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7 Best Apps to Receive Security on Your Android Device

Best Apps to Receive Security

Keeping your smartphone secure is a challenge in recent times. The amount of private information in text messages, photos, videos, contacts, and apps is uncanny. If anyone were to gain access to them, you’d probably go bonkers!

This is why security has become a hot topic as of late when discussing apps available on the Android platform. The last thing you ever want to happen is to lose your data or constantly worry about your information falling into the wrong hands.

Nowadays, a savvy attacker wouldn’t even need physical access to your device to leech information. So, how do you stay protected? Well, here is a list of the 7 best apps for leveraging strong security on your Android device:

1) Virtual Private Network (VPN) Apps

VPNs have many use-cases for Android devices. They keep your identity hidden online, allow for location-shifting to bypass geo-restrictions, and even unblock VoD services like Netflix US anywhere in the world.

They are vital to your digital anonymity and protect you from the prying eyes of governments and cybercriminals. Try signing up with Surfshark or PureVPN to avail all that VPN technology has to offer!

2) Applock by DoMobile Lab

As the name implies, Applock gives users the ability to lock third-party applications on Android. You can keep your social media, messaging, phone, and gallery apps under lock and key.

It prevents unauthorized individuals like fidgety kids, nosy roommates, and overprotective parents from accessing your data. To enjoy it to the fullest, get the premium ad-free version.

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3) Find My Device by Google

Previously known as “Android Device Manager,” the newly designed Find My Device still does the same thing. It tracks the location of your phone and plays sounds for easy finding.

If your phone happens to get lost or stolen, Find My Device can also remotely lock it and erase your data. The app is entirely free, with no advertising or in-app purchases.

4) Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security is the bane of viruses, malware, and spyware. With a single tap, the antivirus engine scans and eliminates dangerous/infections apps to boost your security and protection.

If you go for the premium version, you can even remove ads, access the app locking feature, and other advanced features like camera trap, SIM security, junk cleaner, and photo vault.

5) Firefox Focus

Are you tired of continually accessing the incognito mode? Looking for a simpler solution? Firefox Focus is a privacy browser that is always in PRIVATE BROWSING mode, keeping your history hidden.

It also provides the added incentive for removing trackers and advertising, so that websites can’t see you or log your activities/clicks. The app is entirely free, with no advertising or in-app purchases.

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6) LastPass

With the number of apps and websites now available for different services, you are constantly juggling between creating new passwords and remembering the old ones to log into your accounts.

LastPass is the best password manager for storing all your site passwords, PINs, and other sensitive info for quick recall. If you go for the pro version, you leverage more incentives.

7) Bouncer

App permissions are quite a slippery slope, particularly for Android devices. Any software could demand access to your contacts, photos, videos, microphone, etc., despite not NEEDING IT!

Bouncer presents itself as a solution for managing app permissions. Sure, the Android Q is improving on the managing of these permissions, but Bouncer is way more convenient and effective.

Wrapping Things Up

Dependency over smartphones is increasing as we progress into a new era of technologies. We store tons of valuable personal and professional data on these devices. So, should we not be careful about leveraging better security too?

This guide’s primary focus was to alert users that their security is at risk of getting into the wrong hands. If you want to prevent your phone data from getting lost or stolen, do consider checking out these 7 apps for complete Android protection.

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