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What Are The Best Methods For Promoting Your Instagram Account?

Instagram has a captive audience of 1 billion and is the 7th most visited website globally, making it one of the best (free) marketing tools on the market. However, due to the vast number of companies already using Instagram for promotion, it can feel impossible to stand out.

This might leave you wondering – how can I promote my Instagram profile? Well, you’re in the right place. Today, I will give you my top tips and tricks for promoting a business on Instagram.

What is Instagram?

I will start by briefly explaining what Instagram is and how it can be used for any Instagram novices. In essence, Instagram is a visual social media site. It is one of the most used apps for iPhone.

You curate your main news feed yourself by following your friends, celebrities or businesses that interest you. When you log into the app, you will be met with thousands of pictures posted by these accounts. 

How can I promote my Instagram account?

Let’s start by looking at the basics of Instagram account promotion in 2022.

1. Engagement

Follower engagement is one of the best ways to promote your Instagram profile. Customers want to feel that their opinions are being listened to. Thus the more comments you respond to, the more your following will grow.

Instead of simply reacting to others’ photos, actively engage with your supporters’ posts. Each interaction nourishes the bond with your audience by establishing trust. This relationship will encourage people to follow you and engage with your content.

2. Utilize Instagram Influencers 

An Instagram influencer is an individual who has curated an audience in a particular niche on Instagram. You should seek out influencers in your niche.

For example, if you sell beauty products, find a beauty influencer to help you promote said products. They can essentially serve as a brand representative for your company to their vast number of followers. 

3. Utilize Hashtags

A hashtag is a word or a combination of numbers and emojis prefixed with the # symbol. Say, for example, you use #school on one of your posts, your post will then appear on the #school feed.

Not only this, but it will also appear on the timelines of those who follow #school. If these individuals like what you post, they may choose to follow you.

4. Post High-quality Images

Since Instagram is a visual platform, publishing stunning, relevant images is crucial. One style of image that people love on Instagram is those of nature, such as animals or beautiful landscapes. These draw people in as they wonder where the picture is taken or who by.

To take eye-catching and fascinating photographs of nature, you do not need to be a skilled photographer or have costly equipment. There are several apps for iPhone, such as this identify plant app, which can make this process far easier.

This plant identifier app is fairly self-explanatory. Its users take a picture of a plant, and the app tells them the plant’s name and gives visuals and other key details. This plant app is handy if you use nature pictures to promote your Instagram, as it enables you to give your followers valuable information about the flower.

5. Be Informative 

The plant app allows you to post useful and informative content, which is another great way to grow your Instagram following. This is a tried-and-tested method for promoting your Instagram account. Users are inclined to follow you if your content is appealing, fascinating or helpful.

That is why the plant app is a great tool – it gives detailed descriptions of the plants depicted whilst also enabling you to give your followers tips on how best to care for said plant.

What type of Instagram advertising is most effective?

Thus far, I have answered the question – how do I promote my Instagram 2022? Next, I will move on to discuss what type of Instagram advertising is most effective.

Instagram advertising is a way to publish sponsored content on the Instagram platform in order to reach a larger and more specific audience. Instagram advertising is frequently used to increase brand awareness and website traffic.

1. Photo Ads 

On Instagram, photo ads are the most typical ad format. If your company already produces high-visual material, this ad would be the easiest to implement. You should make your photo seem as though it appears naturally in your target audience’s feed. You can use photo ads to increase your following and raise brand awareness.

2. Video Ads

There are three different types of video ads on Instagram;

  • Stories – which take the form of full-screen, vertical photos or videos.
  • Reels – which also take the form of full-screen, vertical videos. These show up between non-sponsored posts.
  • In-stream Video – which takes the form of full-screen, vertical, 15-second videos.

Final Thoughts

Today, I have given you my top tricks and tips for promoting business on Instagram, and I have also discussed what type of Instagram advertising is most effective.

Hopefully, you can utilize these lessons to promote your own business on Instagram. If not, I hope I have encouraged you to utilize the plant identifier app!

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