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15 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Artificial Intelligence in 2021

From the 1950s to the present day, artificial intelligence (AI) is continuously evolving and improving the quality of human life. The demand for AI and ML courses is increasing rapidly. But there are only a few free online resources to learn and practice AI/ML.

The most successful AI/ML engineers often share different techniques on their blogs/channels, so learning AI is not a big deal now.

In this article we have listed the 15 best YouTube channels to learn Artificial Intelligence in 2021.

Best AI YouTube Channels

1) 3Blue1Brown

3 Blue 1 Brown does it in one video what otherwise consider 10 years of school, that it is a picture of the concepts.

This YouTube channel creates a marvel at the transmission of complex mathematical topics in various ways. The teaching style in this channel is understandable. The series on neural and calculus networks do achieve any level of expertise. The channel has more than 3 million subscribers.

2) Computerphile

Computerphile is One of the perfect Artificial Intelligence channels on YouTube. They create a short video packed full of concepts of communicating through wisdom and wit.

The host plays an important role and asks different questions. The videos on the channel focus primarily on the techniques behind how systems work.

3) Brandon Rohrer

Brandon Rohrer owns one of the highest interactive tutorial channels on YouTube to learn AI. Brandon Rohrer is a data scientist at Facebook.

He cuts down on the technical words that surrounding data science and conveys real-world examples. It is the watch one channel to learn artificial intelligence and data science.

4) Sentdex

Sentdex is also one of the best youtube channels on AI, hosted by Harrison Kinsley. Kinsley conducts interactive coding sessions and walks the audience with every line of code, and explains the reason behind every single insignificant error.

Harrison Kinsley’s videos are a rich source of information for people who are serious about AI and data science career.

5) Siraj Raval

This is the best Youtube channel every AI beginner must subscribe to. Siraj Raval simplifies AI, Data, Mathematics, Science to help understand how they work.

He covers all required topics with a great source of energy. He also conducts live coding sessions.

Started in 2016, the channel has more than 700k subscribers.

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6) Luis Serrano

Luis Serrano is a Quantum Artificial Intelligence Research Scientist. He is also the data science content specialist at Udacity.

He brings a great level of passion to his YouTube videos to clarify complex topics. Mostly in mathematics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Deep Learning. Luis Serrano is also the author of “Grokking Machine Learning”.

Started in 2013, this channel has more than 70k subscribers.

7) Two Minute Papers

This channel keeps you up to date with the latest and most significant developments in the ground of AI. This is one of the most useful youtube channels for AI/ML engineers.

Started in 2006, this channel has more than 800k subscribers.

8) StatQuest with Josh Starmer

Most people think that Statistics and Data Analysis are easy topics. Since computers can do math, it is important for us to understand the concepts and algorithms.

StatQuest with Josh Starmer is one of the best and the only youtube channel where viewers can learn statistics with fun. All videos are short and informative and a great resource for AI/ML beginners.

Started in 2011, this channel has more than 400k subscribers.

9) Sciencephile the AI

This is one of the most recommended youtube channel on physics/science. These videos will make the audience to think very deeply about AI.

The channel also has video playlists on general sciences, biology, physics, and astronomy. Started in 2016, this channel has more than 380k subscribers.

10) The Artificial Intelligence Channel

The Artificial Intelligence Channel is primarily focused on the future of artificial intelligence. They also post videos related to transhumanism, technological singularity, synthetic biology, anti-aging, technological unemployment, space exploration, basic income, and more.

Started in 2008, this channel has more than 100k subscribers.

11) Applied AI Course

The Applied AI Course is one of the best and only youtube channel to find core ideas in data science, machine learning, and AI. The videos are more mathematical and practical. For each idea/algorithm they provide implementation and real-world examples.

Taking this course will help the participants in working, deploying AI solutions, and solving real-world business problems. The primary focus of this AI Course is to help the participants to build real-world AI solutions.


It stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

The channel uploads research videos in all areas of AI and computer science, such as systems, speech recognition, robotics, theory, machine learning, biology, deep learning, NLP, vision, and graphics. In this channel, one can find exciting research videos of CSAIL.


CBMM stands for “The Center for Minds, Brains, and Machines”. It is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The channel has hundreds of videos on different Artificial intelligence workshops. Speech recognition, Neuroscience, Face ID challenge, and Cluster computing, and OpenMind are some of the workshops.


This is the official YouTube channel. Here you can find the videos from the Deep Learning specialization on Coursera. Started in 2017, this channel has more than 120k subscribers and has different video playlists on NLP, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

15) Artificial Intelligence — All in One

All the video tutorials related to Artificial Intelligence are updated here. Started in 2016, now the channel has more than 100k subscribers and that is why we recommend this channel in our top 20 list.

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