Top 10 Best Python IDES and Code Editors

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Best Python IDES

Python is one of the most useful programming languages. Python is used for server-side web development, maths, scripting, development of software, and artificial intelligence. It works on various platforms like Mac, Windows, Raspberry Pi, Linux, etc.

IDE stands for “Integrated Development Environment”. This is mainly a software package that consists of tools that are used for testing and developing software and programming.

Python programmers use many tools like libraries, compiling editors, and testing platforms. Below mentioned are the top 10 most used Python IDES for 2021.

Best Python IDES


Sublime Text is the best IDE to develop. It supports many programming and mark-up languages.

Sublime Text allows the user to add other functions with the help to install plugins successfully. Sublime Text is more reliable when compared to the other code editors as per programmer’s review.

Features of SUBLIME TEXT

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • API and Package System
  • It allows simultaneous editing.
  • Multiple Panes
  • Good Performance
  • Python-based plugin API
  • Command Palette
  • Easily Customizable

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Thonny IDE is one of the best IDE for the beginner Programmers, who have no previous experience to learn Python development coding. This is very simple with multiple features, even the new developers can easily understand.

Features of THONNY

  • Thonny is very easy for beginners
  • It is a very simple debugger.
  • Visualize the function calls.
  • Syntax Highlighting.
  • Line numbers are available in Thonny.
  • Provides Step by step assistance.


Eric Python is very powerful and rich in features of Python IDE. It is an editor that is developed in Python itself.

It is developed on the cross-platform QT toolkit which is integrated with a flexible Scintilla editor. Eric has an integrated plugin system that provides a simple extension to the IDE functions.

Features of ERIC PYTHON

  • Class browser available
  • Application diagrams
  • Error Highlighting
  • Code folding
  • Visualize the function calls
  • Configurable Window Layout
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Step by step assistance


IDLE is a popular Integrated Development Environment useful for Python. It is one of the best IDE for Python coding.

IDLE is very easy and having basic features in IDE which is very helpful for beginners in practising Python Development. This is cross-platform. The developer can move to more advance in IDE after learning the basics.

Features of IDLE

  • IDLE is purely developed in Python using Tkinter GUI toolkit. This is also a cross-platform thereby growing the flexibility for programmers.
  • IDLE is having a good feature of multi-window text editor, with many features like smart indentation, call tips, undo and python colourizing.
  • This is having a powerful debugger with a continuous global view, breakpoints, and local spaces.
  • It also supports to browsers, dialogue boxes, and editable configurations.
  • This is Open Source (Free of Cost)

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Atom is a free source code editor for Python. It is basically a desktop application which is developed through a web technology with plugin support that is programmed in Node.js.

ATOM is based on atom shells which are a framework that helps to attain cross-platform functionality. The best thing about ATOM is that is can also be used as an “Integrated Development Environment.”

Features of ATOM

  • ATOM has a file system browser and a built-in package manager.
  • This IDE supports multiple features and finds and replaces text across an application.
  • Atom works on cross-platform like editing a very smoothly thereby increasing the performance of all its users.


For creative Python development, many programmers use PyCharm. With PyCharm, the programmers can write an orderly and maintainable code.

It helps in additional productive and gives a smart assistant to the programmers. PyCharm can take care of the routine activities by saving time and thereby growing productivity accordingly.

Features of PyCharm:

  • PyCharm is integrated with features like testing, debugging, profiling, remote development deployments, and tools of the database.
  • PyCharm also provides support to python in HTML, frameworks, JavaScript, Angular JS, CSS, and Live edit features.


Rodeo is one of the best IDE for python development. It was developed for data science-related activities like taking data and information from different assets and plotting for an issue.

RODEO supports cross-platform functionality. It can also be used as an IDE for an experiment in an interactive manner.

Features of RODEO

  • Lightweight and Simple
  • This IDE allows the developers to compare data, interact, inspect and plot.
  • Command history
  • Rodeo provides an auto-completion of code, clean code, syntax high lighting, and Python support to write the code faster.
  • Easy to use package and file search.
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • This also has clicked and pointed the directories, visual file navigator, package search makes it easier for a programmer to get what they want.

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PYDEV is mainly used for debugging in the graphical pattern, python code, analysis of code, etc. It is a strong python explainer. In an open-source IDE, it is one of the most favourite Python IDE for many programmers.

Features of PYDEV

  • Code Folding.
  • Remote debugger
  • Error description on hovering
  • Smart auto-completion
  • Support for Python 2.x and 3.x syntax
  • Auto-edit feature
  • Plug-in for Eclipse
  • Syntax Highlighting


SPYDER was developed for engineers and scientists to provide a powerful scientific environment for Python. It offers an advanced level of debugging, edit, and data exploration features. This is very extensible with having a good plug-in system.

Features of SPYDER

  • Dynamic code introspection
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Static code analysis
  • Integrated with many of the scientific libraries of Python
  • Class and function browser
  • Integrated pylint code analysis
  • Advance support for editing, analysis and data exploration
  • Debugger
  • Plug-in system and API help to enhance features.

10) WING

The wing is also a powerful and popular IDE with multiple features for python development. It is a smart editor and strong debugger and makes the interactive Python development speed, accurate and fun to perform. Wing IDS also provides a 30-day trial version for programmers.

Features of WING

  • Customizable.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Remote debug process.
  • Refactoring.
  • Extensible.
  • Module browser.
  • Remote development support.