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25 Best Free Video Editing Sofware Tools in 2020 – Have a Look!

Being an e-commerce entrepreneur, a perfectly edited video is a necessity for the business. Excellent video content will automatically boost the conversations and bring success to the online store.

You can easily make your brand look slick and admirable, using the proper video editing software. Instagram, Facebook or Youtube using a Best Video Editing Software can increase your Brand Reputation.

To your relief, this article is just to help you. We have listed down all the possible free video editing software available. All of them are efficient and versatile.

Every user has a different need and for greater help, there are overviews given for every app, their features, how you can use it and get the best of it.

The desktop has greater applications when it comes to video editing but these apps can be used in mobiles too. 

So, have the list of all the best video editing software, they are either free or have free versions of them and are categorised according to your need. Have a look!

1) Shotcut

This free video editing software is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. This software is a program which is fully open source. This just simply means that once you download the program you can use all the features of the app and you don’t even need to pay for any upgrade. 


  • Wide ranges of video formats and various collection of tutorial videos.
  • It supports the resolution of 4K HD.
  • It has timeline editing. 
  • You are not required to import the video into the editor, so, time saver.

     With all these features, the only turn down of the software might be its quirky interface. The software is best known for its 4K, HD videos.

2) Blender

This software is available on Windows, Linux and Mac. Just like Shortcut, this software is totally free to use. Even though it was originally made for 3D animation purposes, it still makes a useful video editor. 


  • Having basic features like video cuts and splicing, it can also allow you to even complex tasks like video masking. 
  • It has histogram displays, luma waveform, live preview and even chroma vectorscope.
  • It allows you to do audio mixing, syncing, scrubbing and also waveform visualization.
  • It has up to 32 slots for your various uses like adding video or images, audio and effects.
  •  The software even has speed control, adjustment layers, transitions and so on.

The disadvantages of the software can be that most of the tutorials there are for 3D animation purpose and the resources to help with the video editor is really less. But the software is best for advanced projects that include 3D animation.

3) Lightworks

Even this one too is present on all of them, Windows, Mac and Linux. The software is one of the most powerful software on the list.

With its excellent features, the free version might be enough for the users to use, the pro version is in the market costing 25$ a month.

Features: –

  • The video trimming comes with high precision.
  • It has a Multicam support system. 
  • You can convert your videos to 720p for YouTube.
  • Variety range of video formats is supported here.

Although some of its features like the 4K video support for YouTube and Vimeo is only included for the paid version of the software. There are many other things in the free version too, like there is a wide range of tutorials available, compared to Blender. 

4) Openshot

Available in all of the three, Windows, Mac and Linux. It is one of the most famous software accessible.

Being an entirely open-source, it might remind some Mac users of iMovie, but it has much more features than that.

It has a nice balance between being an advanced video editing app and having a simple interface, allowing real-time previews when creating transitions between clips.


  • It has unlimited numbers of tracks.
  • It has many excellent features like resizing the clip or scaling =, trimming snapping or rotating the video clip. 
  • You can provide watermarks or image overlays.
  • It allows you to put effects, 3D animated titles etc.
  • It has a timeline which is advanced.

Although it is best to use for the users who are just beginners to this, there are not many video tutorials on this app.

5) DaVinci Resolve

It is too available on all the three, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Although having many advanced or professional qualities, the interface is still simple.

Not only trim and slice the video but also you can master audio and correct colour. For little advanced video projects, the free version is already enough. 

Features: –

  • The trimming is quite advanced.
  • The edit is Multicam and also colour correction.
  • 2D and 3D animated titles can be added.
  • Master of audio with all the other cool features.

The intuitive interface is a great point and this software is awesome for projects where you need to correct colours.

But with these too many features, it is quite overwhelming and the tutorials provided are not entirely free. 

6) InVideo

This software is only present on Windows and Mac. This software provides stabilization of videos, collaborating teams, and with all these, it makes a really appealing software for marketers, publishers, agencies etc.

The service provided to the customers are really praiseworthy and so is the UX and money value and obviously its features.

Features: –

  • It has various audio tools.
  • You can add text overlays or brand.
  • It allows collaboration and adjustment of the speed of the video.
  • You can split or merge the videos.
  • It supports the HD resolution and stabilization for the videos.

This software is excellent for making quick presentations or videos for marketing but with this software, you cannot add more than one audio file.

7) Avidemux

This software is again available on all the three Windows, Linux and Mac. The interface of the software is really simple and for that beginners can use it easily. If you are a person who has just started video editing, this is the right software for you. 


  • The software provides a simple cutting of the videos.
  • It has the feature to encode the video.
  • You can filter as you want.

