20 Best Data Visualization Tools

Data visualization tools are used for creating visual representations of large data sets. These tools provide thousands or millions of data, and the procedure of data visualization makes the developer’s job significantly easy.

Data visualization can be used for various purposes that include annual reports, dashboards, investor slide decks, sales, and marketing reports.

Most of the visualization tools come with some standard features. The best data visualization tools handle a massive set of data in a single visualization.

These tools can give output in various charts, graphs, and map types. Most of the tools give output in interactive graphs and images.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 20 free data visualization tools that are available today. 

Top 20 Best Data Visualization Tools for 2020

1) D3.js

It is one of the best data visualization tools that give developers the capability of creating the most complex graphs and charts. This data visualization tool is also known as D3.

This tool works with open web technologies such as CSS, HTML, and SVG.

If you are concerned about cross-platform support then this tool is an excellent choice. This tool is developed for modern browsers, and it does not work on browsers before IE9.

If you choose this free data visualization tool, then you may have to give some time over it to learn D3 API. 

2) Tableau Public

Tableau Public is free for 1 month and easy to use. This tool is preferred for the non-developer audience, as it comes with an arsenal of graphs, maps, and charts.

This free version connects a big footer of Tableau branding in the generated charts. So, if you are not ok with it, then you have to pay to get a cleaner and brand-free version of Tableau Public data visualization tool. 

3) FusionCharts

It is another one of the best data visualization tools that have a collection of more than 90 charts and over 960 maps.

FusionCharts can serve the complete range of requirements of personal data visualization experts and developers. This tool supports the ancient IE6. This tool efficiently works with both XML and JSON data formats. 

4) Google Charts

It is one of the most popular free data visualization tools. It is the best choice for you if you work with Google Sheets or Google Docs.

Google docs charts are also available as a free web application that offers a wide range of charts. Most web browsers support this tool.

It is a user-friendly platform that covers a wide range of data visualization types that include bar graphs, simple lines, etc. 

5) Charted

This data visualization tool provides one of the cleanest user interfaces among the other charting tools. This data visualization tool is extremely easy to use.

You have to upload a CSV file or a Google Sheets link to generate a chart. With this data visualization tool, you can refresh the chart every 30 minutes to keep your data up-to-date.

6) Datawrapper

This is also one of the best visualization tools available today. This tool is easy to use if you want to plot interactive charts. You need to upload your data via CSV file and then choose the chart that you want to plan.

Among journalists, this is a popular data visualization tool as they use this tool to embed live charts into their news articles. Most of the non-techie peoples also choose this data visualization tool. 

7) Highcharts

This data visualization tool works with any server stack or back-end database. This data visualization tool is only free for non-commercial usage, though it comes with flexible license pricing.

One of the advantages of this tool is that the source code of this free data visualization tool is downloadable and offers 100% customization with minimum code knowledge.

This tool also supports most of the popular languages, and it has a framework for added coding customization. 

8) Flot

It is also among free data visualization tools that provide very elegant graphs and charts. This tool is easy to handle.

This data visualization tool supports advanced user-interactions such as planning, resizing, zooming, switching of data, and many more.

It has a wide variety of user-credited plugins that are available from new plot types to advanced labels and from the community of everything. 

9) Dygraphs

Daygraphs work as a JavaScript charting library that supports panning, zooming, and other mouseover actions. This data visualization tool handles and interprets profound data sets with efficiency.

This data visualization tool permits ancient browsers like IE8 without any issues. This tool helps error bars and confidence intervals that are suitable for data-minded looking for diving deeper into the enormous chunks of data. 

10) Domo

This is another one of the most popular data visualization tools that take data analytics to the next level by assembling seven enterprise-scale systems. This tool connects multiple sources of data and delivers them at high speed.

This free data visualization tool also prepares and visualizes code through the usage of custom applications, the artificial intelligence tool. The best part of this tool is very easy to port over current systems and architectures. 

11) Raw

This data visualization tool bridges the distance between vector graphics and spreadsheets. It is built on D3.js platform

If you are not a programmer, then Raw is the perfect choice for you. This data visualization tool offers a selection of 16 chart types.

Customization is one of the best advantages of this data visualization tool, and it allows your custom layouts. 

12) TimelineJS

This is one of the best data visualization tools, which is an excellent tool for creating visually rich timelines without having to write code. Popular sites like Radiolab and TIME frequently use this tool.

This data visualization tool has built-in API support that is compatible with multiple data sources such as Twitter, Wikipedia, Vine, Google Maps, and YouTube. 

13) Polymaps

This data visualization tool is ideal for creating cartographical data visualizations. This tool pulls in data from Bing, OpenStreetMap, and other map image providers.

Both the image and vector-based maps of this data visualization tool is stunning. Polymaps is also one of the popular free data visualization tools. 

14) Google Data Studio

It is also one of the best data visualization tools that are an extension of Google Charts. This data visualization tool provides further functionalities creating full reports on analytics.

These reports are customizable and trackable via Google Analytics. This tool integrates with other products of Google, such as Google Cloud Storage, Google Sheets. 

15) MyHeatMap

This is another one of the popular free data visualization tools that makes it possible to view geographic data interactively.

This free data visualization tool allows users to create Public maps with a maximum of twenty data points, which is very less.

This data visualization tool outputs colour-coded heat maps that are extremely easy for targeting the audience to understand. 

16) iDashboards

This is another free data visualization tool. It helps to minimize the time and resources that are needed to shift through data and to combat data from databases, spreadsheets, and web APIs into an individual automated dashboard. This data visualization tool also emphasizes its intuitional design to grasp the basics of this free tool. 

17) Klipfolio

It is one of the tools that is entirely usable without any coding knowledge. This tool includes the capability of injecting custom HTML scripts into your dashboard.

This tool provides hassle-free data connections from files, spreadsheets, and databases that are supported with pre-built templates. You also get additional functionalities for client management with this tool. 

18) Qlik Sense

This is a free data visualization tool that works on an associative engine. This tool combines its existing associative engine with a multi-cloud architecture and robust augmented intelligence.

This data visualization tool allows users to go further with data through conversational analytics and AI-powered insight suggestions. 

19) Zoho analytics

It is one of the popular free data visualization tools that specialize in creating insightful dashboards and beautiful visualizations within a short time.

This tool also makes visualizations easy by offering assistance by Zia. Zia is the proprietary artificial intelligence assistant of Zoho analytics. 

20) Leaflet

It is another popular data visualization tool that specializes in responsive, interactive, and mobile-friendly maps. This free data visualization tool is easy to use for beginners, and it works fine on multiple platforms. 

This list of twenty data visualization tools helps you in choosing one that fulfills your analytical requirements. 

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