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Top Paying AWS Certifications
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Top Paying AWS Certifications

Starting as a book-selling and distributing website, Amazon has grown into this colossus of a company with sales literally all around the globe, and the company owes much of its expansion to its ultra-popular cloud service, Amazon Web Services, or AWS in short.

Once again, like the parent company itself, AWS was founded merely as a side source of revenue in 2006. However, it went on to become the largest and most successful cloud infrastructure in the world, with more than 30% of the market share which puts it above tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and IBM

Companies took to using AWS one after the other, as the news of its many services, like big data storage and analytics, data backup and recovery, customized project options in fields of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, spread like wildfire.

Upon successful integration of AWS services, companies enjoyed higher efficiency in running operations, meeting economies of scale became easy, functions became faster and smoother, more was done in less cost and all of this was done in air-tight security both online and offline. 

As cloud computing became one of the most critical technological support for businesses, there arose a need for core competency and skills to design and manage the software solutions that the clouds offer. Replying to the market’s call, Amazon extended its services to a certification program in AWS in the spring of 2013. This self-scheduled certification requires about 80-120 hours of thorough preparation, which means 2.5-3 months while holding a full-time or part-time job.

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In the last six years, as demand for in-house cloud services increased, individuals with AWS certification got lucrative opportunities in front of them, thanks to their newly acquired set of knowledge and skills. Each of these job offers also came with top-tier salaries. 

Amazon offers training for its cloud computing services in both associate and professional level for architects, developers, systems operators, and administrators alike. Here are some of the top-paying AWS Certifications that one can specialize in. 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

The Associate level certification in Solutions Architecture of AWS, upon completion, earns an average salary of $130,883 in the USA and Canada, as per the 2019 IT Skills and Salary Survey by Global Knowledge. Once an IT professional passes the associate level, they can go on to do the professional level if needed, since it obviously earns a higher pay package because of advanced knowledge. Approximately $148,456 is the average salary for professional-level AWS solutions architects in the USA and Canada area. 

AWS Certified Developer

AWS certification for developers, which is one of the most popular IT certification courses around the world, can get a professional a pay package as high as $130,610, but it also has a few prerequisites for the same. One has to have prior and proper knowledge of the basics of AWS services, code writing for optimization, code-level application security and know-how of software development kits (SDKs) to communicate with services from one’s own application. 

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AWS SysOps Administrator

AWS SysOps Administrator certification imparts explicit knowledge in deployment, management, and operations on AWS. It requires basic technical know-how of implementation and controlling of data flow to and from AWS, migrating on-premises apps to AWS and identifying operational cost control mechanisms. The average salary after completion of this certification is similar to that of a developer, around $130,610 in good companies. 

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineering by AWS is the combined professional certification of Developers and SysOps administrators who clear the associate level. One must hold either one of these two associate-level certifications before enrolling for DevOps Engineering.

Very few IT professionals actually go for this one, and as a result, it is a highly specialized and in-demand position to hold. After professional level Solutions Architect certification, this is the one that brings the highest salaries to the pockets. An average salary of $137,724 is the current pay package associated with DevOps Engineer certification.

Since it is a high-level, knowledge and experience intensive certification, it requires an understanding of a few core concepts like delivery systems and methodologies of AWS and how to implement and manage them, automation of operational processes and security protocols and governance. 

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