Since using it is very simple, there is not much need to search tech documents for using it. As it has not many features as the other software, it is a beginner software to edit videos.

8) HitFilm Express

This software is again available only for Mac and Windows. With all the features of a basic editor, it has many extra added advanced features, which makes it much of a professional editor. It is one of the best free video editing software.

It consists of a store where you can buy add-ons, but it won’t be necessary for most of the users, the free version is already enough.

Features: –

  • The software has advanced cutting tools and compositing tools as well.
  • You can key to the effects of a green screen.
  • It has filters for audios and videos and you can even have layers and masking.
  • The software supports 3D animated videos.

This software is best for YouTubers, for creating their videos and is a truly professional editor. But it might take some people a bit more time to get used to the interface. 

9) Machete

This editor is only available for Windows. It is a simple editor but in the free version you cannot edit the audio anyhow, you can only remove the audio entirely.

Only file versions supported in the free version are AVI and WMV. You need to buy the entire version for $19.95 to do the audio editing and for more file supports.


  • It is simple to use.
  • Video splicing is provided. 
  • In the free version, the audio can be removed.

     This editor is simple to use and learn but it does not have many features and the free version does not provide much file support and neither does it allow audio editing. 

10) iMovie

This software is only available on Mac. The old iMovie is back, but this time, hand in hand with the MAC OS. Just like all the Mac apps, the interface of this one is also very intuitive.

This software can be used by the beginners to learn the basics of editing, this even comes with the drag and drop interface. 

Features: –

  • There are pre-made transitions, and there is a library of it.
  • You can trim the videos and can even edit the audio.
  • A high 4K resolution is supported.
  • It can be used in split-screen. 

The editor is really easy to use but some of the users might find the features little less and a bit slow sometimes.

11) VSDC Free Video Editing Software

This software is again available only for Windows. The free version carries extremely useful features like correction of colour and audio editing.

Although the upgraded version, which you can buy at $9.99 a month, does contain stabilization of images, voice-over support etc. 


  • It allows you to edit audios. 
  • It allows you to do colour correction.
  • Allows you to trim and merge the videos.
  • Splicing is also allowed.

This is best for projects which are only Windows and are easy to learn. But the technical support is not free: it is free only for the windows. 

12) Freemake Video Converter 

This software is also available only for Windows. This is a converter of video, which modify, convert videos and also extract audios from the video clips.

This software can convert videos to the way where it can be played on mobile and other devices. It supports more than 500 file formats, which can be converted. 

Features: –

  • It can easily convert videos fast.
  • It can even convert movies with subtitles.
  • Has a wide range of more than 500 supported file formats.
  • Slideshows can be created.
  • The clips can be edited, cut join etc.
  • High resolution of 4k is supported.

The software is best for converting videos to file formats from myriads. But when you first install it, some features might be locked for a few days.

13) VideoPad

This software is available for Windows. It is again another software which is suitable for beginners, to begin with, multimedia video editing. The process to use it is really simple and easy to use.


  • Transitions are pre-made and have a library of it.
  • You can export into multiple resolutions a movie.
  • It allows 3D editing of the video.
  • The software reduces camera shakes and has a sound effects library added. 

Being suitable for beginners, the feature that you can directly export the videos to YouTube and other platforms is pretty awesome. But it is too simple for advanced users.

14) Adobe Premiere Rush Editor

Now, all of these apps are for mobiles and other devices. This app is available for iOS and Android. The app is really popular and you can share your edited video easily, adding the music you want, transitions, auto-correct etc. 


  • It has two modes, Freeform and Automatic.
  • With the two different modes, you can choose between retaining editing control and letting Adobe do it.
  • In the automatic mode, Adobe can pick up transitions and trim your video automatically.
  • It syncs with other Adobe staples like Lightroom. 

It is the base for mobile video editing and is simple to use. Though it is a deficit of some basic functions like rotating the clip. 

15) Quik

It is available on both iOS and Android. This app is also made by the makers of GoPro. The app has the feature of auto trim and editing features which certainly speeds up the editing process. Though being automatic, it takes up the control from the user, but if you want to do it manually, you can


  • It does things automatically.
  • It automatically searches for the moments in your videos.
  • It adds transitions to the found moments of the video.
  • It can provide really fast editing.

This app is best for producing edited video in a short span of time. It is really quick with its auto-editing features. But it might be upsetting to some users for being taken away from the control. 

16) Video Editing App

This app is available on all the Web, iOS and Android. This app is really useful for those who post videos on social media and other platforms, as it creates really gorgeous and professional videos. You can edit the video on the desktop too by having the app on the web and on the mobile version.


