12 Best Online Jewelry Stores In India

Jewelry has always been an integral part of our heritage and culture.

It is not only a part of any woman’s attire but a sign of grace. Women deck themselves up on several occasions be it a wedding or rice ceremony but on usual days as well. 

For these purposes, they need to choose their jewelry stores carefully.

Keeping track of a few of the best online jewelry stores in India would help women choose their jewelry wisely. Here in this article, we will discuss the 12 best online jewelry stores in India and help you find the best online jewelry store in India.

Best Online Jewelry Stores In India

1. Tanishq (Carat lane)

Established by the Tatas in 1994 and boasting 351 stores across 200 locations Tanishq holds a high name in the field of jewelry.

Their headquarters are located in Bangalore. They have been holding a good name in jewelry for ages. Their diamond collection has always been an attention stealer. 

Recently they have introduced separate categories according to occasions and needs as well as according to age. They have their Mia collection for the women caught up in work. Rivaah is specially designed for brides. Another surprise is their Aveer collection for men. 

Tanishq is not restricting itself to a typical design of jewelry but is designing jewelry based on states as well. They have their Lavanyam collection for women from South India and Padmavat for those based in Rajasthan.

Their partner company Titan is manufacturing watches and now they have launched their online jewelry store Caratlane.

2. Malabar Gold and Diamonds

You must have already heard of them for their huge popularity. Donning the largest chain of jewelry stores their online facility is now serving customers. The feather in the cap is their customization feature.

They customize their gold and platinum jewelry to deliver it to you just when you need it. You should choose them without a blink as they have an easy refund policy. their diamonds are ethical and conflict-free.

They also have a buy-back policy.

3. Kalyan Jewelers(Candere)

Candere is the new online jewelry store by Kalyan Jewelers. You must have come across our favorite Amitabh Ji aka Amitabh Bacchan as their brand face. Honing a strong legacy of 112 years their online store provides you with a wide range of diamond jewelry with zero making charges.

Their Anokhi range provides jewelry made from uncut diamonds. Vedha is another range of heritage jewelry made from uncut diamonds.

If you are a fan of stones then Rang is your collection to look at. You can choose Apoorva for special occasions. Mudhra provides handcrafted antique jewelry.

4. Giva  jewelry

Want to give your mom the perfect gift on mother’s day or are you looking for a bracelet for your loved one? Giva has got you covered with their assorted range of silver jewelry. Their modern designs will leave you awestruck and make it difficult for you to choose.

They also add zirconium diamonds to their silver designs which makes them more unique. All their designs are available on their online store for your purchase.

5. Bluestone jewelry

Bluestone one of the most in-vogue online jewelry stores came into being with their try it and buy it slogan. They provide you with a wide range of modern jewelry with their greek jewelry collection as well as Meraki, a springtime gold collection.

Along with these, they have slider rings and boss stones. They not only provide free delivery but have an international delivery option as well.

Amazon Prime is not the only one with the next-day delivery service Bluestone would do it as well. They have some glamorous offers like a lifetime exchange policy.

6. PCJ

Having a wide range from basic to stylish PCJ has been well known for its unique collections. There is something different in their bag i.e fusion mix jewelry. they have the dashavatara collection.

Lal Quila is another interesting collection as the name sounds. Other ranges include Azva, Pik Se, and Inayat. On the occasion of Dhanteras we often choose to buy gold coins PCJ can be  a good choice for that too.

7. Voylla

Just like another online jewelry store, Voylla offers you assorted jewelry with its collections. They have the Gwalior collection showcasing the goodness of Chambal jewelry . 

Their Sangemarmar collection as the name in Hindi term suggests something close to a magical experience and has an aura of magic indeed. 

So is their butterfly collection, jewelry to give you wings. Adding more to the list they have the jaali pearl, the pearl collection, The love knot collection as well as the exquisite Southern Bling collection.

Thikri , the jewelry embellished with small stones is another exciting collection they have to offer.

8. Senco Jewelry

Senco an age-old name in the house of jewelry has been mainly making designs on gold. Now they have started a diamond and Kundan collection too. They are suitable for weddings. They also have a lightweight collection for working women.

9. Cilory

Out of the online jewelry stores, Cilory is also a very good choice. It is meant for the young generation who rely on purchasing online. It offers a wide range of jewelry at affordable rates.

They have their broad collection all online. You can avail exciting discounts and offers too.

10. Pipa Bella

Pipa Bella has been famous for its silver and oxidized jewelry. It is a smooth buying experience that this website offers. They have their gold and silver plated jewelry.

Namely personalized jewelry, Swarovski pendants, and silver earrings. Their unique designs are quite an eye-catcher. Their online customer support system is also quite an assurance for a first-time buyer. Several discounts are available online.

11. Velvet Case

Jewelry is always meant to be elegant. With the evolving demands, online jewelry stores are trying to match up with the incoming fashion trends.

The velvet case is a noteworthy name in modern jewelry. Their top collections include the Pearly collection, and Golden Hues and, always in trend.

Personal style is a priority at Velvet Case so they will customize your jewelry according to your choice. Isn’t that another reason you should choose them without a second thought?

12. Sukkhi

Almost taking its baby steps Sukkhi, the online jewelry store now has a variety of jewelry collections.

Their antique pieces in the range of jalebi and love collection are heartwarmers. Even though their artificial oxidized collections can be worn at ethnic festivals to high-class parties. They make jewelry in pearls and rhodium as well.


In our busy lives today we rely on online purchases completely. Jewelry is an integral part of a woman’s life. So having a list of online jewelry stores are necessary. The online jewelry stores we got listed for you assure a safe and customer-friendly purchase.

People are often worried about their products and all these online jewelry stores provide 24*7 customer support. Nowadays they are not only manufacturing and designing keeping their female customers in mind but also have many collections for men.

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