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Top 5 Best Apps to Learn Programming

The world is moving deeper and deeper into the computer age, where technological innovations drive nations. Programming is at the center of this advancement in technology. Programmers are the ones who make the Internet beautiful and resourceful.

If you want to start coding or you want to improve your existing skills, there are multiple websites/apps to help you learn or become an expert. In this article, we have listed the 5 best apps to learn programming skills.

Apps to Learn Programming

1. Code With Udacity

As technology advances, so do programming languages. With Udacity, you can choose either to learn one of the popular programming languages or all of them. There are courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc. It’s always a good idea to learn as much as possible, giving special attention to the most recent at any time.

Unlike many other apps, the courses on Udacity are provided by leaders in the tech industry, including Cloudera, Google, MongoDB, and Facebook. The free courses cover the basics while the paid ones are more extensive.

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2. Code With SoloLearn

Instead of getting all the information you need from a single app, you can take advantage of all the SoloLearn apps as each one is created to teach you a specific programming language. In each app, there are sessions. Each session is made up of lessons, followed by quizzes aimed at determining if you understand what you learn.

You will be scored based on your answers to each question. There is an online leaderboard where you can post your scores and view the scores of others. If you’re a person who thrives in competitive environments, this app will be suitable for you to learn to code.

3. Code With Encode

That is an amazing app for beginners who don’t have prior knowledge of coding. The lessons are short, so you’ll not get overwhelmed with too much information at a time. It also allows you to fit the lessons into your busy schedule without getting into trouble with your boss or family. While it may appear like a simple app, it is interactive and insightful.

After each lesson, you will receive feedback from the app about your progress. As you progress, you’ll move from the beginner to the advanced stage of programming. While the app is available on Android devices, it is not currently available on iOS devices. So, if you have an Android phone or tablet, you can start coding with Encode.

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4. Code With Tynker

Tynker is another amazing app for coding. It simplifies coding so much that young people can use it to learn to program without help from older people. However, this doesn’t mean that it cannot be used by people of all ages. Anyone interested in coding can use this app.

It allows users to build apps after learning the basics of coding. That allows them to experiment using visual blocks as they build apps.

5. Programming Hub

The last app on this list is ideal for someone who wants to learn all the important programming languages of the 21st century. You’ll be allowed to create simple apps during the learning process, taking advantage of about 17 programing languages and 1800 programs.

Each programming language has a collection of resources. When you’re having difficulties, you can contact one of the programmers from the platform and ask for help.

Many other apps can help you learn how to code without leaving the comfort of your home or quitting your job. However, these are the top five apps to get better at programming.