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Artificial Intelligence the next Marketing Revolution?

2018 was a great year for Artificial Intelligence. Almost every manufacturer of cloud and IT solutions has created its own version of Artificial Intelligence and now they are more focused on marketing.

Artificial Intelligence is already present in economics, medical and retail domains. But it is also found in several software applications, particularly in the area of ​​marketing, an area that is being shaped to a large extent by this technology.

Facebook, IBM, Amazon, Dell, HPE, Google and Oracle, all of them and many more have Artificial Intelligence platforms, and their interest is focused on digital marketing and customer experience. The idea behind this new trend is to make digital marketing generate the user experiences that the customer is looking for.

Through Artificial Intelligence, it is thought that digital marketing tools become an automated means to carry out the conversion process of the client through the use of the data collected from each person, to provide the necessary experience to achieve the sale.

How to do it?

The experience can range from discount coupons to loyalty programs that reward travel or free products. 

Now, although this type of compensation or gifts are already in use, applying AI to marketing will make these activities automated and much more personalized.

With this, it is expected that the conversion rates of potential customers will increase significantly as the machines learn from the tastes and hobbies of new customers and design business strategies which are attractive and irresistible. 

This will free those who are currently engaged in marketing activities from the whole tedious part of setting up, feeding and maintaining digital campaigns, allowing them to focus on more specific topics such as the management of the brand’s global strategy and the analysis of the market and the competition. 

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Artificial Intelligence in charge

The Artificial Intelligence will be in charge of operating the campaigns and of maintaining a close contact with the client, reporting to the manager of the strategy that new leads have been generated and which clients are in the conversion stage. All this in real time, which allows running the campaign more effectively.

In summary, the use of the Cloud, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence platforms will cause a revolution in the effectiveness of digital marketing.