Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – Its Impact on Humans in 2051

Artificial Intelligence is the Process which was Programmed/trained by humans to the machines, to perform certain tasks which generally require human intelligence. 

These machines are termed as Smart Machines after integrating Intelligent Computer Programs into them with the applications of Science and Engineering.

Due to the heavy developments of these Smart Machines, this Artificial Intelligence application has already started and came into existence for human experience.

To Note Some Applications which are creating a better experience for humans in 2021 are specified as :

  • Self Driving Cars 
  • Smart Assistants like Siri & Alexa
  • Email Spam Filters
  • Recommendations of Netflix

Considering these Technological Advancements, Now we will have a look at the Artificial Intelligence Impact on Humans especially in the year 2051.

This Article Clearly Explains the Artificial Intelligence Impact on various Fields like Agriculture, Banking Sector, Business, Education Sector, Health Sector & Industrialization etc.

1. Agriculture:

Agriculture is the Main backbone for any Country’s Economy and it is directly related to the GDP Growth of the Country.

Right from Soil Testing to Crop Sale, each & every aspect is expected to be monitored by Programming Logics.  All the areas of Agriculture like Soil Management, Pest Management, Disease Management , Weed Management,Fertilizer Management, Post Harvest Management like Crop Storage Conditions and its Market Predictability based on the previous  year data.

All the above factors are programmed to the Bots and with the help of the Past Crop Data based on different environmental Conditions.

Needless to say that with the current development of Drone technology, we are very much confident to say that Future Agriculture will be having only 20% Human Intervention and 80% would be Machine Work. 

We will be surprised, that we get the notifications to the farmer, based on the Soil type & the Environment Conditions to select the particular suggested Crop and during the crop management all the Fertilizers are automatically suggested and sprayed with the help of drone technology and the Crop Storage & Marketing is done with the help of Robots as per the Predefined Controllers.

Even with this heavy advancements in the year 2051, if humans are not ready to intervene and involve in agriculture at least 20%, then we should be eating the Vitamins & Mineral Tablets replaced with the food, when we are Appetite.

2. Banking:

Banking Sector is one of the crucial sectors which is linked directly with human life in all daily activities. 

Robo Advisors will Prevail slowly over the time for real time Identification of the Customers and Prevention of Fraud in the Digital Banking space. Robots will take over the Stringent Measures in order to the Protect the Data Privacy in terms of Cyber security for using the AI in Banking.

Robo Assistants will make their space for only repetitive tasks like Opening the Bank Accounts and Customer Support like answer the Queries etc

As the Banking sector is more sensitive in nature, we cannot claim the 100% Usage of AI compared with other sectors as it is highly regulated and the Application of AI will only be limited to Security & Data Privacy.

In 2051, Paper Currencies will get eliminated to Digital/Cryptocurrencies and the AI usage will be applicable for Security concerns.

3. Education Sector:

Education Sector is the Primary sector and most needed sector which enhances the Authority of the Country as the main deciding factor for any country would be based on its Literacy Rate.

The application of AI algorithms and systems in education are gaining increased interest year by year. As education evolves, researchers are trying to apply advanced AI techniques, i.e., deep learning, data mining, to deal with complex issues and customize teaching methods for individual students.

In the Continuing Process of Designing the Curriculum, Teaching Methods, and Exam Evaluation will be done by Robots which was highly programmed in terms of the schooling Mindset which will have a chance of Avoiding the Schools in Modern Education System.

In the year 2051, every house will have a Personal Robot which will become Mandatory in order to operate the daily functionalities and they will aid the teaching subjects to the children inside the home. No Schooling exams were conducted and only Robot Evaluation reports will decide the future of the Students.

Every student will have 100% flexibility inorder to learn the subject irrespective of the stream he/she is in. Only based on the Practical Subject Ability, Students knowledge is estimated and be promoted to further classes ie., the Robo Classes at Home at their own comfort.

4. Health Sector:

In the Year 2051, the LifeSpan of the Human gets decreases.With the Advent use of AI built machines in the daily routine & with no proper work out health issues affect a lot.

As Population gets Tripled by 2051, Global Carbon emission rises tremendously and due to this, the Air Quality Decreases and creates the Respiratory diseases for the Humans.

We may be Astonished, if we carry Air Purifier Masks daily.

Diagnosing the Treatments/ Operating the Surgeries will be done by the Bots as per the Manual Instructions.

All the Above Sectors are Interlinked with Each other as one Industry suffers, it affects the overall other sectors in an Indirect way. While Artificial Intelligence will be the main part of our lives in 2051, it creates a change in human lives and it becomes a change with reacting to the factors externally.

5. Business Sector: 

Any business Industry which we encounter daily in our routine life have Human & Machine. Service sectors like Hotels/Restaurants will be fully equipped with AI Integrated machines where Menu is Ordered to the Bots and Food is Served by Bots to the Customers.

Infact Food is also Prepared by the Bots as we fix the Complete Ingredients and the Process in the Programming as it is a repetitive task.

In Fact in the Cab Service Industry, where the Cars will be Auto Driven and Can be Regulated by the Customer Inside the Car through Voice – Assistant Commands  like Start , Stop & Open etc. 

In the Online Business Industry, all the deliveries will be delivered by the Drone and in fact ordered by Bots. All the Warehouse Activities in the Ecommerce Industry will be Machine Oriented which reduces the time to 7 times.

The task completed by a human in one week can be completed by the AI Integrated Machine in One day and this enhances the Business Operations which reflects the Overall Revenue & Profits Generated. 

To Analyse the Technology Changes externally and how it affects your career, a lot of knowledge resources and a lot of career Oriented Artificial Intelligence Courses are available where one can access it and get trained from them and get ready for the future.

To Note some Point:

We can create a special Human Bot as we want – its face,body,language,expressions,mindset etc and we can spend the whole time with the human made bot and treat them like Friend and we can discuss all the daily activities and ask their decisions.

If the Stem Cell experiment succeeds, the Ageing process slows down and then everybody looks younger.

Finally Artificial Intelligence(AI) creates a CHANGE & becomes the CHANGE.

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