Best Hair Trimmer 2021: From BOAT to Philips

Man Using Trimmer

A trimmer is a must-have product for men who like to stay on the top of their styling game, always! By having it in your grooming kit, you have a way to attend to your everyday grooming needs without going to the salon!

Here is the list of some of the best trimmers that you can consider buying in 2021:

1. Misfit T200

Trim, shape or style – get precision cuts every time! Say goodbye to all your grooming-related woes with this trimmer for men by your side! 

Ergonomically designed, this trimmer is easy to hold and use. It offers a firm grip which gives you the confidence to trim tricky spots without any chance of accidents. This all-in-one grooming kit comes with various attachments that help you take care of not just your face but your entire body. 

With a trimming range of 0.5mm to 12 mm, you can easily shape and style your beard as you want! You can also use this trimmer to groom your entire body, for example, you can also use the right comb and setting to trim your nasal hair.

The titanium blades glide smoothly against your skin and offer you perfect cuts. They do not tug against your skin or cause any rashes or burns.  This makes trimming an effortless and joyful experience.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, it offers a runtime of up to 120 mins. And if you think it takes hours and hours to offer this much run time, then you are mistaken. This trimmer only needs 60 mins of charging time.

2. Panasonic ER207WK24B

Style your beard easily at home with this powerful men’s trimmer. It is handy and lightweight and offers a good grip. It offers a trimming range of 0.2cm to 1.8cm.

So feel free to get a stubble or trim those extra ends of your long beard as the quick and adjustable dial adds convenience to your trimming experience. The Japanese blade technology offers sleek cuts that do not harm the skin.

You can either use a cord to use it, otherwise, it also allows cordless usage. The rechargeable battery when fully charged provides you with a usage time of up to 40 mins. You can easily clean up the trimmer by simply putting it under running water as the head and comb of the trimmer are completely washable.

3. Mi cordless beard trimmer 1C

Sleek and stylish, this trimmer will help you achieve your desired look with ease! The sturdy build and the premium finish of the trimmers induce a sense of luxury when you hold it in your hand to meet your grooming needs. 

The trimmer is lightweight and offers perfect grip which makes trimming easier, especially in those tricky parts. It offers a trimming range of 0.5mm to 20mm and allows you to try new styles with varied lengths without any difficulty.

And once you are done with all the grooming, cleaning your trimmer will also not take much time. Just push open the blade head and clean it using a brush and clip it back on the trimmer.

The stainless steel self-sharpening blades offer fine cuts without harming your skin. The fact the blades are self-sharpening, it means that your trimmer’s blades will have a longer and high quality life

It also comes with a battery indicator that tells you the status of battery so that you are always aware of the status of the battery. So no more surprises! It takes nearly 2H to charge fully and provides up to 60 mins of run-time.

4. Syska HT3333K

Achieve any look you desire from the comfort of your home! Maintain a stubble, make precision cuts or attend to your overall body grooming needs with this versatile mens trimmer. The design of the trimmer is such that you do not feel any discomfort while moving your hand around when trimming.  

It consists of various attachments like a beard trimmer, precision trimmer, nose and ear hair trimmer and a stubble comb with a trimming range of 1mm to 10mm. You can even use the nose and ear hair trimming attachments to shape your eyebrows.

Equipped with self-sharpening stainless steel blades, it ensures that you get perfect cuts, every time!
It offers a run time of up to 60 mins in one full charge.

It also comes with a battery indicator that keeps you updated about the status of the battery and saves you from some unhappy surprises!

5. Philips BT 3203

Last but not the least, this is a product from a company which already has a history of creating world-class electronics and gadgets! It is easy to hold and use and trim hard-to-reach areas. 

This trimmer supports an innovative lift and trim system that guides more low lying hair to the level of the blades and ensures efficient and faster trimming. The self sharpening stainless steel blades offer a protective trim that is smooth on your skin. The blades stay sharp and cut your hair neatly.

The durapower technology optimizes the power consumption and ensures that your trimmer lasts longer. Cleaning the trimmer is as easy as using it. You can detach the head and rinse it under running water and once it is sry, you can put it back!

The only drawback of this trimmer is that it takes nearly 10H to charge and offers nearly 45 mins of run time.

Hope this list of best trimmers was helpful!

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