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Best Free Android Apps for Kids: Play, Learn & Educate your Kids

Android Apps for Kids

Cell phones, tablets and laptops are quite expensive. However, you cannot keep your child away from them for long. Smart devices are now a part of life for children. They let them stay in touch with the outside world and the parents can keep track of them. 

For some, cell phone or tablet is the sign of status in their social circle and Combine it with the infotainment various mobile apps offer; it has become a necessity for the same. 

Just make sure that you monitor the social media activities of your kids. Social networking platforms contain both good and bad. And your child may not be in a position to filter the good things.

Top Free Android Apps for Kids

One can never deny the amazing opportunities android apps bring to children of all ages. However, choosing the good ones from among the vast array of options is daunting as a parent. Here are a few for your consideration.

1. Pokémon Go

The game is designed for those above 13 years of age. However, you can create an account if you want your child to enjoy the fun.

There are thousands of levels of games and the reward that each offer is sure to tempt your kids. Combine it with the regular updates.

The game is a must-have in a kid’s Smartphone. Beware of the strange locations the app may ask your kid to visit. This does carry a safety risk. Be alert to privacy concerns. And be wary of the in-app purchases.

2. YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is Google’s official video streaming platform for kids. Ideal for children of all ages, it lets kids enjoy their favourite videos and shows in a safe environment.

The platform offers thousands of children’s videos and programs. It is also a great platform to enjoy along with family.

3. Roblox

Roblox is known as the largest gaming platform designed for kids and teens. It is the best place you can imagine with friends. The platform hosts thousands of user-generated games.

Your child can come here, play games, role plays, and even have a fun adventure. The app can be accessed from anywhere; PC Smartphone and even Mac computers.

4. Google Classroom

An ideal place for kids seeking information; this is a productivity suite designed for students. Students of all ages can join the classroom and attend the course they want to attend. The app also lets parents receive a summary on the progress of their children.

5. Duolingo

Is your child having a tough time learning another language? Install Duolingo on his/her Smartphone. The app makes learning a language fun and easy. Your child gets the point whenever he gives correct answers to questions. 

The small lessons are proven to be effective. It lets you progress with every level, and each one carries a reward. It also adjusts itself as per your child’s ability to learn.

As a parent, you are sure to enjoy seeing your child’s progress at any stage. The app is great for kids of any age.

6. Brain Pop

The app offers an educated animated platform designed for kids. Every day, you get a chance to learn about something through games.

Let your child learn social science, English; the subject he wishes through a fun game app. It also offers an environment for grown-ups to learn.

7. Curious World: Play Learn Grow

A gaming platform designed to boost brain and sharpen your child’s mind; this is a must for your child’s iPad.

The games like Memory Match, dots & boxes, planet cosmos; it has everything your child needs to stay happy.

While Memory Match and Dots & Boxes sharpen memory, Planet Cosmos teaches about the solar system. The app is one of the most downloaded kindergarten games.

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