15 Best Cracked Apk Sites or Cracked Apps Sites

There are 2.7 million apps available on Google Play Store. Some of them you can easily avail for free, while many are paid apps. Many people desperately want to purchase the paid or premium version of the apps but sometimes are short of cash.

Nowadays, getting any premium or paid app for free is an easy task as there are many cracked apps sites available to download cracked apps. However, not all cracked apps or cracked sites are safe and secure.

In order to simplify your task in searching the best cracked Apk sites, we have come up with the 15 best cracked apps sites or cracked apk sites.

So, if you are those who cannot afford to buy the paid or premium android apps can easily avail the benefits of these sites. Below mentioned are the most trusted and secured cracked Apk sites that provide free modded and cracked android apps. 

Best Cracked Apk Sites

1. Aptoide – Cracked App Site

The Aptoide store is one of the best and most popular website to download premium apk files for free. Users can get all the popular paid apps for free from this apps store. It is one of the best alternatives for the Google Play store.

Aptoide is also available on Android TV, smartphones, tablets and so on. It is one of the oldest stores available for android. You can easily download the Aptoide app on your phone and install apk files for free.



  • Built-in Apk Scanner
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Easy distribution of cracked apps.

2. Apk Pure – Cracked Apk Site

Apk Pure is another best cracked app sites which is very safe to use. It does not consist of any virus threats. It is a very popular site and is one of the best alternative to Google Play store.

Users can find any apps here with an option to choose between different versions as well. Apk Pure has many apps and games in their repository. You can utilize them to search for your favourite apps.



  • It consists of APKMirror wherein you can download an old version of the app
  • Very simple, unique and attractive design
  • All paid and free apps are available
  • Engaging comment section

3. APK4Free – Cracked Apk Site

APK4Free is the site that gives you lists of the latest version of any paid or free applications. This works great to download various applications and games.

APK4Free has been there for a very long time due to their regular update of apps. Users can get the latest updated applications on this site easily.



  • Premium or paid android applications are available for free
  • The user interface is easy and simple
  • Classified games and applications
  • Help section available for the convenience to download apps.

4. RevDL

RevDL is one of the well-known sites to download paid or premium cracked apk for android. This site allows you to download any paid application for android free of cost. They have hosted the site with Blogspot and a complete data server over a cloud hosting server.

Hence, the user can download the cracked apps conveniently from the site. The direct links facilitate for easy download of files. If the site does not work for some reason, you can access it with any free VPN available on the play store.



  • Download of any app or game is free 
  • Direct links available to download files


APKMB is designed to share android applications and games entirely free of cost. On this site, the user can run all kinds of games, fireworks, mobile applications and so on from android to your mobile device without any ads.



  • Easy to share the android apps and games for free

The process to download from APKMB

  • Download Cracked Apk
  • Download from Upload. cc(recommended)
  • Remove “Download Plugin” from the home page
  • Click “Download”
  • Files will start downloading 
  • Link to the APKMB Website

6. ReXdl

ReXdl is one of the popular sites to download cracked modded applications and games. There are multiple sites that provide improvised android applications without charging any money. ReXdl is one of the best ones on the list wherein the user can also download the free android apps pro versions.



  • Easy to download cracked modded apps and games
  • Free download of android pro apps

7. ModAPKDown

ModAPKDown is another best website for cracked android apps wherein you can get your favourite apps without paying a penny. The site is trusted, safe and secure.

Users can download the latest version of the best Android Mod apps and games apk in markdown on this site. The new version of the application is available. The best part of this site is that they have both original and modded paid applications.



  • Latest version of the app available due to its regular updates
  • Download cracked android apps for free
  • Cracked and original version of apps available
  • One-click OBB installer available for the convenience of the user to install apps outside of the Google store.
  • Easy download of cracked android games

8. ACMarket

ACMarket is a famous website with easy to use user interface. There are thousands of cracked applications and games to download on this site. ACMarket has an inbuilt application where the user can download cracked apk files of android apps directly.



  • Large collection of android applications and games
  • Direct download of the applications
  • Easy to use and attractive interface with clean design and smooth UI
  • Customization of the applications according to user’s preferences
  • High downloading speed

9. Apk Whale – Apk Site

Apk Whale is also one of the very good sites for cracked android apps and games used by many users. Users can download their cracked apps without any cost on this site.

The design and the navigation on this website are very simple and easy. There is also a separate category available for the premium or paid section.