  • It has many tools for audio.
  • It can adjust the speed.
  • It can split and merge the video clips and also allows social sharing. 
  • It has a high HD resolution.

This app is the best for creating high-quality ads in no time. It is simple to use and has an intuitive UX and excellent automation. It might be a bit hard to use in the mobile version due to the screen size.

17) Horizon

This app is available for iOS and Android. The app is so wonderful that it allows the user to capture videos in a horizontal manner, no matter how your phone is placed.  Everything in this app is captured in a horizontal manner. 


  • All the videos of the mobile in a horizontal manner.
  • It is very simple to use. 
  • No matter how you put your phone or tilt it, it is always captured horizontally.

As already said, its greatness lies in the fact that everything is captured horizontally but the version present in Android is not as advanced as the iOS. 

18) GoPro

This is one of the best mobile video editing app present and is available on iOS and Android. The app is very popular among the iPhone and Android users.


  • It is very simple to use.
  • It has an intuitive interface. 
  • You can edit and cut videos just by tapping.
  • Transitions and audios can be added.

The app is handy when it comes to producing a video quickly and is very easy to use. But sometimes it might be glitchy.

19) Boomerang

This app is available for iOS and Android users. It is a popular app, we all use, created by Instagram. Boomerang videos are very popular nowadays and all of us do it. It can directly be shared to Instagram. 


  • Creates engaging stuff by using our photos.
  • Add pictures and the app automatically converts it into a video. 
  • It is very simple to use.

Although it is very interesting to use, simple and it’s easy to share it but is mostly a one app feature, which is turned down.

20) Magisto

This app is available for both iOS and Android. It is a video editor who has won an award for AI video editor. It is a miracle! Add whatever you want, pictures, videos, music, etc, and boom! It is automatically turned into a video. 


  • Automatic creation of videos.
  • Effortlessly creates excellent videos for Instagram to post.
  • It gives a quick but professional looking edited video.
  • The results are really praiseworthy.

The app automatically does everything and the results are never upsetting as such, but some of the users might not like the fact of letting go off the control of editing their own video. 

21) Hyperlapse

This app is only available for iOS. It is an app which creates excellent time-lapse videos. This app too was created by Instagram. You can create interesting videos for your followers in no time. 


  • It has great stabilization technology.
  • Tripods are not needed.
  • Condenses a lot of time and creates wonderful time-lapse videos.
  • It can be directly shared to Instagram.

This is a great app to create a time-lapse video with a 12x speed and a stabilization technology. But as it is iOS only, you might have to try a few times to get impressive results.

22) Anchor Video Maker

This app is available for iOS and Android users. It is an app which creates great audio content. Now, audios can also be turned into beautiful videos, wonderful isn’t it?


  • It automatically transcribes the audios or podcasts into great Instagram videos.
  • The audios become shareable.
  • The music can start as soundbites.

As already said, it can effortlessly transcribe your audios into videos but in order to do this, the automatic transcription still needs proofreading.

23) Apple Clips Video Editor

This app is available for iOS users only. It is quite known that Apple apps are not really so good to use but this app is really useful. All your needs for the Instagram video are meted out by this app. 


  • The app allows you to stitch the clips together.
  • You can edit the background and also give a comic book feel to the content.
  • Live Titles are provided, which is automatic addition of a caption, by Apple, by syncing to the words being spoken by your voice.
  • It is really easy to use.

This app is really great for Apple users who want to upload interactive and interesting videos for their Instagram followers and is user-friendly. But the only turn down is that it is available only for iOS.

24) FilmoraGo

This app is available for both iOS and Android users. This an entirely free app without any watermarks or paid subscription. 


  • It trims video clips.
  • It allows you to add music.
  • Transitions can be made.
  • Themes, texts and titles can be added to the video.

This app is great for the basic video editing app for the mobile with many features like adding text and themes etc. but this version is not as good as the desktop one.

25) Kdenlive

This software is available for all the three Windows, Mac and Linux. It is completely open-source, which means entirely free. This software is the combination of a basic and advanced video editing software, frequently used by the professionals.

Features: –

  • It has a multi-track timeline.
  • It allows you to import videos and audios into the timeline.
  • It backs up the file automatically, in ae of a crash or an emergency.
  • It can be used for basic as well as advanced editing.

The software is great with all its features like multi-track timeline and auto back up of the file. But on the disappointing part, there is no tech team supporting the software or to help. 

These were the Best 25 Free Video Editing Software and apps for your desktop, mobiles and to create Instagram videos.

Impressive videos are a part of every other business and especially for people in social media.

We understand your wants and hopefully, this article could help you out. Edit your videos as you want! 

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