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3 Software Development Outsourcing Pitfalls to Avoid

Why software development outsourcing is worth it?

Whether to outsource production or onboard developers to the team is a discussion held whenever it comes to creating a product in the tech industry. And there are some undeniable benefits from it, provided the service is performed properly.

Lower costs

Depending on the business you are managing and the project you need, it the costs for production will naturally vary. Factors such as your experience managing a software product, the professionalism of the people you hired in addition to how knowledgeable they are in the technology used to develop the product.

If you have little experience managing a software project, it will likely come off cheaper to pay specialists to do what they do better, that try and figure it out yourself.

Access to better expertise and more resources

Creating a project can be a hit and miss. Why make shots in the dark if you can take advantage of methods that are confirmed as effective? 

When using outsourcing easily the biggest benefit is that the project management, IT recruitment, task management and employee control is taken care of.

In addition to the service, you receive advice on what approach would be beneficial to the project. Such as what technology is used. And putting together a team of developers that are the best fit for it, especially when they have been working together for a while and function like a well-oiled machine.

Hiring a highly experienced outsourcing software development company also has the added bonus of fleshing out the product with testing, while also making sure that compatibility is kept in check. 

Additionally, more often than not the outsourcing company also provides resources used in the development process such as hardware, software and also investing in the employees to grow in a way that is beneficial of the project – saving you even more resources.

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Ability to focus on the business side of the execution

As a decision-maker in a company that is looking to expand through a custom product, there is a lot to be taken care of from the business part of things. And considering that chances are that hands-on managing the software development process will take away valuable time from business management outsourcing is the best fit.

It allows you to delegate the process to professionals who specialize in just that, while you still have control as for how you want the product to perform and work out. 

The 3 most common software development outsourcing pitfalls to avoid

As you can see, clearly, there are undeniable perks to having software outsourcing available to you. However, as with any other practice outsourcing comes with a couple of risks that you need to be aware of and be ready to target species as they come.

1) The risk for miscommunication 

Outsourcing is often remote or it relies on extending your company with a development team, without integrating it in your company fully. It is a part of your business but operates as a separate entity. So, naturally, the approach is far from immune to miscommunication. 

Sometimes the distance can create delays due to time differences. A lot of communication is non-verbal and has a natural delayed response. Another aspect to be aware of is that the scope and objectives of the project need to be clear and timely, otherwise risking work in the wrong direction.

2) Unclear management chain and control practices

With outsourcing, the developers work with two separate management teams. And while both cooperate for the sake of the project, it needs to be established who to turn to for what, when and so on. 

While both teams work together, each has internal processes, and the team needs to know which to follow and to what degree. For example, policies for internal communication between employees for a client company will apply to a limited degree to the team. 

On the other end rules for business communication, business meeting requirements, language and timeliness must be followed. But the client’s dress code is irrelevant.

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3) Focusing too much on the price and too little on the quality

When companies consider taking the outsourcing route, they often start out with planning how much work they can afford to request. They plan out all the features they can potentially acquire with the budget that they can set aside. 

This will definitely get you a product that performs what it was intended to a certain degree. However, the question is should client companies account for the additional cost of high-quality product, or otherwise sacrifices several features for the sake of having a few that perform well?

Value vs Cost

As you can see, outsourcing is an option that can offer plenty. It is, however, one that needs consideration when it comes to what you want to pay for and how to approach the development process. 

Do you believe that the value in outsourcing outweighs the potential pitfalls if not targeted properly? Do you have any experience with outsourcing? What was your experience and would you change your approach if you choose to try again?

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