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How is AI Changing the Indian Education
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How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Indian Education Sector?

AI has been in the technical sphere for a long time now and has occupied the center stage. Today, AI is no more confined to Sci-fi movies like- Star Wars but is being immensely used by the human race as well. Its extensive usage can be owed to the progress the technology has made over the years and now has become an indispensable & inevitable component of our lives.

We’re surrounded by AI devices everywhere, be it smart voice assistants or chatbots that we encounter across diversified platforms. All of these are evitable proof that AI has penetrated in many walks of our life. The technological advancements over the last decade have allowed large data storage supported by high computational ability.

In today’s time, AI holds the highest potential of creating an impact in the education sector. A team of online market analysts predicts that on a global level AI in the education industry is expected to grow with a CAGR of over 43% by the year 2022.

Some factors that are driving this rapid growth include- the increased demand for AI-based solutions. This industry is already witnessing the increased number of investments for catering to the demand for cost-effective and efficient teaching approaches in the technology.

Factors Driving Increased Adoption of AI 

As per a discussion paper released by Niti Aayog in the year 2018. It states that the education industry is one of the top-most priority areas where AI could intervene. The report states that AI can easily cure issues pertaining to quality and access to the stated technology. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has recently partnered with a tech giant for introducing AI  as a subject elective to the students in the classes 9-12. 

The ever-changing Indian education ecosystem and its growing demand for intelligent and interactive human-computer storing systems are laying the foundation for creating a sustainable AI startup in the country. Most of the schools have now started offering AI-based project assignments to their students. 

In the coming time, AI can be a key transformer for the education sector as it can bring in major disruptions in the methodologies followed for teaching and learning, thus, ultimately enhancing the student-faculty experiences.

So, here are some ways in which AI can change the landscape of the education industry-

1) Automated Grading

Grading of tests and exam papers are tedious tasks as well as time-consuming. However, an AI-enabled system helps in auto-grading various question types. This might help teachers to save a lot of time and this grading approach can be used by the teachers for interacting with the students.

2) Providing Actionable Feedback

With the deployment of AI, teachers can gain precise actionable data of the student performance. This can be very beneficial for the teaching staff to identify the learning gaps that a student might have. Post-identification of these learning gaps, teachers can provide the students with the required help and assistance for succeeding in academics.

3) Adopting Student Needs

AI holds great significance when it comes to personalized learning. New adaptive learning programs, games, and software are coming up these days. All of these systems respond to the needs of students, emphasizing significantly on certain topics, provide repeated learning on topics that students haven’t understood well and also helping the students to learn at their own pace.

4) Changing the Students’ Learning Curve

By deploying the use of AI systems, software, and support, students can learn from anywhere in the world at any instance of time. With these programs taking over the traditional classroom instructions, AI might just be replacing the teaching staff for some use-cases.

AI-driven educational programs have been helping the students to learn basic skills. With the growth in these programs, more services are likely to be offered for enhancing the learning curve of  students.

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