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Best Ways To Download YouTube Movies For Free

Watching videos or movies on YouTube is very easy and does not take much time. You can just open your laptop or smartphone to watch it. However sometimes when you don’t have a proper internet connection or while you are travelling it is really difficult to watch the movies on YouTube.

Now you must be wondering how to download YouTube Movies for Free? There are many options available to download YouTube movies or videos for free but some are not legit and hence you need to be cautious.

Selecting the best YouTube Movie downloaders can take a lot of time but here we have made it very simple for you.

In this article we have mentioned the best possible ways to download your favourite YouTube Movies for free and these methods are safe and easy to download.

Download YouTube Movies Using YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium allows you to watch YouTube movies without any ads. Here’s a detailed guide to help you download YouTube movies using YouTube premium:

Step 1: Subscribe to YouTube Premium

  • Go to the YouTube Premium page on the browser or the YouTube app.
  • Just click on the “Try it Free” or “Subscribe” button. (YouTube Premium usually offers a one-month free trial for new subscribers).
  • Enter the payment details and complete the payment process.

Step 2: Find the Movie You Want to Download

  • Use the search bar in the YouTube app to find the movie you want to download.
  • Choose the movie from the search results by tapping on it.

Step 3: Download the Movie

  • Below the video playback area, you can see a “Download” button.
  • After you click the “Download” button, you are asked to select the video quality typically from Low (144p) to High (1080p). 
  • After selecting the quality, the download will start automatically.

Step 4: Accessing Your Downloaded Movies

  • In the YouTube app, navigate to the “Library” tab and there, you’ll see a “Downloads” section, just tap on it to view all your downloaded content.

Important Notes

  • Downloading content is intended for personal, offline viewing through the YouTube app only and sharing the downloaded files is against YouTube’s terms of service.
  • You need an active YouTube Premium subscription to download and watch movies offline. If your subscription ends, you won’t be able to access your downloaded content until you renew.

Other Best Ways To Download YouTube Movies For Free – Best Software

1. By Click Downloader

By Click Downloader is the best YouTube movie downloader for Windows users. It is a secure and efficient tool for downloading videos from Youtube and many other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Users can download movies in a high-quality resolution: 4k and 8k; and enjoy the best experience. By Click Downloader is user-friendly software. Take a look at how simple it is to download your favourite YouTube movies:

  1. Go to By Click Downloader Website, download and install it.
  2. Go to the YouTube movie you want to download and copy its URL.
  3. Automatically, a popup window will ask if you want to download the copied content in video or audio. Choose, and the download will start. You can also paste the URL directly into the program.
  4. Wait until the bar progress indicates the download is finished.
  5. After that, click on the Play icon to watch the video or the folder icon to go to the file’s folder.

2. VideoHunter

VideoHunter is the best YouTube video downloader to download movies from YouTube to your Windows PC or Mac. With VideoHunter, users can download their treasured YouTube movies with output quality up to 1080p full HD and 4K and 8K ultra HD, bringing fantastic offline playback experiences and blessing its users with an unmatchable viewing experience.

What’s more convenient is that VideoHunter can download the entire YouTube playlist, which means you can have all your favorite movies with one click. Subtitles are essential for watching movies.

VideoHunter can automatically extract multilingual subtitles provided by the movie uploader. You can download subtitles in any language and merge them with movies for better offline viewing.

Follow the steps below to download YouTube Movies using VideoHunter:

  1. Open and click the “Free Download” button to install the software.
  2. Open the YouTube movie you want to download and copy the URL.
  3. Launch VideoHunter and paste the URL into the link bar of VideoHunter. 
  4. Click the “Analyze” button, and VideoHunter will analyze the movie link and provide download options.
  5. Select the output quality of the YouTube movie and click the “Download” button.

3. YT Saver YouTube Downloader

Now we will discuss one of the best YouTube movie downloaders. YT Saver allows you to download YouTube movies with a 10x faster download speed than the other downloaders.

It provides an in-built web browser for users to search the YouTube short video in the software and cut YouTube to any shorter clips you want directly.

YT Saver supports over 10000 video streaming sites, including YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Dailymotion, TikTok and more. Apart from downloading YouTube movies, you can use it to download playlists and channels with one click.

YT Saver provides a free version, try it out, and if you like it, you can get 20%  off now when making a purchase. They offer an exclusive YT Saver discount codes: YTSAVERRE20.

Follow the steps belowed to download YouTube movies using YT Saver YouTube Downloader:

  1. Download the newest version of YT Saver on your PC or Mac.
  2. Confirm the output format. There is an entry to switch formats on the main interface of YT Saver: Click on “Download then convert to…” tab and select the needed output format from the drop-down box.
  3. Copy and paste the URL to start the video download. Simply click on the “Paste URL” button and YT Saver will start analyzing and downloading the target video.

4. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is also one of the best tool to download YouTube movies. Just download and install the 4K Video Downloader and start downloading YouTube movies that you are willing to watch offline. 4K Video Downloader is available on both Mac and Windows. Follow the below steps to download and install it.

  1. Open 4K Video Downloader website and then click on the “Get 4K Video Downloader” and install it on your Windows or Mac.
  2. Next, go to the YouTube movie you wish to download and copy the URL.
  3. Click on the “Paste Link” on the top left of the 4K Video Downloader window. This will facilitate the 4K Video Downloader to extract the address you copied.
  4. Then select the video format from the “Format” menu. In case you can’t see the “4K” listed in the quality options, you can change the video format from MP4 to MKV.
  5. Select the quality of the video. You can choose up to 4K quality.
  6. Finally, Click on the “Download” button at the bottom right of the window.
  7. The Video will begin downloading on your PC.
  8. After the video is downloaded, right-click on it and then click on “Show in Folder”.

5. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a convenient way to download YouTube movies for free. If you do not have a VLC Media player on your PC, follow the below steps to download and install it. Also, follow the steps to download YouTube Movies using VLC Media Player.

  1. Open and download and install the VLC Media Player on your PC.
  2. Now open the YouTube Movie you want to download on the web browser and copy the URL.
  3. Now open the VLC Media Player.
  4. Select the “Open Network Stream” from the media menu.
  5. Paste the copied URL into the text box.
  6. Click the “Play” button at the bottom right. This will open the YouTube Video in VLC Media Player.
  7. Open the “Codec Information” from the “Tools” menu. Right-click Location and then click select ALL to highlight the text.
  8. Copy the selected text and paste it on a new tab on your browser.
  9. Now, right-click on the movie on your browser and select “Save video as” resulting in a drop-down menu. The video will download on your PC as an MP4 file. You can also rename it.
  10. Now select a location and click “Save” to save the movie on your PC.

6. DownloadHelper for Firefox

DownloadHelper for Firefox is another simple method to download YouTube movies for free.

  1. Go to the official DownloadHelper website and install the extension or add-on on your Firefox browser.
  2. Open YouTube on your Firefox browser and search for your favourite movie you wish to download.
  3. Now, click on the animated 3-balls icon at the top left of your browser. The icon has a number that depicts the number of videos or movies you can download.
  4. After that, select the movie you want to download and rename it in the dialogue box.
  5. Then select the folder where you want to save it.
  6. Confirm for the movie to download.
  7. After the movie is downloaded save it in the selected folder.
  8. There are other options available as well like quick download or download and convert using the companion button which you can use.

7. is a great platform to download YouTube movies or videos for free. In addition to the video or movie downloader, it is also a audio and video converter. It is a safe and free application to download YouTube movies or videos for free.

  1. Open the Keepvid website on your device.
  2. Go to the YouTube Movie you wish to download and copy the movie link.
  3. Now, paste this link on the KeepVid Programs search bar.
  4. Click on the “Download Now” option below it.
  5. Keepvid locates the video or movie and provides download options below.
  6. Scroll down and tap the “Best Download” button below the duration.
  7. After that the “Save File” screen will appear.
  8. You can also select the smaller file by taping on the “Download Other Formats” button below.
  9. Now, you can rename the file and tap on “Done”.
  10. The program downloads and saves the youtube movie to your device.

8. Free YouTube Downloader

Free YouTube Downloader is a free YouTube movie downloader that helps to download your favourite movies in good video quality. The app can detect the videos that you open on the site using Chrome, Firefox or Safari. There are two ways to download the YouTube video on this platform.

First Method:

  1. Open YouTube and search for the movie you wish to download.
  2. Copy the URL of the movie.
  3. Now, open the Free YouTube Downloader software.
  4. Select the “Paste URL” at the top left corner.
  5. You can also just drag and drop the YouTube Movie URL.
  6. The movie starts downloading as soon as it extracts the URL that you inserted.
  7. Go to the “Downloaded” tab and you will find the movie you downloaded.
  8. Click on it and the movie will play with the built-in media player.

Second Method:

  1. Open the Free YouTube Downloader software.
  2. Play the movie you wish to download.
  3. Take your mouse over the playing video and the Free YouTube downloader will detect the video.
  4. Now, click on the “Download” option available at the top right corner of the window.
  5. After that the video starts downloading.
  6. Go to the “Downloaded” tab and you will find the movie you downloaded.
  7. Click on it and the movie will play through the built-in media player.

Best Websites to Download YouTube Videos

With millions of registered users, YouTube is one of the best video streaming platforms in the world.

