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Best iOS Emulators to Run iOS Apps on Windows Pc

Are you confused, how your iOS apps can work on your Windows PC, so you’ll need emulators? Well, it’s an effortless and convenient way to run your iOS apps on pc. You can make use of emulators to run any iPhone apps on your PC. 

An emulator is a simple software that allows you to run IOS apps on your pc. If you want to run your iPhone apps on Windows, then the emulator will act like an iOS system, and can access any iOS apps in your system without any query.

In this article, we have selected some of the most popular iOS emulators to run iOS apps on Windows PC.

Best iOS Emulators to Run iOS Apps

There are hundreds of emulators available on the internet, which allows you to run your iOS apps in your Windows. But what matters is quality and error-free. We all want our device to work well with no errors. So, we have selected some of the best iOS emulators to help you run your iOS apps in windows pc.

1. Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator is the best- and well-known iOS Emulator available on the internet today for Windows PCs. It is an Adobe Air application that enables iPhone apps to run on a PC directly. This software is known to imitate the graphical user interface of mobile in pc.

Air iPhone Emulator is available for free and supports all Windows versions. Air iPhone Emulator is becoming their favorite emulator among millions of users, only of its simplicity as well as user-friendly interface.

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2. MobiOne Studio

I Hope this software well knows iPhone users. So, I don’t need to clarify this software more. Mobione Studio is the best emulator software launched till now. 

Well, this software is popular among the developers. App developers love this software, as this software is one of their requirements to develop an iOS application.

Also, this software allows you to receive a notification like an iOS. This software is available for free on the internet. So, you can use this software easily just by downloading and installing on your pc.

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First, this is the best alternative for in the market. Users believe this software is better than allows you to develop both android and iOS applications on cloud storage.

Well, this software has one negative point that it is paid. For the first 100 seconds, you can use this for free, but after 100 minutes, you have to buy this software.

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4. Ipadian

Ipadian is a software emulator that allows you to run iOS apps and develop apps in Windows. It is an alternative to Smartface.

Ipadian offers many unique features like Siri, iMessenger, TvOS, and watch OS. Well, it will offer you so many features that you cannot even expect with any other emulator software available in the market. It has an immaculate and user-friendly interface, which makes this software use efficiently without any time loss.

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5. iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator can be your favourite emulator to run the iOS apps and games on your pc. Well, there is a great thing about this software that is available for free of cost.

You can make a clone of the iPhone in your pc which can run all the apps and games in Windows. Also, you will love this emulator because the graphics of this software are fantastic.

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MyEmulator is one of the recommended emulators to play iOS games in Windows pc without downloading them into your system.

The good thing of this emulator is that it supports SNES (Super Nintendo), NES (Nintendo), NDS (Nintendo DS), N64 (Nintendo 64), Gameboy (Gameboy Advance & Game Boy Colour), Genesis Sega (Mega Drive – 16 Bit) and Neo Geosystems. So, it can be best if you are looking for an emulator to play iOS games.

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7. Nintendo 3DS emulator

Nintendo 3Ds emulator is the most excellent emulator, which is a favourite of iOS users. This software has got thousands of reviews, which makes this emulator best than its alternatives.

For your clearance, the Nintendo 3Ds emulator is best for gaming. You will experience great playing games using this emulator. The demo version of the Nintendo 3Ds emulator is available for free, but you have to but the paid version, which costs only 4.99$.

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8. Xamarin Emulator

According to us, most iOS users do not know about this software. Xamarin can help you play games and run iOS apps on your pc without any bugs and lags.

This software is mostly preferred to play games on iOS on your pc. If you use this software, then it is confirmed that you are going to love this. So, this is one of the best emulators available in 2022 for free.

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9. iDOS emulator

iDOS emulator is considered as one of the best iOS emulators in the market as it works smoothly and gives you a seamless iOS experience on your Windows PC. It has a light, straightforward, and a clean UI, iDos offers reliable performance and graphics.

You can download this emulator on Google without paying a penny; It’s free of cost. The iDos emulator can be best for beginners. Well, it still functions smoothly; it is still not best on recommendations, but what if it is free. So, we can consider this as a good emulator.

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10. Ripple Emulator

Many users install this emulator to run iPhone apps and games on the Windows pc. Ripple emulator is another best iOS emulator for pc. This emulator allows you to run from iOS 1 to iOS 11 apps and games. Ripple emulator means you can use this emulator to run the latest iOS apps.

If you do not have any high specification pc, then this emulator is for you. Also, the graphics of this emulator is good as it works in low-end specs. So, don’t hesitate to use this software.

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11. Remoted iOS simulator

Xamarin develops this product. Primarily this software is used for testing. You can test or run your iOS apps and games on your pc using a remote iOS emulator. Well, this emulator doesn’t have premium features but can stand as per your needs.

 This software has a simple and easy UI, and you can easily navigate errors in your apps without any issue. Most developers use this as it can easily debug with a little assistance from Windows Visual Enterprise. So, it is also a good emulator.

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12. Smartface

Smartface is also an emulator that is very reliable to use and fulfils all the user requirements. Mostly the Smartface is used by developers to develop cross-platform iOS apps.

There are free and paid versions available in the market. So, according to features and your needs, you can choose the best plan for yourself. The paid package of this software starts from 99$, which is quite expensive but promises to offer you the best feature that other software cannot.

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13. Electric Mobile Studio

The electric mobile studio is another iPhone app emulator for Windows pc. This emulator software was downloaded by more than 0.2 million people.

0.2 million downloads for an emulator software is excellent, from which we can say this emulator stands in the list of the best emulators. The rating of this emulator is good. From this, it can be identified that Electric Mobile Studio is quite the best iPhone emulator for windows.

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14. Imame

Imame is also a good emulator available in the market. With this software, you can run iOS 9 and iOS 10 applications and games.

If you want to run apps and games on iOS 10, then you can feel this emulator better than others available in the market. Imame doesn’t offer you more features, but it is free to use and comes in the list of the best emulators available in the market.

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15. Testflight

TestFlight is an iOS emulator owned by Apple. Developers mostly use this emulator for the beta testing of their iOS apps and games with Xamarin. Testflight is known for the official recommendation from Apple for the testing of your iOS apps.

As Apple recommends, it is best to run apps on a pc. The main thing that makes this software best is that it is free of cost. Testflight has extensive documentation and supports apps for iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and iMessage.

Visit Xamarin TF

16. Happy Chick

Happy Chick is another best gaming emulator available in the market. I know most of the Apple users are unknown from this emulator. Well, this emulator also stands in the line of best gaming emulator.

Mostly this software is best for playing iOS games in pc. Happy Chick is downloaded millions of times and is recommended by thousands of satisfied users. So, if you are looking for playing iOS games, then it can be best for you.

Many people know this emulator as it offers to play the games of the 80s and 90s also.

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17. iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is a chrome extension that allows you to open all the iOS apps on your Windows. This is an entirely free emulator and helps you to develop and run iOS apps.

As this is an extension so this provides you with many premium features like Siri and many more. iPad simulator develops a virtual iPad on your desktop. An iPad simulator is the best emulator if you want cloud storage to work in.


These were the 17 best emulators available in the market in 2022. I hope you liked this article and hope you are clear to choose any one of the iOS Emulators.

All the emulators mentioned above are best and well-rated. Some of the emulators mentioned above are paid, and some are free, but all of them will help you to run iOS apps on your Windows pc.

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