Best Websites To Watch Tv Online Free Streaming

Watch Tv Online Free Streaming

If you are looking for some of the best websites to watch live Tv, then you are in the right place to know about those websites. Often, we discover that the lives we lead make us watch Tv for entertainment.

But in this digital world, everyone can watch tv online free streaming on their phone or pc instead of taking a dish tv connection or cable connection.

Then what does one do? You’ll attend these sites and easily catch abreast of the missed serials whenever you’ve got the time to spare.

Here we have listed 25 websites that allow you to stream live TV shows online. 

Websites to Watch Tv Online Free Streaming

This era is of the internet, which made people attached to their devices like pc or mobile. So, most people love to watch free live Tv streaming on mobile or pc. So, here you can find the best websites for free live Tv streaming.

1) Time4TV is an online platform for free internet Tv streaming. Well, this site is loved by many of the people across the world.

Time4Tv offers you UK Channels, US, Sports Channels, News, and Hindi Channels. This website offers you 60+ sports channels and Hindi channels.

So, if you wish to watch live tv streaming free, then you can go for this. It is the best source to watch Tv from all the corners of the world without any restriction.

2) Wizler Tv

Most of the people are unknown from this website. This website offers you free internet Tv streaming. All the channels of the world are not included on this website, but you can watch most of the English channels.

So, this website is for them who like to watch English Tv channels. The site has a schedule of running and upcoming shows.

Most of the channels that Wizler Tv streams are from the US and UK, of the genre like news, sports, entertainment, kids, movies, and other entertainment shows for free without any bullshit ads and redirects.

3) Yupp TV

YuppTV may be the best platform for you to observe Indian Content like Live TV, Shows, and films. The App is also available in many counties, which include the USA, UK, India, Australia, Malaysia, Middle East, Canada, Singapore, etc.

The app has all the genre channels starting from Entertainment to Movies. Yupp TV streams a variety of live TV Channels that incorporate national and regional Channels from India. 

Well, this website is free and paid too. Yupp Tv offers some free channels, and a paid subscription for the premium channels cost $3.99/Month with some top TV Channels and films.

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4) Desi Tv Box

Desi Tv Box is undoubtedly the most straightforward website that offers free live Tv streaming. The advantage of using Desi Tv Box is that users can easily watch any channels just by clicking on the link provided on the homepage.

Also, you’ll observe different icons of TV channels related to the Channel sponsors. This website consumes fewer internet data of your device, and hence, you can watch live tv online free streaming for an extended hassle-free. That’s why we’ve placed this excellent website on our list.

5) Tv CatchUp

TVCatchup offers you to observe UK based television and satellite cable channels. TVC is an online Tv streaming website offering free-to-air UK channels.

It restreams channels like BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, and many others. The drawback of this website is only the Ads and which makes this free.

You can access many popular UK channels on your mobile through its App. TVCatchup is one of the best sources to watch live Tv online free streaming.

6) Free Tv All

Free Tv All offers not only free live Tv streaming of the Indian Television network but also, several other Television networks of various countries.

So not to worry here you can watch channels of various nations like India, us of America, etc.

Though this website loads slowly because of many ads placed in its interface, the developers are continuously working to make it fast and add more new channels. That’s why Free TV All is the right choice to watch live tv streaming free.

7) TV Player

TVPlayer is another website that gives 95 channels for live Tv streaming free of charge on both the desktop and mobile devices.

This free live Tv streaming website is for those you’re living in the UK or love English channels. It also streams shows currently going live.

You can access content for free of charge with ads. If you buy a paid subscription, you can access more channels for free of charge alongside several other features.


The most significant advantage of browsing a free live TV streaming website is that you can watch many national or international channels without spending one single dollar. is one of the free internet TV streaming sites, which offers several popular channels like HBO, ESPN, NBC, and many more on its homepage.

It is known to be the #1 site when it involves watching live Sports and free live Tv streaming sites.

9) is famous and known for its British and Hindi TV channels that they stream. The interface of this website is designed in several languages, namely Italian, Spanish, French, and many more, to satisfy the worldwide audience that they browse their live TV streaming site.

They have a chrome extension too, which can solve your problems occurring when streaming the live Tv.

10) Pluto TV

This website allows you to watch movies and television shows live going on channels. This site also offers you free internet Tv streaming.

So, you can watch the free live tv on your browser through website or by downloading the apps from your browser.

This site has a clean interface that attracts the users again and again. Here you can find many channels from every corner of the world. So, you can try this website, hope you may get here your favourite channel.

11) YouTube Tv

YouTube Tv is also one of the best live Tv streaming free websites. Also, here you can buy the paid subscription also.

