What is Content:// temporarynotifications

What is Content:// temporarynotifications

If you are looking for the result of the search for content:// you are in the perfect place. From below you will be able to download Avast’s Free mobile security.

Protect against viruses and malware that show pop-up windows and unwanted ads with Avast Mobile Security, the most reliable free antivirus for Android.

Essential anti-virus and anti-malware protection with additional privacy features and improved PC performance. Free essential anti-virus and anti-malware protection with additional privacy features and performance enhancement.

Call blocking, application blocking included. Avast Mobile Security Antivirus for Android. Avast Mobile Security Antivirus varies with the device: Protect your Android phone and tablet with the best rated free Mobile security application.

Antivirus engine — Scan installed applications, memory card content, and new applications. Avast Mobile Security defends against malware, protects individual applications.


To download the original Avast Mobile security application, you can go to Google Play Store or simply click on the download link shown below. Then I added the download link of Google Play Store original for the application of Avast or content://

Download Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus for Android:

If you want to download the Avast Security & Antivirus for Android application, use the following download link. Clicking on the download link below will redirect you to the Google Play Store download page, and from there you can download the application for free.

Click Here to Download Avast Antivirus 2020

Advantages of Avast Mobile Security Antivirus for Android

With Avast! Mobile Security, you can protect your mobile phone and Android tablet. This Antivirus has the following features:

  1. Antivirus provides an on-demand scan of all the applications you have installed on your device, as well as the contents of the memory card. It also explores the applications that have just been downloaded or are running for the first time. You can customize the antivirus tool to schedule analysis and make updates. You can also configure your antivirus to delete suspicious files and uninstall unwanted applications.
  2. In case of loss or theft of the telephone, it allows its location by GPS, as well as the blocking of the terminal and the deletion or forwarding of all the information to a new number by SMS.
  3. Network Meter displays the data consumption of each application, individually, via Wi-Fi, 3G or roaming networks.
  4. The firewall provides good protection for attempts to allow hackers to compromise your mobile device. The firewall will disable an application’s Internet access if it considers it malicious and avoids exposing its private information.
  5. Application blocking allows us to block access to the applications that contain more privacy documents, for example, to the messages to our photo gallery, to Facebook, etc. To do this, you need to set a 4-or 6-digit password.

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