5 Best Helpful Features PDFBear Has To Offer

Features PDFBear

If you didn’t hear about PDFBear before then, this is your lucky day because you will be learning right now the best and most helpful features PDFBear can offer to you.

It will also help you understand more if you visit their site to test their features, especially the things that you will be learning here after reading this article.

1) PDF Merge

Merge PDF lets you combine multiple PDF files into one. This feature can help anyone who has many files to maintain so that they won’t lose track of anything.

To merge PDF, select those files you want to join. PDFBear will combine your chosen PDF files into a single file that you picked.

You will also have an option to modify your PDF files if you need to. If you think you are all set to go, you can now press Combine or Merge to start the merging process. You can now download the complete PDF process, or you can also share it using your Google Drive or Dropbox.

2) PDF to JPG

PDFBear is one of the best PDF to JPG converters. It can convert any PDF files to JPG images with excellent quality.

All you require is go to their website, find PDF to JPG, choose the PDF file that you want to convert, and wait for the conversion to complete. You will surely not regret using PDFBear’s PDF to JPG converter.

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3) Excel to PDF

Being one of those who are often dealing with numbers, this feature from PDFBear is perfect. Excel to PDF of PDfBear offers an easy and quick conversion experience through simple steps. 

To convert, upload your Microsoft Excel file, choose some available options, and select “Convert” to start the process. You can now download the finished PDF file to your personal computer and do whatever you want to your data.

4) Word to PDF

When trying to send a Word file, it is easier to convert it to PDF before doing so. That’s because PDF files are effortless to send and also to open.

PDFBear can also help you do that kind of conversion. It can convert your files as fast as two minutes without compromising any of your information.

You can also assure that your information is all safe when using PDFBear. Once you finished uploading your files, the system will automatically erase it permanently on the server, not longer than sixty minutes.

The conversion process will all occur online, which means you don’t need to download anything to use PDFBear.

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5) Compress PDF

PDFBear’s online PDF compressor is one of the best among its competitors. It reduces the size of an individual PDF file for free without compromising the quality of the PDF file.

Your information is all safe after doing the process since it will permanently delete all the data without leaving a single trace.

Compressing PDF is beneficial when sending a file using email because sometimes, the data you want to send is too big, which some emails only allow lesser file size.

PDFBear uses a sophisticated system to lessen the size of your file, and because of that, you’ll be able to send your file much easier using the web or email.


PDFBear is doing its best to provide the best result that its user can ever receive. These features will surely help you with your daily tasks, like creating a research paper, making a balance sheet, sending reports, and even saving images. We are confident that the result of every feature that you use in PDFBear is of high-quality.

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