Well, this website is one of the most trusted website providing the best quality. YouTube Tv is famous in the US as it offers 80 free channels.

But this service is available for all countries all over the world. Also, YouTube Tv offers Cloud DVR without DVR storage space limits. 

12) Now Tv

Now TV is a live Tv free streaming platform for the UK, Ireland, and Italy. Sky plc runs this website. Now TV has all the TV Channels, Live Sports, Programs and films which are owned by Sky Network.

Also, there are paid subscriptions, which cost £9.99 monthly, but you can test this site as it offers a 14-day free trial.

Now TV is out there on 60+ devices, including consoles and Smart TV. If you want to stream some best sporting channels, then you can try a 14-day free trial plan.

13) Sony Liv

Sony India is an Indian content delivery platform. It is operated by the Sony team and offers free live Tv streaming. Well, this website is not free to watch live Tv.

Here you have to buy a premium plan which costs you 4$ monthly. But if you want to try it for free then, many shows are available for free also.

The good thing about Sony Liv is that it offers premium sports channels like NBA, Football WC, Serie A, EPL, and other live sports free of charge but with a 5 minutes delay.

So, you can try this website also as this website is a reputed brand.

14) Squid Tv

Squid Tv is a platform that offers you live Tv streaming free. It has a good feature that simplifies the searching channels for live TV.

This website gathers all the live streaming channels which are free and allow you to watch them. It gathers all types of channels all over the world and of all categories and genres.

Squid Tv redirects you to the original website, which is streaming the live Tv. So, you can try the website for easy searching of channels all over the globe.

15) Airtel Tv

Airtel TV is a service provided to Airtel users in India. The website offers Movies, TV Shows and Live TV also. You can watch around 100 live tv channels from premium networks like Sony, Zee, and from many FTA channels.

Well, it has its App also, which has a straightforward interface that makes this website more accessible. Airtel Tv also offers lots of HD Channels.

You can watch live Tv free streaming of general entertainment, movies, sports, news, and many more for free on the Airtel TV Web. So, you can try this website too if you have an Airtel sim card.

16) Jio Tv

I hope most of the people know about this website or company. This website offers free live Tv streaming for 626 channels. To avail, this service from Jio Tv is only a Jio sim card.

You must be a part of the Jio team to watch Tv and many more services for free. Millions of Indian citizens are using Jio and enjoying their free service.

Also, if you miss your favourite show, then you can watch them for the last seven days. So, we suggest you try this once.

17) Mobdro

Mobdro is one of the fastest-growing App or websites which offers live streaming of Tv channels. Well, we will like to clear this first that this website has only paid subscriptions and a free subscription full of advertisements.

The team of Mobdro keeps updating its website of the live TV streaming app to bring more channels for its consumer.

Whenever you search any channels or keywords in Mobdro, which automatically sort by category, so you’ll get your preferred channel quickly. 

18) The Viral Fever

When it thinks about an honest website that can provide us with quality content, then “The Viral Fever” is one among them. This website allows you to stream all kinds of various Indian TV channels, as it is a free live tv streaming website.

Well, there are some bugs on this website, but we all know bug doesn’t matter if we can watch the content for free. Though optimization is required to make the first choice of the users, users are still delighted with the performance of “The Viral Fever.”

19) Mx Player

I think this App is installed on your mobile. Mx player has been a source of free live Tv streaming nowadays. Mx player was introduced by Korean companies to catch the strong user base of India.

Well, we all know this is a media player, and you can watch enjoy premium movies, Web Series, MX Originals episode, TV Shows with live TV for free with Ad support also. So, you must try this application to enjoy lots of videos and live Tv for free.

20) Vodafone Live

Vodafone live is held by Vodafone company for its Vodafone users. This service is similar to Airtel Tv and Jio Tv. Anyone can watch tv online free streaming from Vodafone live web.

You must need a Vodafone Sim Card to fill an OTP. Well, it feels right that Vodafone’s live is free to use. Vodafone live streams hundreds of premium channels live for free.

Also, not only Tv here you can watch the latest and old movies too. So, you can use this service if you are a Vodafone user.

21) Hulu

Hulu is a subscription-based online streaming website, but you can watch some limited content or channels free of cost. Around 150 famous Tv shows and channels are available to watch free.

But if you want to watch the Tv content live on any channel, then you must have to buy a paid subscription.

According to us, Hulu free subscription is of no use, and a paid subscription is worth buying for $7.99, which will offer you to watch tv online streaming.


The article is researched to provide our readers with the correct information about live tv streaming websites.

We have listed both free and paid subscription websites which are best from other live tv streaming websites. So, if someone wants to go with the free website, then they are also worth using. 

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