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Must-Follow YouTube Channels to learn AI
Artificial Intelligence

20 Must-Follow YouTube Channels to learn AI

From the 1950s through the current day, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance and improve the quality of life across the industry. Automation, robotics and the use of computer software and Computer programs describes a career in artificial intelligence (AI). The most successful AI specialists often share common features that enable them to do well and go in advance in their careers.

Here is the list of YouTube channels to learn Artificial Intelligence variously:

1) 3Blue1Brown

3 Blue 1 Brown does it in one video what otherwise consider 10 years of school, that it is a picture of the concepts. These YouTube channels are creating a marvelled at the transmission of the complex of the mathematical topics in various ways. The teaching style in this channel is understandable. The series on neural and calculus networks do achieve any level of expertise.

2) Computerphile

This channel is a sister of Numberphile. One of the perfect Artificial Intelligence channels on YouTube. They create a short video which packed full of concepts of communicating through wisdom and wit. The host plays an important role in the audience and asks questions which use to trouble beginner. The videos mostly focused primarily on the techniques behind how systems work.

3) Brandon Rohrer

Brandon Rohrer owns one of the highest interactive tutorial channels on YouTube to learn AI. Brandon Rohrer is a data scientist at Facebook. He cuts down on the technical words that surrounding data science and conveys with real-world examples. If you had a watch one channel to know and learn the language of a data scientist.

4) Sentdex

This channel’s host by Harrison Kinsley. He conducts interactive coding sessions and walks the audience with every line of code, explanation the reason behind every single insignificant error. These videos are a rich source of information for everyone serious about a career in data science.

5) Siraj Raval

Every AI beginner has to used Youtube and without going through with the Siraj Raval. Siraj is inspired to peoples and instruct developers to create Artificial Intelligence. He covers all required topics with a great source of energy and will conduct live coding sessions. One can safely say that Siraj Raval has launched the AI careers of many students.

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6) Luis Serrano

Luis Serrano has a way of receiving things across the world. He is the specialist of that data science content at Udacity. He brings a great level of passion to his YouTube videos to clarify the complex topics. Mostly in mathematics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

7) Two Minute Papers

New research of the paper on AI gets released on every alternate day. It can be a small modification in the hill descent method which can be enhanced the accuracy by 0.5%. Whatever be the number of the “Two Minute Papers” safeguards that the audience does not miss out on papers of application. This channel keeps you the up to date with the latest and most significant developments in the ground of AI.

8) StatQuest with Josh Starmer

Most of the peoples are thinking that Statistics and Data Analysis are easy topics. Because computers do the math for you, the greatest important thing is to understand the concepts and main ideas, and these are attractive, simple. Mr Josh Starmer hosts thein to makes learning statistics with fun. All videos are short and informative which makes a great source for those who are a beginner in the field.

9) Sciencephile the AI

This is one of the most startlingly intelligent channels on YouTube. These videos are not only making the audience think very deeply about the appearance of AI but also make a good laugh at the innocence of humans as a species.

10) Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines (CBMM)

CBMM aims to create a new sector in the Engineering and Science of Intelligence by bringing together in Cognitive Scientists, Computer Scientists, and Neuro Scientists to work in close teamwork. This is a new ground is devoted to developing a computationally based on the understanding of Human Intelligence and founding an engineering repetition based on that sympathetic.

11) The Artificial Intelligence Channel

Artificial Intelligence Channel is primarily focused on the future of artificial intelligence but they also post videos related to transhumanism, technological singularity, synthetic biology, anti-ageing, technological unemployment, space exploration, basic income and more.

Artificial Intelligence is a sunshade term and its branches have their sub-branches. This topic of Artificial Intelligence sparks various interests amongst an extensive section of society.

12) Mycroft AI

This is the open-source of Artificial Intelligence. Mycroft is the voice of subordinate software that is free, customizable, and does not store your data.

Mycroft AI platform allows you to enable any connected device, or you can usage our hardware devices. It is the open-source of an alternative to the Cortana’s, Echo’s, and Siri’s in the market.

13) Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2)

The fundamental mission of The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) is to donate himself to the high impact of engineering and AI research.

14) StarCraft Artificial Intelligence Tournament

StarCraft Artificial Intelligence Tournament has formed the artificial intelligence bots. Powered by C++/JAVA & BWAPI. It helps to deliver the education of a few students that working on the Game AI.

15) Applied AI Course

The Applied AI Course energies to teaching students, beginners or course participants some of the core ideas in data science, machine learning, and AI. That would help the participants go from in a real-world of business problems to a first cut, working and deployable AI solution. The primary focus of this AI Course is to help the participants to build real-world AI solutions using the skills.’


It stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. They research in all areas of AI  and computer science, such as systems, speech recognition, robotics, theory, machine learning, biology, vision, and graphics.

17) Robert Miles

All Videos of Robert Miles are about Artificial Intelligence Safety Research, for everyone. AI is bounding forward right now, it is only a matter of time before we develop a true Artificial General Intelligence with a lot of different ways that could go badly went wrong. Putting aside the science fiction with this channel is all about AI Safety research.


The official YouTube channel has videos from the deep learning of the specialization on Coursera. Here you can find the videos useful knowledge.

19) Artificial Intelligence — All in One

All the video tutorials related to science and will be updated here. Nowadays The School of AI is the fastest growing in the AI community in the world.

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