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How AI Makes Virtual & Augmented Reality Even More Real

Tips AI Makes Virtual & Augmented Reality Even More Real

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual reality are terms we get to hear almost every day. Well, these are the latest technologies that are making advances each day.

These technologies have made a huge impact on the world-changing the way we live our daily lives, educate ourselves, communicate, etc.  

Artificial intelligence makes VR and AR more real. Wonder, how? Here we have listed the top 9 ways how AI Makes Virtual & Augmented Reality Even More Real?

1) Precision and minute details

You might agree with the fact that human’s capability of precession, accuracy and working capability are far less than machines. This is the reasons why we built computes, programs and AI.

An AI can improve the visual quality of the virtual and augmented reality. Suppose a company is creating a simulator for a driving game, then AI can highly reduce your work in creating graphics and visual designs. 

2) Real-Time Environment Mapping 

Artificial intelligence has a great sense of making a decision and deciding the positions. They are highly capable of pointing out the position of some object with the use of various algorithms, GPS, etc.  This has even allowed the development of automated cars and bots currently developed by Tesla. 

3) Virtual Modelling 

You might have witnessed this in movies where holograms are used to create and showcase a virtual model of a car, house, and other objects. This can be done in real life too by the use of an AI-enhanced virtual environment. This type of technology at the initial stage has given rise to 3-D model printing.

4) Accurate Depth Precession 

Representing depth and volume of objects can be a frustrating task, especially when the volume is not fixed and changing in real time. This is where artificial intelligence comes into the scene. This advanced concept is such a hit that AI is now being used in complex surgeries.

It won’t be too long when a surgeon will be able to inspect the patient’s body without even touching with the help of a VR gear. Well if you look far into the future where robots will be able to perform a regular surgical process, then AI’s real-time depth precision accuracy will play a major role.

5) A New World Of Learning 

AI with AR can educate and train future generations in a practical way. Even today doctors and surgeons before performing any operations with a real human being attend an AI-enhanced VR simulation training sessions.

AI can improve these education and training simulators by making them more personal, subsuming more data, and comparing their methods and analogy.

6) Real Life Communication Systems

With AI and VR, traditional communication systems can be improved to such an extent that you would really be able to talk face to face with your loved ones.

AI can create the environment and copy real-time actions of the users and display in the connected virtual environment. This will allow you to interact with your friends and family in real life and as well as virtually.

7) Improve User Experience 

When we are building a real-time virtual environment it is important that this environment is able to adjust itself according to the user. Here artificial intelligence plays an important role in adjusting the environment according to the user. 

8) Automated Processes 

Creating VR and AR is a complex task even for the experts. It is not possible for a human programmer to perform and code each and every task of virtual reality.

Here automated program modules can automatically perform various tasks. These automated programs are maintained and monitored by an AI. 

9) Centralized Network System

The concept is yet a theory; however, a completely developed AI could act as a centralized network for every possible thing that is connected to the internet.

It would be like creating a vast network of information that is connected together. This would be an advanced form of what we call Internet of things today.

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