Top 5 Trending IT Courses After Graduation

Gone are the days when graduation was considered as the benchmark of a highly educated person who would get any job he wants. The world has changed completely and competition has reached to its highest peak.

You definitely have to be a master of at least one specific area so as to make your place in the company’s mind and also to stand out of the crowd of the job seekers.

By now you must have got the point why it is definitely an urge to go for some trending IT course once you are done with the graduation. But the major confusion comes here only i.e. which course suits them best.

Well, don’t worry, we have listed out some of the best IT courses that can definitely help you to enhance your career and get a good job with high perks. Let’s take a look below:

1) Data Science

Everyone is aware of the fact that there is a lot of data in this world and the number keeps increasing every day. This is the reason why the demand for data scientists keeps increasing in the market.

The skilled data scientists have the ability to work on the available data sets and build out some positive yet useful insights for the company in order to increase the business. The salary of the fresher itself is very high and with experience, it keeps increasing.

If you are interested, you can take up the data science course. Start things from the basic to advance level and become a skilled data scientist.

2) Certified Ethical Hacker

Who doesn’t wants to protect the crucial data? No one will have the answer yes to it. For an organization, it becomes very crucial to make sure that the data of its clientele is safe and secured and that no breach can happen anytime.

For this, companies hire ethical hackers who understand the complete process of data saving. They know very well what all are the major points of attack and where the major vulnerabilities of attack lie.

The demand for an expert ethical hacker can never end until the time data is there in the market. If you are willing to learn this, you can do the certified ethical hacker course from Lynda.

3) Machine Learning

Machine learning is highly in demand in the market. Automation has acquired the entire world and therefore companies are moving towards machine learning technology. They require experts who can build up the algorithms to make the machines do things on their own. Machine learning increases work efficiency along with lesser chances of mistakes.

The salary of the machine learning engineer goes very high and the demand is also increasing. Willing to learn machine learning then go for Coursera.

4) Mobile Development

The world is now completely revolutionized and everywhere it is just the mobile. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for the companies to showcase their work on mobile so that they can reach a maximum number of customers. The mobile developers are highly in demand in the market who can create efficient mobile-based applications for the companies.

You can clearly understand why their demand is never going down. You can learn the mobile development course from edx in order to get deep learning with clear understanding.

5) Digital Marketing

This is another trending area of the IT world wherein digital marketing experts increase the presence of the brand online. To make a smooth relation with the customers, this is the best way for the organizations.

Therefore, the organizations keep looking for experts who can help them enhance their worldwide presence along with assisting the customers efficiently. If you are long to learn the digital marketing course, you can go for Udemy.

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This is the list of top 5 trending IT courses that you can go for after graduation. Choose the one that you feel is the best for you.

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