Best Artificial Intelligence Startups in India
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Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Startups in India

In Today’s Era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a critical tool for many businesses. The artificial intelligence company that you choose to must develop a solution, as per your business requirements or goals. To ease the pressure down, We have curated a list of best Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-ups in India that provides exemplary AI solutions.

The Indian AI start-ups space is booming and now encompasses various roads such as retail, computer vision, audio production, self-driving, and innovating e-commerce platforms. Here is the list of  Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in India


Chatbots are global these days. From many of the businesses to the research lab, they have become an integral part of an Organization’s approach. is the world’s largest familiar AI platform. The company was launched back in 2013 as a one-stop app for all everyday tasks.

In 2018, the Haptik company entered into a partnership with The Amazon AWS. This partnership will enable the other company to incorporate with Amazon AWS’s AI tools, cloud offering, and advanced database framework. The global clientele of these companies is as Amazon Pay, Coca Cola, and Samsung.

2. Daily Hunt

Daily Hunt is an India-based news application that curates daily updates and news in multiple regional languages. The platform allows users to browse select preferred language, photos, and videos, set text-size and background, discover news from national to regional, among others and share news feed with family and friends on social media.

The application is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS devices. As of September 2019, the languages in which the content is offered include English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Bangla, Marathi, Urdu, Gujarati, Oriya, and Punjabi.

3. Deepsync

Deepsync company is founded in December 2018, Deepsync was started to create Artificial Intelligence that augments human potential and not just industrializes them. It is now totally changing audio production with the use of AI.

Deepsync’s technology supports all most preferred Indian languages and they create new content in near real-time updates.

4. Comsense

Comsense company is founded in 2014 by a team of ex-IBMer. It has been grown into a Global Marketing Technology in a relatively short span. With a state of the art development centre based in Pune and the offices in the US, South Africa, Germany, and Singapore, they are enabling businesses to use perceptive technology to do better data-driven marketing.

Their flagship AI product is the DataSense felicitates bi-directional exchange of data between the organization’s legacy application’s data sources and the Marketing Automation Platform.

5. playing the role of a virtual agent that does end to end online transactions for you in several domains. Niki uses AI to make and book payments after taking a few contributions from the users.

Booking Movie Tickets, Bus Booking, Household Bills, Event Booking, etc. Niki.AI was founded in 2015. The company’s main product is based on a shopping chatbot and assistant. It also helps in programming things like Phone Recharges, Online Ordering, and Payments. The intelligent chatbot is available on iOS, Android, and Facebook Messenger as well.

6. Infilect

This company is based in Bengaluru. Every retail brand in the world has so far relied on Point of Sale data from trade outlets to understand their marketing and sales performance. Infilect provides a digital survey for every brand to know exactly what is happening in every retail outlet for AI.

The Founding Team: It was founded in 2015 by Vijay Gabale and Anand Prabhu Subramanian.

7. CropIn

The agriculture sector is similar to Indian values. It is an integral part of the country. CropIn, is a Bengaluru based start-up, provides a glimpse into the future of the agriculture sector. It is an Intelligent Intuitive and self-evolving system. CropIn has provided Interpretation, Geographical Analysis, and insight knowledge.

8. Marax

Marax is the world’s first privacy and first discount optimization platform in the market. It works by assigning just the right discount to each user to bump them near completing a business by using anonymized data.

Marax is founded in 2016, Marax AI has the sole assignment of solving queries of consumer internet business. The Founding Team: It was founded by Prateek Gupta, Raman Shrivastava, and Sumant US.

9. DeepSight Labs

DeepSight Labs was founded in 2018, This company aims to come up with a way for Artificial Intelligence to solve the safety and security problems.

It is being used in verticals such as e-surveillance, banking, smart cities, retail, oil & gas, media, transportation, and others.

10. Signzy

The Signzy offers digital onboarding solutions for NBFCs, banks, and other financial institutions. Their Artificial Intelligence product solution focuses on two major areas. With years of experience and R&D into their computer vision tools, Signzy has been able to recognize documents and detect fake.

Signzy was founded in 2015. This company is inspired by the founders of experiences of dealing with banks and individuals and companies.

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