloTech Shirt is the analysis it conducts and the variations it reports in heart-beat, energy output, step count, calories burned, etc.

The shirt provides real-time health monitoring and also suggests suitable workout options – and guess what it also observes how your body responds to that! 

Technology has changed the world in a drastic way. With the advent of smart ways to handle our daily tasks, we can now add convenience to our fitness and health pursuits as well. The smart gear we have discussed above could make life more convenient for you too.