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11 Best Measuring Apps for Android

As humans, we tend to measure everything. But always carrying a measuring tape without losing it is pretty tricky. Also, as the saying goes, a thing disappears when we need it the most. Do you know that you can literally turn your phone into anything?

Now, you don’t need that physical tape when you can simply install an app on your phone and measure any real-life object. Not just to measure are, there are apps to measure distance and do whatnot. So, next time you need anything, just simply pick up your phone and get working.

However, these apps do not provide accurate results and should not be used for professional work. So, why carry a tape when you have an alternative for it on your phone in this modern world? Interesting, right? This is why to ease your life a bit, we have compiled a list of 11 Best Measuring Apps for Android.

Best Measuring Apps for Android

1. Google Maps

We feel there’s no better start to this list other than Google Maps. There is a preconceived notion that Google Maps often misleads us. This is not the case, at least not always. So, why not start the list with Google Maps.

Google Maps, which is inbuilt in every android phone, has a feasible distance measurement feature that may not be ideal but reliable.

It is easy to use and provides accurate results. Just traverse; you can measure the perimeter of an area and the distance of any two points in meters, kilometres, yards, miles, etc.

2. Angle Meter

Next on the list is Angle Meter, a versatile measurement app. Angle Meter has a very conventional approach to measurement; however, its UI is not much updated. Using your camera, the app measures using different measurement options such as an on-screen ruler, protractor, camera-based laser level, etc.

Angle Meter helps in measuring any inclined objects and provides reliable results. This app has a to-do list feature, where you can list out all the things you want to do so that you won’t forget them.

3. GPS Fields Area Measure

What if we tell you that you can measure your ancestral land or farmland without being physically present there? This is possible due to the GPS Fields Area Measure, a much-loved measurement app. Just as its name suggests, this app lets you measure any piece of land.

This app is free to download, free of annoying ads, and easy to use? Using GPS data, this app measures any distance or area. Select the starting and ending point, and the app will do the measurement work.

4. Image Meter

Moving on, we have next on the list, Image Meter. If you are looking for an app to measure an existing image, then this app will satisfy all your needs. Be sure that this is not a real-time measurement tool as it uses current photos.

Although it provides nearly accurate results, one should not expect a hundred percent accuracy from this app as it’s almost impossible for an image to capture an exact object accurately. You can measure the laser distance, length, area, and angle of the object in any photo.

Just to help you understand, we have an analogy; if you know the height of the ceiling and the length of a room, you can place a reference graph on am image and map out a window using the Image Meter app.

5. Smart Distance Meter

The following measuring app on the list is Smart Distance Meter, a measuring app that primarily uses your smartphone’s camera. This app does not provide actual results; instead, it guesstimates the distance between you and the clicked object.

Not just distance, Smart Distance Meter also lets you measure the height of any object. This interesting app helps to get AN accurate measurement of height and distance in just one click. What’s best about Smart Distance Meter? It is absolutely free to download and has no annoying ads.

6. Ruler

Now that you know measuring any object or area is simple, how to draw a line without having a physical ruler? The answer is the Ruler app. Using your phone, you can draw precisely, accurately, and efficiently.

With the Ruler app, you can turn your android phone into a nifty ruler. The app has four different measuring categories: plane, line, point, and level. Basic units available in the app are centimeter, millimeter, inch, etc.

Although the basic version of the app is free to download, it has some ads, and if you want the upgraded version, you need to subscribe to the Pro version.

7. EasyMeasure

Continuing with the list of measuring apps, now it’s time for EasyMeasure, a camera distance measurement application. With EasyMeasure, you can easily measure with your app. The screen of the app displays a 3D grid. Nowadays, many modern cameras can automatically detect AR.

EasyMeasure can tell you at which angle you are holding your phone. This calculation is done by considering the height of the camera and the tilt of your phone. However, you must ensure that your camera angle, tilt, etc., is set correctly. To get a clear idea of the understanding of the app, you can read its user manual.

8. Sound Meter

Not always are we in the look of measuring a physical object; sometimes, we want to measure the frequency of sound too, just to satisfy our curious minds. Sound Meter, the next app on our list, is an excellent app to measure the sound around us.

Sound Meter measures environmental noise in decibel values. The app displays minimum, maximum, and average decibel values along with a decibel by the graph line.

So far, this is the most downloaded sound measurement app on Google; however, as this app is dependent on the phone’s in-built microphone, not always the app accurately measure loud sounds. As microphones in devices can record human voices, this app has a limit and cannot recognize sound above 100dB.

9. AR Plan 3D

Are you currently building your house? Or, are you just laying out the floor plan of your house? If your answer is positive, then we have an app that might help you. AR Plan 3D has all the necessary requirements to create a room plan in 3D within a few seconds.

It is rightly said that in the world of measurement services, AR Plan 3D is an interesting innovation. This virtual tape helps you get a room plan by measuring the height of the wall, perimeter, and floor area.

The AR technology lays out a virtual floor plan. One interesting and quite a unique aspect of this app is that it memorizes the location and size of the doors and windows.

10. Moasure

With Moasure, it’s now convenient to turn your phone into a handy tape measurer. You don’t have to do any labour to use this app; simply move your phone from one point to another; the app will display the height, distance, width, and angle between two points.

The results are shown in metric or imperial units. Moasure is an all-in-one app as; in one application, you get a tape measure, ruler, protractor, and a goniometer. The UI is quite advanced, and the app contains no ad.

The video tutorials help in a better understanding of the app. However, Moasure lets you measure an area of up to 300m only.

11. Measure By Google

The best way to end this list is with Google’s own measurement app known as Measure by Google. If you have this app on your phone, you just quickly need to access your android phone’s camera to measure all the things around you.

Measuring anything using this app is very easy; you just need to open the app, calibrate and start using it. This app’s built-in-AR technology automatically detects a surface and gives a reading in imperial and metric units.

The measure has a user-friendly interface, and it has well-instructed prompts to guide you always. With Google’s measure, you can measure the dimension of any real-time object. Amazing, isn’t it?


So, here’s the end of our list of the best measuring apps for android. We hope this article helped you narrow down your search; however, if you still require further help, let us know in the comment section.

Feel free to add any apps if you feel we have missed them. Also, don’t forget to comment below the name of your favourite measuring apps. We would love to hear from you!

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