Best Websites to Download Anime Music 2024

The original soundtrack of the anime plays a vital role in an anime. Many anime fans love to collect anime Music to play them on their mobile phones.

Anime music helps you to understand the character more efficiently and makes you more engaged in the anime series. It connects easily and make you feel the emotions of the characters which in turn makes it more entertaining.

Due to showtime restrictions, some of the shows do not play the complete music track and play only some part of it in the show. This makes the anime music lovers more curious to listen to the whole track.

There are multiple anime music download sites but some of them don’t allow you to download it. It certainly takes a lot of time to find the best sites to download your favourite anime music. To help you we have listed the best websites to download anime music. Let us get started without any ado!

Best Websites to Download Anime Music

1. Hikarinoakariost

Hikarinoakariost is one of the best website to download anime music. The website is updated regularly and is a great option to download anime music for free. On this website, you can download music in MP3 or FLAC anime audio tracks.

There are many anime OST music available on Hikarinoakariost. The best part about this website is that you can download the anime music from third-party sources. The only issue you can face on this website is ads. Also users do not need to create an account to download anime music.


2. 8Tracks

8Tracks is also a good website to download anime music. It has a large library of anime OST’s that you can enjoy for free. You can easily download and play Korean and Japanese pop music on this site.

The anime playlist is accessible at any time and anywhere. Apart from this, the website also consists of non-anime music from many worldwide artists and genres. The playlist also consists of mood-based songs. The interface is also clean, easy and simple


3. Khinsider

Khinsider is the most preferred website to download anime music. It has more than 400,000 songs available without any ads. The Khinsider website interface is very user friendly. You can also request the anime OST music that is not found on the site and they will find and upload it for you.

There is no need for registration and you can easily type the title or initial letter of the song in the search bar to find the anime OST music you wish to download. You can easily find any anime music you want on Khinsider website. It also allows you to simultaneous download multiple anime OSTs.


4. Osanime

Osanime is a great website if you wish to stream or download anime OST music. The site provides the latest and recent list of different posts with a list of anime OST’s.

Users can also see the time when their favourite anime music got released. You can easily search for your desired anime music in the available categories on the website. You can find almost any anime music you wish to download on this site. It also has songs of the day option for trending songs.


5. Gendou

Gendou is also one of the best sites to download anime songs in MP3. It is very easy to download the anime music on this site, you can just search for the anime OST by song title, artist or anime and the site displays the song.

The best part of this site is if you cannot find the anime OST you wish to download you can request it from the site’s admin. The library consists of more than 7500 songs.

Apart from the music you can also play games and share your views about the anime on this website. Many popular anime soundtracks are available in the library.


6. Nipponsei.minglong

Nipponsei.minglong is a website specifically developed to download anime OST music. The website has thousands of anime OSTs for anime music lovers. The website provides you with the download link so that you can download the anime OST very conveniently.

There are anime OST music tracks that are accessible in zip format on this website. When you visit the site, navigate to the left side of the page as it has anime thumbnails to download anime music.


7. is another popular website to download your favourite anime OST music. On this website, you can download either a single anime song or the entire anime music album.

There are multiple features available on this website. The recent and popular anime songs are listed on the website homepage as posts with tags. You can easily find your favourite anime music on this site and download it for free.


8. MP3 Anime

MP3 Anime is also one of the famous websites to download the anime OST. It consists of anime OST opening and closing music that you wish to download. There is no registration required to download the anime music.

You can type the title of the anime music in the search bar and the site displays it in seconds. You can also randomly use the play feature to start playing anime music from its database.


9. YumeOST

If you want to download high-quality anime OST music, YumeOST is best for you. The website has a built-in music player that helps you play, browse and download music for free.

Additionally, you can find new release anime music easily on this website. YumeOST has a user-friendly interface wherein you can get the lyrics and the latest anime music easily.

However, there are some ads and pop-ups on this website that you have to deal with. No registration or sign up required to download the anime music.


10. Anime.thehylia

Anime.thehylia is one of the most popular websites to download anime music for free. On this site, you can download several episodes, series, albums and songs without spending a penny.

Anime.thehylia has a wide range of anime music resources and different kinds of anime OST are easily available. Approximately 6046 albums and 76475 songs are available on this site. Just select the alphabet of the album name and the site displays all albums related to it.


These 10 are the best and most popular websites to download anime music. Hope you like this article. Let us know your favourite website to download anime music in the comment section.

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