11 Best Tachiyomi Extensions for 2024

Tachiyomi Extensions

Japan is a place of art and culture. The most well-known Manga series is an east-Asian rendition of comics and is hugely popular across the globe.

It is well-known not just for its beauty and technology, but also for its wonderful animation series. The fans eagerly await for new manga and are fascinated by the illustrations.

Manga animation has gained worldwide popularity. It is why, today, many are looking for websites that allow free access to read the manga. The story, characters, and even the names differ from the area where they are originated from.

There are a lot of websites to read manga online. However, there are times when fans have difficulties, as official sources aren’t always accessible in all countries.

One of the most ridiculous issues of Manga is that it is not available in an understandable language. It’s difficult for fans to find the Manga they like to read since the official sources aren’t always accessible in all countries.

This is the reason why fans always look for alternative sources to read manga online. Therefore, here in this article, we will discuss the top 11 best Tachiyomi extensions to read manga for free.

Best Tachiyomi Extensions – 2024

The below-mentioned are the best Tachiyomi extensions that allow you to read manga for free.

1. MangaDex

MangaDex is also one of the most popular extensions in Tachiyomi. In MangaDex, you can find the content in South American language, like English or any other language. There are many new manga titles on MangaDex, and all Manga titles are accessible here.

The quality might be better than you thought, but it can be used with another extension. It is possible to change to another extension because of the image’s quality.


2. Webtoon

Webtoon extension is a platform where you can search for all your favorite web-based cartoons. A variety of titles are available that are part of the Webtoons extension. You’ll definitely choose the one you like.

The website is highly recommended for everyone who appreciates webcomics. If you’ve ever thought about watching webtoons, this extension will help you to combine the webtoons available on their website. If you like reading webcomics, we recommend you to download this.

However, it also allows users to access additional content and customize the app according to their preferences. The features include custom themes, manga tracking, bookmarks, and favorite manga synchronization, and additional manga sources.

They also provide a better user experience by incorporating features such as auto-scrolling, an improved reader, and integration with other manga-related services.


3. Mangasee

Mangasee is one of the best and most popular Tachiyomi extension to read Manga online. It’s a great option for those struggling to manage multiple extensions in Tachiyomi.

Mangasee is a simple website that includes the most popular titles, One Piece, Martial Peak, Solo Leveling, Jujutsu Kaisen, and many more.

Each title is divided into chapters with new content, and the high-quality pictures are amazing. The book displays all titles and images without clogging the screen with unnecessary details.


4. Mangahere

Mangahere is one of Tachiyomi’s top extensions, with a wealth of content and a simple interface. You will find an abundance of manga titles using the extension. The pictures are of the top resolution, and you can also find your favorite manga titles.

Mangahere might have a few popular manga titles. However, it is a simple extension. There are more than 100 titles available in mangahere. Many high-quality mangas are accessible on this extension. In addition, It includes Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and other popular manga.


5. is a fantastic and must-have extension for Manga fans. It offers high-quality content, the current title list, and current chapters.

The main reason MangaRock is not ranked higher is that the chapter lists were not up to date during our testing. There’s no reason to worry. To make up for this, you can choose a variety of extensions.

Furthermore, it allows users to access the vast manga available on The extension adds a new source to the Tachiyomi application that allows users to search, browse or read comics from MangaRock.

MangaRock library has different extension features like manga download chapter sorting, a favorite list, and much more.


6. ManhuaUS

What a wonderful idea If all Chinese manhua were gathered all in one location! Manhuaus are now accessible through the Tachiyomi application without visiting other websites. This is the ideal extension if you’re trying to learn how to read manhua ( used in Chinese). It offers the most extensive collection of manhua.

The extension allows downloads, full-screen reading modes, and the ability to remove and add manga collections. Additionally, users can search for manga by author, title, and genre.

ManhuaUS Tachiyomi Extensions also offers an array of popular manga in various genres, such as shonen, seinen, and josei.


7. MangaOwl

Being one of the more well-known extensions available for Tachiyomi, MangaOwl is already hugely well-known. You can now read your favorite manga and be current with high-quality scans and faster updates.

It also provides plenty of manga ideas, including action, yaoi the yuri, and hentai. It’s a complete Tachiyomi extension that everyone should own.

It is also possible to create manga sources that are not available, add new features and expand the capabilities of the application.

The features include the capability to download mangas and the capability to find the manga, switch between different languages, and much more. These extensions allow users to modify the look and experience of their Tachiyomi readers.


8. Mangakakalot

MangaBox extension. Mangakakalot has existed for quite a while, and its collection is vast. It has an entire range of Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua of all genres. Mangakakalot was relocated to into and the extension for tachiyomi has become part of MangaBox.

It’s been integrated with MangaBox for a few months; however, it’s already gaining popularity. If you cannot locate Mangakakalot, the Mangakakalot extension, then use MangaBox instead.

With this extension, you can access manga directly from Mangakakalot’s website. Mangakakalot’s website gives access to millions of manga titles across diverse genres. This extension allows users to search for manga or manga titles, sort them by filtering, and customize their reading experience.


9. MangaPark

MangaPark, the MangaPark extension for manga-related titles, is similar to the Webtoons extension. The extension is packed with quality content and high-quality images.

Anyone who is a fan of Manga will love this extension from the top Tachiyomi extensions. This is also an excellent extension to tachiyomi, with an extensive manga library.

However, it also has lots of manga written by hentai. It also has Manga that spans diverse genres. If you’re a fan of manhwa, this extension is something that you should include on your Tachiyomi.


10. Manganelo

Manganelo is among the top Tachiyomi extensions for reading manga, specifically manhwa. Manhwa is a South Korean term for comic comics and graphic novels. They’re also referred to in the form of Webtoons and are published as lengthy strips that can be read online.

If you’re new to Manhwas, you should start with these manga – Solo Leveling, Breaker of Wind, Breaker, Tower of God, and God of High School. This extension comes with one of the fastest manga updates and excellent images.


11. Madara

Madara is one of the best Tachiyomi extensions according to several sources. It uses a variety of sources for manga reading if multiple sources are activated. Some might think that it’s amazing; however, others might not.

Based on the information available, Madara causes havoc, especially if you’ve installed additional Tachiyomi extensions. And to make matters even more complicated, each other extension will be used in the Madara extension and with the same brand name.

If you have yet to try any other source for Tachiyomi extensions in the past, consider using Madara. The users are happy with Madara because of its quality of Manga content.


Tachiyomi is the best manga reading application on android and ios. After installing the Tachiyomi app, we are able to read manga and many other things.

In this article, we have listed the 11 best Tachiyomi extensions for 2024 that will help you to read manga for free. If you have installed the Tachiyomi app and are searching for the best Tachiyomi extensions, then you can choose any of them.

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