  • All the applications and best mods available in Apk format
  • Simple and attractive user interface available
  • All applications have detailed information 
  • Applications are free of cost
  • Request or submit feature of new apps available

10. Blackmart Alpha – Cracked Apk Site

Blackmart Alpha is a very good alternative to the Google Play store for the Android system. There is no need for registration or account creation on this site and you can easily download any type of application both paid and free.

You can download many apps on this site like Vivo Video Pro, MX player pro apk, etc. The user interface is simple and easy to use.



  • Applications can be downloaded free of cost
  • Download of the full version of the application
  • Multi-language option available
  • Download the premium version of Apk for free
  • Quick application installation

11. iHackedit – Cracked Apk Site

iHackedit facilitates the user to check out the most trending online apk files and allows it to download easily without any cost. On this site, you can find the best premium apk android apps.

This site is very popular across the globe because of the different mods apk apps here ranging from android games, IOS, Xbox games, PS3, PS4, PC.



  • Download of best premium Apk android apps.
  • Free download of apps

12. GetApk – Apk Site

GetApk is another best site to download paid or premium apps on android without any cost. This site gives you apps to get paid apps for free from Google Play.

The best part of this site is that the user can find all versions of any type of app and easily download old versions of any app. However, many people uninstall this app just because of its not so good looking design.



  • Free and paid apps or games available 
  • Direct download of apk premium files.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.

13. APK4Fun – Apk Site

APK4Fun is an android Apk file capture service. You can download many free android apk files on this site that are easy to set up. The user can download paid apps for free on this site.

APK4Fun installs apk files on your android phones without any issue of malware or spyware threats. Hence, APK4Fun is preferred by many users.



  • Large collection of free and paid or premium cracked apps
  • Installed apps and games category available
  • Very high-speed download links from popular file hosting servers like Zippyshare and Rapidgator

14. Onhax

Onhax is one of the top-rated sites to download cracked apps for android. This site does not charge any cost for the download of cracked applications and it can be used to download premium files.

The website has strong security to prevent unauthorized changes and other threats. Unusual ads are the only problem with this site. However, you can use an Adblocker for that purpose.



  • Easy to use and simple interface
  • Apps with premium unlocking capabilities can be downloaded for free
  • The website is trusted and safe
  • Combination games available on the site

15. Cracked Apk

Cracked Apk is the most preferred site that facilitates the user to search the trending and easy to download apk files online without paying any amount.

Hence, there is no need for you to purchase or pay for any premium app in the store and you can avail any app that you require without spending money.


  • Easy download of apk files.
  • Free of cost download of various apps.

16. Happymod

Happymod is a great place to find mod apk versions of apps. The website organizes Android apps into categories like games, apps, popular mods, and top mods. Each category has different mod apk versions of different apps.

Some popular apps available on the site include Subway Surfers, Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, Lulu Box, TikTok, and Grand Theft Auto. However, remember that this website is only for Android users. If you see iOS versions online, they are fake.


  1. Apps are grouped into games, apps, popular mods, and more.
  2. Download apps without signing up.
  3. Works only on Android devices.
  4. Users can add their own modded apps and games.
  5. Mods are tested to ensure they’re safe and virus-free.


APKMB is one of the best sites for mod apk apps for Android today. It offers individuals the chance to download and install cracked apps, modded games, streaming apps like Media Lounge, PC Apps, and Top Paid Apps Pack.

There is no need to register for an account; you can go ahead and download unlimited apps using APKMB.

APKMB offers a variety of apps and games and if you’re looking for the latest modded version of a popular game or a premium app for free, you can find it here. Website is user-friendly, and it is easy to search and download APK files. 


  1. Offers cracked apps, modded games, streaming apps, PC apps, and top paid app packs.
  2. No limit on the number of apps you can download.
  3. Download apps without creating an account.
  4. Frequently updates with new apps and versions.
  5. Provides reliable and well-functioning modded apps.

18. Moddroid

Moddroid can be your one-stop site for APK mods, especially if you are into gaming. The site has a variety of gaming related APK files, so surely users can find something that best fits their interests. They also offer other apps that can bring extra entertainment, with Moddroid, your device becomes a powerhouse of fun, guaranteeing hours of endless enjoyment.


  1. Moddroid has many different mods, especially for games.
  2. With Moddroid, you’ll always have something fun to do on your device.
  3. It’s easy to find and download mods on Moddroid.
  4. Moddroid regularly adds new mods so you can always get the latest stuff.
  5. The mods on Moddroid work on lots of different devices.

These are some of the best and most popular cracked Apk sites or cracked Apps sites. Let us know your favourite cracked Apk site in the comment section.

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