AR/VR – The Redefining Forces of the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has evolved exponentially over the decades. Who would have thought that the mobile games will be as awesome as PUBG at the time of Nokia mobile games where the snake and dot game was the best game for us.

The consoles have gone from Dual Shock, in which you have to buy an extra remote to play together with your friends or family members to online multiplayer gaming where you can play the game with anyone, from anywhere and at any time. As technology kept on growing, the gaming industry has always followed in its footsteps. 

This industry started with the 1972 game pong and now, the game market is expected to hit $180.1 Billion in revenues in 2021.

Gaming industry market

In the above table, the highest growth is of mobile games. Mobile devices are portable and therefore a person can play the game anytime and anywhere. 

Gaming Industry has always followed and implemented the new technology. It never stops to surprise us. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the latest entry in the gaming industry. Both AR/VR changed the way how games look and feel. They have completely changed the definition of gaming.

Games are no longer a thing that we can just see. Now you can be in the game and you can completely feel it. Let’s see how AR & VR are redefining the gaming world. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a bewildering experience we never thought we could witness.

While it has already taken over most of the industries, the Gaming sector is cherishing it the most. Developers and mobile game development company are now focusing on the fantasy game development, aiming to unveil the curtains between virtuality and reality.

The best example of Augmented Reality is Pokemon Go. The game came as a revolution and it totally changed how we imagined mobile games.

The game also holds a Guinness World Record for earning the highest ever revenue that a mobile game has earned in its first month.

Augmented Reality is an incredible technology that has the capability to turn our wooden doors into magic chambers.

1. Rapid Growth of Gaming:

Augmented Reality has taken a big leap from Snapchat face filters to be a tool that can deliver the ultimate gaming experience to the users.

It creates an environment where the user is the hero and psychologically, this factor is so addictive that the user will never get bored with this thing.

Augmented Reality in the gaming sector will still race forward and make our gaming experience even more ecstatic.

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2. Develop Appealing Games: 

Augmented Reality enhances the real world by transforming it into a virtual world and therefore by just pointing their smartphones in front, the users take a leap into the game to have the ultimate experience.

It creates a thrilling and engaging experience for the users which they can personally experience as they are the main hero of the game.

You don’t have to worry about what the game’s environment should look like, as you get a ready-made environment when you choose to develop an AR game, and that is the real world. The real world is the environment of the game. 

3. Replacing Traditional Gaming: 

Gaming without Augmented Reality is limited to 2D and 3D. Being a fairly new concept, what we see of Augmented Reality is just a piece of the fragment and there are endless possibilities waiting to be explored.

Who will want to control the character using the remote or mobile, when you can be the real character of the game. This way the game becomes so involving and personal, that the user cannot get enough of it. 

Virtual Reality

Rather than adding the virtual characters and objects in the real world. Virtual Reality uses the virtual headset to teleport you into the virtual world.

By wearing the VR glasses, you can enter the virtual world, and now wherever you see or turn, you will see the virtual objects, characters, and environment. 

Get ready for Real Life Jumanji!

Let’s have a look at how Virtual Reality is changing the Gaming Industry

1. More Immersive Games

Let’s take a cricket game for example. You have two options, one is a simple cricket game that offers you the left and right button to move the player, and three other buttons to hit the ball.

The second is a VR cricket game in which as soon as you wear the VR glasses, you will be teleported to the Cricket stadium where you can play by moving the joystick, which you will choose. 

In this way, Virtual reality completely changes how the world imagined gaming to be. 

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2. More focus on the environment

In Virtual reality, the controls have less importance and the importance is shifted to seeing and exploring the world. This way the users are not only playing the game, but they are also feeling the game.

3. A different way to play

VR offers a different way to play games. It is more focused on making players feel the game. Remember how Touchscreen games replaced the keypad games, in the same way, by being more interactive and fun. VR games are all set to change the way how we used to play games.


The success of AR/VR games indicates how powerful these technologies are and slowly and gradually, the share of AR/VR games revenue is increasing in the gaming industry revenue.

This shows how impactful they are and within a decade or so, they will surely take over all the other mediums in the gaming industry.

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