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Watch YouTube Together – 7 Best Possible Ways

Watch YouTube Together

Watching YouTube videos together with your friends and family is the best way for entertainment. Sometimes sharing something with friends and family can bring more joy and enjoyment.

So, this article is especially for those readers who like to watch YouTube videos with family and friends being far from each other.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best online platforms that allow you to hang out and watch YouTube videos together with your friends and family.

Best Websites to Watch YouTube Together

There are many websites and apps available in the market which can help you watch YouTube in a group at a time. Also, the best website and apps that allow users to watch youtube together must have a good user interface, simplicity, and safety. So, we have selected the 7 best websites to Watch YouTube Videos together.

1) Watch2gether

Watch2gether is the best website for watching movies and videos together with friends. There are many video streaming platforms where movies and web series are released.

So, this Watch2gether supports many video streaming websites like YouTube, Deeze, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, etc.

Here we can create rooms and join our family members and friends to watch interesting videos.

We don’t need to create an account and register on this website. Also, Google Chrome extension is available for this website, which makes browsing and creating a room easy. So, you have to try this website if you are interested to watch YouTube videos with friends.


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2) AndChill

AndChill is one of the best platforms for sharing the screen with friends while watching movies. The best feature of this website is that it allows you to watch YouTube videos with friends. 

AndChill offers you a unique viewing-interface that gives an excellent theatrical viewing experience. You have to click on the seat and book as we book the seats in a theatre.

And videos that you prefer can be added to the playlist by attaching the link from YouTube. The only negative of this online platform is that we cannot search YouTube videos directly from this website.


3) SyncPlay

Syncplay is an application for users that allows its users to create a room and join with friends to watch YouTube videos together. It is a simple application to be installed on your pc.

You have to create a room and name it correctly. Your members have to search the room and join it. You have to add videos from YouTube and store it into sync play. Well, it has enhanced security from TLS, and you don’t have to fear viruses and malware. 

The best thing why most people like this is that it supports Windows, Linux, and Mac too. So, you must try this software if you want to watch YouTube videos with your friends or anybody else.


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4) Sync Video

Sync video is one of the easiest ways to stream online a YouTube video with friends without signing-up or creating an account. Only you have to browse the web site, create a joining room, and choose a one-time customizable username. 

Well, you have to add the YouTube video link in the room as you cannot browse YouTube from this website. So, you have to paste the YouTube video link on the proper sidebar where the Invite Link option is available.

Also, this website is free to use, and you can invite members as much you want. This website is very famous and scores good ratings because of its simplicity. So, you must try this once, and we confirm you will fell in love with this website.


5) Discussion Bar

The discussion bar is not a website or software. It is just a Google Chrome extension that allows you to connect with your friends to watch YouTube videos together. So, it is only a social engagement tool on YouTube.

You have to sign in your Google Chrome browser and install this extension. You can easily add you, friends, to your created room to watch the YouTube video. There are two methods for connecting your friends to your room that share a link and accepting friend requests.

Here this extension also has quality settings and chat boxes to chat with your friends, which makes this hack better than its alternatives.

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6) Two Seven

Most of the users are unknown from this website. We want to clear that this website is useful for video sharing among friends.

You just need to create a free account to watch a YouTube video with friends in a private room. Whoever wants to join your room, he has to create an account on this website and search for your room.

Well, this website has an excellent feature that its alternatives never offer you. This website allows you to share your webcam and microphone.

It means you can have a video chat and talk with your friends when watching the YouTube video. So, you must try this website as it is free to use.


7) is a straightforward method to watch YouTube videos with friends together. To start the video-sharing from this website, you have to feed the YouTube URL into the empty field on the homepage, and the site creates a room automatically by choosing a username.

The dashboard of this website separated into tabs where you can see your room members and past videos played.

There is a chatbox situated in the dashboard for written conversation, but perhaps it is more useful if we can do audio chats.

Also, you can examine how much of the video your roommates have preloaded and watched, which help you to overcome any buffering issues.


8) Teamviewer

You and your friend both need to have the Teamviewer application installed. You can then connect to your friend’s computer and share the screen.

Finally, play the file you both want to watch together. If your internet is not fast enough, playing online might create trouble. So it’s better to download the video for offline play. If you are trying to download and play a YouTube video, then you must download and use Airy YouTube Downloader.

Once the video is downloaded, you can play the video and share the screen and watch the video together at the same time.



There are many other websites/apps for watching YouTube videos together with your friends and family. But we have researched and, after that, suggested you use these websites as these websites are safe to use.

We only suggest our readers when we first examine them. So, don’t hesitate, go to these websites and enjoy watching videos.

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