Every minute people across the globe watch millions of videos on the platform, and people also upload lakhs of videos each hour.

Downloading YouTube videos and streaming whenever and wherever you like is fantastic. Here we will discuss some of the best websites to download YouTube videos within minutes. Have a look!


The y2mate website is an easy to use YouTube to MP4 converter. Just copy the YouTube URL into the search box on the homepage and then click “start” and you are all done. 

One great feature of y2mate is it permits you to download videos with different resolutions, ranging from 144p up to 1080p. Furthermore, the tool lets you download the audio, and then download the videos to MP3 files.


A major competitor in this ranking, SaveFromNet stands out due to the range of websites that support video downloads for free of cost. 

In addition to YouTube, it also supports other websites such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, Sendspace, Metacafe, VK, and many more.

You can pick any of the resolutions that are available, and download the subtitles in any language. And to top it all off, it lets you directly download the MP3 file.


Using Yout to download youtube videos is the most simple thing to do. Start by simply selecting the YouTube link, and then remove the letter “ube”.

After that, click ‘Enter’ & then the website will load the video, and make it ready to download in both MP3 and M4 formats. High-quality videos are only available for registered customers.


Besides being a platform that functions effectively FVLTO is a great tool for downloading videos. With it, you can download videos from YouTube in just a few seconds and then choose from different output formats like MP3 and MP4, AVI, etc. 

The process is easy, just paste the youtube video URL in the search box & choose the format you prefer and then click to convert. The video will be available for download in just a few seconds.


If you want to access YouTube videos while browsing other sites then KeepVid is for you. Once you bookmark your most frequently used URLs, you can quickly save a youtube video while watching it.

The tool is easy to use, even though it might require you to install the applet again, however, you can switch this option off and utilise it completely online.


ByClick Downloader is an extremely popular website to download videos and also offers advanced features, such as streaming playlists, live video and subtitles.

The software detects the videos that you are watching on your web browser and lets you download them by clicking.

It is very simple to use and fast to download videos. Also there is an option for downloading the movie while playing it in the browser. It supports file formats like HD, MP3, MP4, AVI, etc.


The Clip Converter is a no-cost online application for media conversion, that allows you to convert and download audio or video URL to standard formats. 

The currently supported services are YouTube (HD, 720p 1080p, 4K), Vimeo, Facebook Video, and many more. The special features of ClipConverter is screen recording, video conversion etc. 


First one on our list is BitDownloader, which is an internet-based tool for downloading videos & it allows users to download videos easily from a variety of sites, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram without any cost. 

Here you get MP4 conversion, support from cross-platform, high speed download without any limitation.

9. is a good alternative in this regard. It records the videos in HD & then converts them into MP3 and also works with many websites, including Vimeo, Facebook, CollegeHumor, and Tumblr. 

It has both Google Chrome and Firefox extensions that place a Download button on any video you are watching.

10. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter is one of the best tools that offers everything you need. With VideoProc Converter you can download video playlists, live videos and YouTube & Facebook videos. 

It is capable of preserving the original quality of the video’s even when you’re saving it in one of the many formats that it supports. If this isn’t sufficient for your needs, then you can save videos in 8K 4K, 1080p, or 720p!


2conv is also one of the best websites to save or download videos from YouTube. With 2conv, you can simply paste the link to the video and select the format from MP3 and MP4, as well as HD MP4 AVI and AVI HD.


Deturl website alters the URL of YouTube videos. It is easy to use, just take out the “www.” before the link, and then add “pwn.” and then press Enter. You’ll be redirected to a site where you can download the video in your preferred format.


Many people across the globe trust VDownloader for downloading YouTube or Vimeo videos. It is free to use, and lets users convert their videos to other formats.

It supports video in 4K and 8K resolutions. Additionally, for more features you can buy the premium version.

14. FetchVideo

FetchVideo also allows users to download youtube videos for free. Just paste the Youtube video URL in the search box and download the youtube video. FetchVideo uses a java applet for fast downloading or conversion.


Video Grabber is another excellent website that allows you to download YouTube videos on your PC. This online video downloader has a modern user interface and offers different formats. It also shows recent, amazing and popular videos on the homepage. 

16. Onlinevideoconverter

Onlinevideoconverter is an excellent choice for people who want to save youtube videos to their computers. To start with, just paste the youtube video URL in the search box and select the video format.

It also allows you to download audio files in MP3 format. Besides YouTube it also allows users to download videos from many other sites and social networks.


YooDownload is a comprehensive toolkit for downloading online videos from social networks. Using it, you can download videos from YouTube and many other social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

YooDownload also offers a built-in MP3 converter, and an easy to navigate UI besides being simple and easy. 

Hope you like this article. Let us know your favourite way and website to download youtube movies.

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